Grace A. Dow Memorial Library

Library Board


Wednesday, November 18, 2009 7 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers



      I.                        Roll Call

Galt called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


PRESENT: Melissa Barnard, Maxine Brink, Sarah Galt, Tami Johnson, Kathleen Kinnish, Suzanne Phillips


ALSO PRESENT: Wendy Shields, Technical Secretary; Virginia McKane, Assistant Director; John Palen, Midland Issues


ABSENT:Norm Neher


   II.                        Acceptance of October 21, 2009 Meeting Minutes

Minutes approved as submitted.


III.                        Additions or Changes to the Agenda



IV.                        Public Comments



   V.                        Directorís Report

Barnard added to the report that the Battle of the Books kick-off was on Saturday, November 14th.Author Deborah Wiles presented a program to two full audiences.The next step in Battle of the Books is the team managerís battle briefing in January.


Barnard reported that the new Mid-Michigan Library Cooperative Director, Denise Hooks, visited the library on Friday, November 13th.Barnard and McKane gave Hooks a tour and had a discussion about the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library and how it functions as a city operated library.


Barnard reviewed upcoming holiday hours at the library.


Soules noted that the signage for the holiday hours was very clear and visible.Soules also mentioned that she attended one of the Battle Kick-off presentations on Saturday and thought it was a very well done event.


Galt commented on the new time management system.Barnard responded that the new system is much easier for patrons and there have been very few questions during the transition.



VI.                        Patron Compliments and Concerns


1.      Why donít you have a headphone on each computer, it would be easy?In Enid, Oklahoma they did have a headphone on each computer.

Headphones are checked out to users in order to keep track of them and reduce costs of providing one for each computer.The headphones are also cleaned after every use.Many patrons bring their own headphones to use.

2.      I had the best time.I would like to know more about upcoming events.I will be back again and again!



1.      Why no hand sanitizer anywhere?

Restrooms on each floor provide a place to wash hands.


VII.                        Old Business

a.††† Board/Community Communications

Soules passed along nice compliments from patrons about the Ann Arbor Film Festival and the two author talks this fall.


††††††††††††††††† b. Mid-Michigan Library Cooperative Report

Soules explained that she does not have a report because she was unable to attend the last meeting.The next MMLC meeting is December 10th.


c.       Library Board Goal Development, 2009-2010

A draft of the Library Board Goals was included in the packets.The Board reviewed and discussed each goal individually.The following is the final draft which was approved in a motion by Soules and seconded by Kinnish. Motion passed.



Grace A. Dow Memorial Library

Library Board Goals 2009-2010


1.  Review emerging trends and demographics in Midland community and evaluate impact on current and future library programs.


Action Plans
        a)  Compile demographic study leveraging existing data from City of Midland and other sources.
        b)  Present demographic report to library board
        c)  Evaluate results and determine appropriate actions
        d)  Write future goals as necessary in response to study

Board Members:Norm Neher, Suzanne Phillips

2.Promote the library to the community by increasing awareness of the library with the goal to achieve sustained usage of the library and attendance at library events. Measurements for the goal are library statistics, newspaper mentions, and frequency of individual member actions.


Action Plans

a)      Members write letters to local newspapers (including college) to highlight services and programs, especially during National Library Week, April 11-17, 2010

b)      Invite library staff to three Library Board meetings between January and June 2010 to present members and public with information on services, holdings, programs and events

c)      Members will attend a Teen Advisory Board meeting to solicit input from the teens on techniques and forums to market the library to teens

d)     Each member distribute general and event library information (Library Connection, flyers, bookmarks, etc) to selected audience

e)      Each member extend invitations to a cadre of friends and acquaintances

f)       Invite a representative from the Friends of the Library Board to a Library Board meeting to present information on the Friends mission and activities


Board Members:Sarah Galt, Marilyn Soules†††††††††††


3.To work with library staff in nominating the Grace A. Dow Memorial Library as Library of the Year, by the April 15, 2010 deadline, to include the following information in the application:



Board Members:Maxine Brink, Tami Johnson, Kathleen Kinnish



VIII.                        New Business

No new business.


IX.                        Board Announcements

There was discussion about the unique Battle of the Books program and the amount of time it takes to prepare for the program.


   X.                        Adjournment

Brink moved to adjourn.Johnson seconded.Motion passed.Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.