Grace A. Dow Memorial Library

Library Board


Wednesday, April 21, 2010 7 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers



      I.                        Roll Call

Galt called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


PRESENT: Melissa Barnard, Maxine Brink, Sarah Galt, Tami Johnson, Kathleen Kinnish, Norm Neher, Suzanne Phillips, Marilyn Soules


ALSO PRESENT: Wendy Shields, Technical Secretary; Virginia McKane, Assistant Director; Katherine Redwine, Adult Services Librarian; Joe Sova, Friends of the Library Treasurer; Richard Pastula, Friends of the Library President


   II.                        Acceptance of March 17, 2010 Meeting Minutes

Motion to accept minutes made by Maxine Brink, seconded by Marilyn Soules.Motion passed.


III.                        Additions or Changes to the Agenda



IV.                        Friends of the Library Presentation

In addressing the Board goal to increase awareness of the library, Barnard arranged for Joe Sova, Friends of the Library Treasurer, to do a presentation about the Friends of the Library.Sova gave an overview of the activities of the Friends and how their organization functions. Richard Pastula, Friends of the Library President, reviewed the Friends book sale operations for the Board.


   V.                        Genealogy/Local History Services

In addressing the Board goal to increase awareness of the library, Barnard arranged for Katherine Redwine, Adult Services Librarian, to give a presentation.Redwine gave an overview of the Genealogy and Local History services available at the Library.


VI.                        Public Comments



VII.                        Directorís Report

Barnard expressed appreciation for all of the people who volunteer at the Library including the Friends and the Library Board.


McKane gave the Board an update on the Happenings events celebrating National Library Week.


Barnard announced that the Mid-Michigan Library Cooperative Annual Meeting date is approaching and she needs to know how many from the Board would like to attend.This event includes a presenter, a meal, and a brief meeting.Barnard will arrange to get the library van for transportation.An invitation by e-mail will be forthcoming.


Johnson reminded people of the Volunteen opportunity for teenagers this summer.She also reported that she was pleased to see the Park and Read program would be available again this summer.


VIII.                        Patron Compliments and Concerns


1.      Best library Iíve ever been to.Staff is always friendly and always clean!Great job!

2.      Outstanding setup with laptops and printer.Staff was professional and knowledgeable.A very nice feature of the library.Thank you!

3.      The magazine room is great!After staring at bare shelves at the Zauel Library, itís great to actually see copies of magazines to read.

4.      Change the computer system so we can carry a balance, so we can put $.25 into the system for the next library loan we get, because I donít carry cash often.

The system does not allow for credits.



1.      Thank you to 1) the library and staff, 2) those that donate books, 3) Friends of the Library for making used books available for purchase in the library and in sales.It is one of the biggest joys of my life.I cannot afford to buy many new books at full price.

2.      It would be nice if there was a printer in the genealogy room.With Dr. Gatesí PBS program and the new ďWho do you think you are?Ē on TV, there will be more interest.

In a time of budget reductions it is not economically feasible to add a printer and the corresponding equipment necessary.

3.      It is great to see new people applying for cards.Perhaps it would be better to have them processed somewhere other than the check out lanes.Iíve waited over ten minutes to pick up one hold as well as just to check out one book.Many other patrons also had long waits.Perhaps the Reference Desk could do these Ė they never have a line up.

The check out desk is staffed at all times with staff that is trained and has the necessary resources to process applications.At the Reference Desk, staff may be away from the desk assisting patrons or there may be only one staff member assigned at the desk.


IX.                        Old Business

a.††† Board/Community Communications

Soules shared that she had received one confirmation of receipt of the letter she wrote to the college newspapers.


††††††††††††††††† b. Mid-Michigan Library Cooperative Report

There was no report.The next meeting is in May.


c.       Library Board Goals Committee Reports


Goal 1:Phillips, Neher

Postponed 2-10.


Goal 2:Galt, Soules

Board members shared ways that they are reaching out to the community to inform them of all the library has to offer.Galt related that she introduced the MeL Cat interlibrary loan service to a friend.


Barnard reported that the presentations tonight were the last in the series.Galt recommended putting the presentations on the Library website.Barnard responded that she would explore that possibility.Soules was pleased to see such good attendance at recent programs.


Goal 3:Kinnish, Brink, Johnson

Kinnish reported that the application was completed and has been submitted.


d.†† Reappointment of Library Board Member

Neher will be retiring from Midland Public Schools in June.Midland Public Schools is recommending Laura Peterson for appointment by City Council. Her appointment will be made in late May/early June for a three year term beginning July 2010.


Barnard announced that Maxine Brink was re-appointed as the township representative to the Library Board for a three year term at the March 22nd City Council meeting.


   X.                        New Business

a.       New Board Member Appointment Process

Kinnish will be retiring from the Board after five years of service.Applications are being accepted for one citizen at large position expiring June 30, 2013.Applications are available on the Cityís website at or applications can be picked up at the Library.Applications will be accepted until 5 p.m. on Friday, May 7th.The Library Board meets the third Wednesday of each month except July and December.


b.2010-2011 Library Budget

Barnard presented highlights of the proposed 2010-2011 Library budget to the Board.The proposal reduces the materials budget by $100,000.Under this proposal, programming and supply budgets would be reduced by $26,000.Staff would be reduced by one full-time Library Assistant.The result of these reductions will be less periodicals, and print and audio-visual materials.††


With reductions in magazines, Phillips asked if there would be signage in the magazine room telling patrons that certain periodicals would no longer be available. Library staff has not discussed how this might be communicated. Neher noted the increase in use of downloadable audiobooks and E-books and the impact on print purchases.††


Barnard explained that by reducing the programming and supply budgets, the library would be offering fewer programs.Youth programming would be the priority with Story times, Battle of the Books and other reading programs continuing.The reduction in programming funding is coupled with a decrease in spending on printing and public relations.


Barnard reported that there will be no reduction in Library hours.The Cityís proposed 2010-2011 budget notebook is available for viewing at the Library and on the cityís website.


XI.                        Board Announcements

Soules commented the she recently attended two events, the Library Tea and the National Parks presentation.She complimented the staff on both programs.


XII.                        Adjournment

Brink moved to adjourn.Soules seconded.Motion passed.Meeting adjourned at 8:37p.m.