Grace A. Dow Memorial Library

Library Board


Wednesday, September 19, 2012 7 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers


      I.                        Roll Call

Burhans called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


PRESENT: Melissa Barnard, Michael Burhans, Lucille Cronin, Sarah Galt, Steven Markey, Laura Peterson, Suzanne Phillips


ALSO PRESENT: Ron Beacom, Manager of MCTV and Library Communications, Wendy Shields, Technical Secretary


ABSENT:  Maxine Brink


   II.                        Acceptance of August 15, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Motion to accept minutes made by Cronin, seconded by Peterson.  Motion approved.


 III.                        Additions or Changes to the Agenda



IV.                        Public Comments



   V.                        Director’s Report

Barnard announced that the Library’s parking lot reconstruction project has been completed.   She reported that many positive comments have been received.  It was decided not to incorporate angled parking because the engineer determined that twelve spaces would be lost in the east end of the lot.


Barnard reminded everyone that the Friends Used Book Sale will take place October 12th-14th. Galt stated that donations are always welcome.  If you have a large donation of materials you can call for assistance.  Receipts are available at the Reference Desk.


Wireless printing is now available for in-house library laptops.  Patrons can now print from library laptops for adults and netbooks for teens.


Burhans reported that he heard good reviews about the eBook presentation at Riverside Place.  Barnard credited Ann Jarvis, Reference Librarian, for her work on the presentation.







VI.                        Patron Comments and Suggestions


1.      Sort of as a reminder that clean discs are important to the library.  I suggest you put in each book on disc a form to be filled out if the user finds one or more discs that are defective.

Patrons are encouraged to let staff know if there is a problem with a CD when they return the material.  Placing a note inside the case is acceptable.

2.      Since children are supposed to be supervised, it would be nice to have some chairs to sit on in the Beyond Books children area, as opposed to sitting on the floor which is hard for pregnant moms and some grandparents.

Chairs from the immediate area can be used.  Staff will look at seating options given the limited space in Beyond Books.

3.      I so appreciate the wonderful magazine selection in the reading room.  What a great library we have!




VII.                        Mideastern Michigan Library Cooperative Board Report

Cronin reported that she attended the 9/13/2012 meeting.  At that meeting the Board approved the final report of the 2011-2012 work plan, the director’s evaluation and the staff compensation package.  New this year, the cooperative will begin booking performers for year round events and assisting libraries with director searches.


VIII.                        2011-2012 Strategic Plan

Barnard reviewed the Library’s 2012-13 Strategic Plan, including Board goals that were discussed at the August Board meeting. 


The following board goals were listed as actions in the Strategic Plan:


Explore fundraising ideas with input from the Friends of the Library

Board: Brainstorm fundraising ideas at the September Board meeting

This brainstorming session was postponed until the October Board meeting.  Board members are asked to bring three ideas to present.


Review Fines and Fees City Ordinance

Board:  Review revisions to the Fines and Fees City Ordinance and make recommendations to City Council

Peterson inquired about a timeline for this action.  Barnard reported that discussion has begun with library staff regarding revisions to the Fines and Fees City Ordinance.  In response to Phillips inquiry, Barnard stated that fines and fees were last reviewed in 2007.


Welcome program attendees

Board:  Serve as greeters and distribute surveys

There was discussion about distributing surveys at programs in addition to greeting. 

The phrase “when applicable” will be added to the action.



Initiate an awareness campaign

Board:  Board member serves on Campaign Committee

Steven Markey currently serves on the committee


Board:  Volunteer to assist at campaign events

Ron Beacom gave the board an overview of a new marketing program, “geekthelibrary.” This a national campaign supported by the Online Library Computer Center (OCLC) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Promotional materials for the program are being been purchased from donations to the library.  A local website has been created at  The Library will be promoting the new marketing campaign at several upcoming events.


Upcoming events include: Wake Up Midland radio spot, Friends October Used Book Sale, Midland/Dow football game, Santa parade, Friends February Used Book Sale, Kids Day at the Mall and other library programs and events.  Board members are encouraged to volunteer at “geek” events.  Ron Beacom is coordinating the scheduling of volunteers.


Board:  Participate in presentations to community groups

No discussion


IX.                        Announcements

Cronin brought up the Flint Public Library’s use of the words – Vital, Valued, Vibrant – as a unique and interesting marketing tool on their website.


Phillips encouraged people to continue to vote in the Lego Read, Build, Play campaign.  Currently Grace A. Dow Memorial Library is #51.  Voting continues through September.


Beacom reported on recent news releases on the Read Build Play, parking lot updates, Adult Game Night, and the Price It program.


Cronin commented on the statistics provided in the packet.  She appreciated having the programming and room rental information included in the statistics.


  X.                        Adjournment

Galt moved to adjourn.  Peterson seconded.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned at

8:10 p.m.