Grace A. Dow Memorial Library

Library Board


Wednesday, January 16, 2013 7 p.m.

City Hall Council Chambers


      I.                        Roll Call

Brink called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


PRESENT: Melissa Barnard, Maxine Brink, Lucille Cronin, Steven Markey, Laura Peterson, Suzanne Phillips


ALSO PRESENT: Ron Beacom, Manager of MCTV and Library Communications, Wendy Shields, Technical Secretary


ABSENT:  Michael Burhans, Sarah Galt


   II.                        Acceptance of October 17, 2012 Meeting Minutes

Motion to accept minutes made by Cronin, seconded by Peterson.  Motion approved.


 III.                        Additions or Changes to the Agenda



IV.                        Public Comments



   V.                        Director’s Report

The Library is partnering with Michigan Molecular Institute, Midland Center for the Arts, Dow Gardens, Northwood Creativity Center, and Alden B. Dow Home and Studio to contract with the Hamilton Anderson consulting firm to develop a plan that addresses identity and connectivity for Discovery Square. The Friends of the Library provided funds for the Library’s portion of this project.


Barnard called the Board’s attention to the MMLC Director’s Report that was included in the packet.  Since the library does not have a MMLC Board seat at this time, the report will keep the Board informed of Cooperative activities. Peterson asked if the Library is part of the MMLC Overdrive collaboration.  Barnard explained that being part of the group did not benefit the library as much as contracting with Overdrive independently does.


Peterson inquired about the December eBook statistics.  Those statistics were inadvertently left out and will be in next month’s packet.







VI.                        Patron Comments and Suggestions


1.      I have heard that the library has received a copy of the 2013 Federal budget, but I don’t see it on display with the County and City budgets.  Perhaps you should check into it.

Due to the size of the federal budget, it was moved to another shelf.  A sign now directs patrons.

2.      Still frustrated that on audio CD books library address and bar codes cover most of the book description.  I pick books based on reading the description, which only is possible about 20% of the time.  End up taking home books I already listened to over and over.

The library address label was moved to the front of the book on CD cases over a year ago.

3.      I utilize your library facility quite often and as everyone else come to relax in a quiet setting – it is very distracting when very small children are brought here and not controlled by their parent or guardian.  It is unfair to others to not be able to enjoy the quietness of the library because someone has to bring their fussy children.

Patrons are encouraged to use the library’s quiet room located on first floor.

4.      I suggest that on your New book shelf, that you replace stickers so as not to block out story description.   Thank you.

The “New” sticker has been relocated.

5.      Just a quick ‘Thank You’ for providing the free wireless internet access.  It works great!

6.      Excellent service, fun activities for children.  The library does a super job.  Thank you.

7.      Thank you for helping me find the bus and taxi rides to Saginaw.

8.      This library is my favorite place in the world.  I enjoy bringing my grandchildren who live here in Midland.  I enjoy the coffee shop, all the employees are the best.  Thank you so very much.

9.      Your children’s section is simply wonderful.  I am a teacher and consider myself so fortunate to have you to help me.  Every time I have had a question or request, your staff has gone above and beyond to help me!



1.      Idea:  you should put those pads for chairs that slide easily on carpet on the leg/bottoms of your chairs.  Currently the chairs do not move/slide well when you try to re-position while sitting at a table.  They are cheap and stick on and work well.

With the upcoming renovations, modifications to existing furniture are on hold.

2.      Ban cell phone use in computer area.

Signs are posted on each computer monitor regarding cell phone use.





VII.                        2011-2012 Strategic Plan

The Plan was reviewed, noting items that actions have been taken since the last review. 


Goal:  Improve appearance of physical plant

                        Action:  Expend the $3 million grant in designated areas

                        Staff:  Work with architect and others to plan and implement

*ATIGROUP hired for HVAC system, architect interviews underway, meeting with self check vendors


Goal: Provide programming to target audiences

Action: Offer early literacy programs to parents and caregivers

            Staff:  Use resources from ESA

            *Ready to Read Program, Ann Guidarini, ESA

            *Posted programs on Great Start Collaborative website calendar

Action: Expand book discussion format to reach young professionals and males

Staff:  Initiate an online book discussion and a nonfiction book discussion featuring a guest speaker

                        *Anytime, Anywhere Online Book Discussion

*Book Discussion on The Beast in the Garden with guest speaker from the Department of Natural Resources, April 10

Goal: Provide one-on-one interaction with program attendees

                        Action: Welcome program attendees

                        Board:  Serve as greeters and, when applicable, assist with program surveys

                        *Michigan Women in the Civil War, November 8, Cronin


Board members were invited to serve as greeters at the Eating for Health Lecture Series kick-off on February 13th.


Goal:  Address access to resources

Action:  Develop new work flow to reduce returned materials to shelf time

Staff:  Review shelving assignments, set priority shelving areas, ensure maximum shelving time

*Priority shelving areas identified and scheduled

Action:  Enhance social media

Staff:  Pilot SirsiDynix Social Library enhancement to Facebook

*Added Pinterest page


Goal: Increase visibility in community

Action:  Initiate an awareness campaign

Board:  Volunteer to assist at campaign events

*GEEK booth at Friends Book Sale, October – Cronin, Galt, Markey, Peterson

*Santa Parade, November – Cronin, Markey, Burhans

Staff:  Schedule presentations about library resources and services to community groups

Board:  Participate in presentations to community groups

Staff:  Develop and distribute a brochure about the library’s early literacy activity center

*Brochure in production


       Beacom updated the Board on the marketing program, “geekthelibrary.”

Board members were invited to participate with the “geek” campaign at the Friends February Book Sale.


VIII.                        Announcements

Beacom announced to the Board that Barnard was a recipient of the 2013 YWCA Women of Achievement award to be presented February 6, 2013.


Cronin has volunteered for the Reality Store at Bullock Creek and will be taking library giveaways for the participating students.  The reality store is sponsored by the Midland Chamber of Commerce. 


IX.                        Adjournment

Cronin moved to adjourn.  Phillips seconded.  Motion approved.  Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.