August 18, 2005




The meeting was held in the Airport Commission Board Room, 8600 Garfield Road, Freeland, Michigan 48623.  Chairman Eugene Gwizdala called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Roll was called by Debbie Meisel.





Present                             Absent & Excused         Staff                       Other  

Patrick H. Beson               Cecil A. Collins              Jeff Nagel               Jeremiah Stettler, Saginaw News

George J. Biltz                                                        Ryan Riesinger        Louis Timm, Bay City Travel

Kenneth W. Distler                                                 A. T. Lippert          John Palen, Midland Issues

Brian K. Elder                                                        Debbie Meisel       

Eugene F. Gwizdala                                               

Wilmer Jones-Ham (1:01 p.m.)

Hollis H. McKeag

Karl S. Tomion




MINUTES:  Dr. Distler made a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Commission Meeting held on July 21, 2005.  Mr. Beson seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously approved by the Board.


JULY 2005 WARRANT AND CASH & INVESTMENT SUMMARY:  Mr. Biltz made a motion to approve the Warrant Registers for the July Payroll Account Check Numbers 81735-81789 and the July Operations and Maintenance Check Numbers 35825-35894; and the July Cash and Investment Summary.  Mr. Elder seconded the motion and the Board unanimously approved it.




AIRLINE LEASES:  Mr. Nagel reported that the Northwest and Skywest (United Express) leases have expired.  They are currently operating on a month-to-month basis under the same rates as were in effect.  The ADI lease is set to expire on September 3, 2005.


Mr. Nagel has been negotiating with all three on new rates and charges.  The last major review of the lease was some time ago, therefore, Mr. Lippert has reviewed the entire document and updated as needed.  The airlines have indicated they are willing to sign a three-year lease.  Mr. Nagel believes this would be in the airport’s best interest.


Below are the new rates for the first year of the agreement.  Years #2 and #3 will include a 3% annual increase.  The airlines have reviewed these rates and have verbally agreed to them.


Exclusive Use (Per Square Foot/Per Year):       Counter Space             $37.75

                                                                        Back Office                  $31.23

                                                                        Bag Make-Up              $26.03

                                                                        Garage                         $20.12


Common Use (Total Split by Existing Formula): Baggage Claim   $5,912.77

                                                                                    Sterile Area                  $14,999.35


Use Fees:         Jetbridge          $16.78/Use

                        Landing Fee     $1.03/1,000 Pounds


Dr. Distler stated that the Operations Committee reviewed and concurred with the exhibit.  Dr. Distler made a motion approving the airline rates and charges for a three-year lease and authorizing the Chairman to execute the lease.  Ms. Jones-Ham seconded.  Mr. McKeag asked about the potential airline response to the rate increase.  Mr. Nagel responded by saying the rate negotiation was open and the airlines had not expressed concern over the proposed increases.  After brief discussion, the motion unanimously carried.


OLD BUSINESS:  Mr. Nagel reported that the airfield painting is complete.  The work was scheduled for 15 days but completed in just under a week.  Mr. Nagel thanked Mr. Riesinger for the long days and extra hours he worked to supervise the work.  No interruption of air service took place.  Mr. Nagel stated that Peckham Engineering and the paint contractor did a great job.


Mr. Nagel also informed the Board that the original contract amount was for $73,522.43.  The contract was increased by $3,92.87 due to changes in the quantities of paint.  The black paint particularly was increased because some of the touch down markings were not straight from previous painting and needed to be blacked out before the markings could be painted.  Mr. Nagel stated that he was informing the Board of the increase to the AIP project but that no Board action was needed.




Staffing Changes:  Mr. Nagel stated that the only staffing change he has done is to replace employees that have left.  He has been looking at the ARFF/Fire department for some time.  There are eight firefighters but no management supervision within the department.  Because of the schedule for firefighters, 24 hours on 24 hours off then 4 days off in a row, there are communication, supervision, and efficiency issues.  This resulted in looking for a supervisor that would work Monday through Friday and would help serve on-call.  The position would be the same level and have similar responsibilities as the current Maintenance Supervisor.  The first step was to look in-house.  The position was posted with three applying.  There would have been a fourth, however he is taking the position as chief at Thomas Township.  Interviews took place and the position was offered to LN Smith. 


Mr. Smith has been at the airport for 31 years. He has been in Field Maintenance, Building Maintenance, Custodial, and 20 years in the ARFF Department with the last three years being Captain.  He knows the overall operation and the interaction within the departments.    Mr. Nagel stated it has been a long process and is looking forward to moving forward.  The position was budgeted for 2005.  Mr. Nagel stated he wanted to have Mr. Smith come to the meeting today to introduce him however he is working today and is manning the fire station.


Mr. Nagel also stated that the airport is currently advertising for fire fighters.  The advertisement ran for two weekends and the office has received over 50 resumes.  All resumes are due by tomorrow.  Two positions will be filled, one to replace Mr. Smith and the other to replace Mr. Cousins who is going to Thomas Township. 


Northwest Strike:  Mr. Nagel stated that Northwest and the mechanics union entered a 30-day cooling off period that expires on Saturday at 12:01 a.m.  Northwest has lined up replacement workers and has stated they intend to fly a full schedule.  There are no Northwest mechanics based here so picketing is not anticipated.  FAA is requiring a 24-hour contact.  Mr. Nagel and Mr. Riesinger will be in town this weekend to respond.  Mr. Nagel stated that he would keep the Commission informed.      


ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS:  Dr. Distler had questions regarding the fire department and the responsibilities of the firemen when they are off duty.  Mr. Nagel explained that the union contract allows for mandatory overtime, however because of their commitment to their job they would normally respond but they are not obligated.  The firemen, as well as maintenance, provide the airport with their cell phone numbers and they are called as needed. 


Next regular meeting is scheduled for September 15, 2005.


ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, Ms. Jones-Ham made a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Biltz seconded and the Board unanimously passed the motion.  The meeting adjourned at 1:12 p.m.




                                                                                                                                                            Hollis H. McKeag, Secretary