September 21, 2006




The meeting was held in the Airport Commission Board Room, 8600 Garfield Road, Freeland, Michigan 48623.  Chairman Eugene Gwizdala called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Roll was called by Debbie Meisel.





Present                            Absent & Excused        Staff                       Other     

Patrick H. Beson             George J. Biltz              Jeff Nagel               John Palen, Midland Issues

Kenneth W. Distler                                              A. T. Lippert          Rich Bostwick, NWA

Darnell Earley                                                      Ryan Riesinger 

Brian K. Elder                                                     Debbie Meisel      

Eugene F. Gwizdala

Wilmer Jones-Ham                                                                           

Jon Lynch                                                           

Hollis H. McKeag                                              





MINUTES:  Dr. Distler made a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Commission Meeting held on August 17, 2006.  Ms. Jones-Ham seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously approved by the Board.


AUGUST 2006 WARRANT AND CASH & INVESTMENT SUMMARY:  Dr. Distler made a motion to approve the Warrant Registers for the August Payroll Account Check Numbers 82546-82630; the August Operations and Maintenance Check Numbers 36832-36918; and the August Cash and Investment Summary.  Mr. Beson seconded the motion and the Board unanimously approved it.




RESOLUTION FOR GARY HALL:  Mr. Nagel stated that Gary Hall retired on September 13, 2006 after being an MBS Airport employee for 35 years.  An employee luncheon for Mr. Hall took place last Friday.  Unfortunately Mr. Hall was unable to attend today’s meeting due to a prior doctor’s appointment.  Mr. Elder made a motion to approve the following Resolution.






MBS International Airport Commission

Resolution of Appreciation


The MBS International Airport Commission

recognizes with great appreciation the dedicated service of




who has served the airport and the owner communities since 1971. He began his career at Tri City Airport as a custodian and as the airport grew he expanded his career as a qualified maintenance employee.  In 1978 he again added to his valued employee skills and joined the Crash/Fire/Rescue Team.  He continued his service in the department as it became the Airport Rescue and Fire Fighter Department.


His dedication to his work and his leadership skills merited his appointment as an ARFF Lieutenant. During his years of service he has willingly aided the airport managers acting on behalf of the Airport Commission and the management staff.


His ever-pleasant company will be missed by all who have served and worked with him, and the best wishes of his fellow employees and airport management are with him as he retires.


This Resolution of Appreciation was unanimously adopted at a regular meeting of the MBS Airport Commission on September 21, 2006 and shall be retained in the permanent minutes of the commission.





Bay County                                                         City of Midland                                      City of Saginaw


Eugene F. Gwizdala                            Hollis H. McKeag                        Kenneth W. Distler

Patrick H. Beson                                  George J. Biltz                            Wilmer Jones-Ham

Brian K. Elder                                     Jon Lynch                                   Darnell Earley


Jeff Nagel, Airport Manager

A. T. Lippert, Jr., Airport Attorney


Ms. Jones-Ham seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


AVFLIGHT LEASE:  Mr. Nagel stated that Avflight Corporation is reorganizing their operation.  In connection with that reorganization they have requested two consents from the commission.


1.       A consent to assign the lease to CRS Realty, Saginaw with a sublease to Avflight.


2.       Consent to CRS Realty, Saginaw to mortgage the leasehold interest.


Mr. Lippert has reviewed the documents required for this action and has approved them as to form and compliance with the terms and conditions of the existing lease.


Mr. Nagel also stated that the day-to-day operations of the FBO will not change and key personnel will remain in place.  Avflight has purchased other operation throughout and outside Michigan and are trying to organize all of their operations to better suit their structure.  Mr. McKeag made a motion to approve the Consent to Assignment and Sublease and approve the Consent to Mortgage of Leasehold Interest for Avflight and authorization for the Chairman to execute the documents required.  Mr. Earley seconded.  Dr. Distler stated that the board must depend on Mr. Lippert in these types of matters to be sure that the airport is protected.  Mr. Lippert assured Dr. Distler that the airport’s interest is secure.  The motion unanimously passed.

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER PRIVACY POLICY:  Mr. Nagel stated that the commission is required to comply with a new state law which required the adoption of a social security number privacy policy.  This policy helps insure that social security numbers which are used during the normal course of business remain protected.  Mr. Nagel stated that the policy meets the intent of the law.  Mr. McKeag made a motion to approve the MBS International Airport Social Security Number Privacy Policy.  Dr. Distler seconded and the motion unanimously carried.


OLD BUSINESS:  Mr. Nagel stated that the current phase of the RS&H terminal project contract has involved them being in town and performing interviews.  Those commissioners that have not been interviewed will be contacted to schedule an interview in the near future.  They are also interviewing some of the community leaders.  In addition to the interviews, RS&H have been reviewing the Master Plan and the Terminal Study.  The work is on schedule.


Mr. Nagel stated that there is no news on the land purchase but he will keep the commission updated.


Mr. Nagel updated the commission regarding the Northwest flight attendants potential strike.  Last week a Federal judge did ban the attendants from striking.  It is not settled but it appears to be a more stable than it had in the past.  Mr. Nagel asked Rich Bostwick, NWA station manager if that information was correct.  Mr. Bostwick agreed.  Mr. Nagel stated that Mr. Bostwick has been keeping him updated that thanked him for keeping him informed.


NEW BUSINESS:  Mr. Nagel stated that there had been a Marketing Committee meeting.  Mr. Biltz is the chairman of that committee and in his absence Dr. Distler will report on the meeting.  Dr. Distler stated that they had a strategy session to outline a direction to take this airport to make it more profitable and more competitive.  In an effort to do that it will require the use of a consultant.  The Boyd Group has been used in the past.  They are also going to talk to the State Aeronautics Commission to ask their recommendations of one or two other vendors to contact. 


Mr. Nagel announced to the board that he has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Michigan Airport Association.  It is a state organization for airport executives.  It is a five member board where the new member starts at the bottom and works their way to the top.  He has been active in the association for 15 years and is very happy to be selected to the board.  He gave his appreciation to Chairman Gwizdala and the board for their support and stated that he will report to the board on any activities that are of importance.  Chairman Gwizdala congratulated Mr. Nagel.


ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS:  Next regular meeting is scheduled for October 19, 2006.


ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, Mr. Elder made a motion to adjourn.  Ms. Jones-Ham seconded and the Board unanimously passed the motion.  The meeting adjourned at 1:09 p.m.




                                                                                                                                                            Hollis H. McKeag, Secretary