August 20, 2009




The meeting was held in the Airport Commission Board Room, 8600 Garfield Road, Freeland, Michigan 48623.  Chairman George Biltz called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Roll was called by Debbie Meisel.




Present                           Absent & Excused         Staff                         Other           

George J. Biltz               Darnell Earley                Jeff Nagel                Cheryl Wade, Midland Daily News

Eugene F. Gwizdala      Brian K. Elder                Andre R. Borrello    John Palen, Midland Issues

Ernie Krygier                 Joyce J. Seals                 Ryan Riesinger         Barrie Barber, Saginaw News

Jon Lynch                                                             Debbie Meisel          Angela Osmond - TSA

Hollis H. McKeag                                                                                 


                                                                              Martin Wander, RS&H




MINUTES:  Mr. Gwizdala made a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Commission Meeting held on July 16, 2009.  Mr. Krygier seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously approved by the Board.


JULY 2009 WARRANTS AND CASH & INVESTMENT SUMMARIES:  Mr. Gwizdala made a motion to approve the Warrant Registers for the July Payroll Account Check Numbers 84766-84855; the July Operations and Maintenance Check Numbers 39575-39665; and the July Cash and Investment Summaries.  Mr. McKeag seconded the motion and the Board unanimously approved it.




RESOLUTION OF APPRECIATION:  Mr. Nagel stated that Dr. Ken Distler has decided to resign his position on the MBS Airport Commission.  Dr. Distler has been an outstanding member of the Commission for 10 years.  Mr. Krygier made a motion to approve the following Resolution of Appreciation.


MBS International Airport Commission

Resolution of Appreciation


The MBS International Airport Commission

recognizes with great appreciation the dedicated service of




who has served the airport and the owner communities since 1999. During his years of service he has shared his skills as a general aviation pilot, his understanding of community needs, and his knowledge of aviation related activities and concerns with the Commission. He has willingly aided the airport manager and management staff as an active member of both the Operations Committee and Marketing Committee.


His counsel, support, and ever-pleasant company will be missed by all who have served and worked with him, and the best wishes of all go with him as he leaves us for new opportunities.


This Resolution of Appreciation was unanimously adopted at a regular meeting of the MBS Airport Commission on August 20, 2009 and shall be retained in the permanent minutes of the Commission.




Bay County                                        City of Midland                            City of Saginaw


Eugene F. Gwizdala                 Hollis H. McKeag                  Joyce J. Seals

Ernie Krygier                           George J. Biltz                      Darnell Earley

Brian K. Elder                         Jon Lynch                            


Jeff Nagel, Airport Manager

Andre Borrello, Airport Attorney


Mr. Gwizdala seconded the motion.  The Board passed the motion unanimously.


Mr. Nagel stated that since Dr. Distler was an “at large” appointment of the City of Saginaw, they will work to replace Dr. Distler on the Commission.


Chairman Biltz stated that the Board appreciates all of Dr. Distler’s service, comments, and involvement.  He will be greatly missed.


SAGINAW SPIRIT SPONSORSHIP:  Mr. Nagel stated that MBS has been a partner with the Saginaw Spirit since their second season.  The showcase of the partnership has been the MBS blimp which flies before each home game and in between periods.  Last year MBS had two advertising packages with the Spirit for a combined value of $12,500.


The Spirit approached MBS about the 2009-2010 season.  Their proposal included the following elements:  pocket schedule ad, program ad, website ad, MBS blimp, and two in-ice logos.  Mr. Nagel stated that the in-ice logos became available this year and they provide an excellent opportunity for MBS to display community support for the Spirit.


The total advertising book value of these elements is $26,850.  It was agreed that MBS would expand onto the in-ice logo presence for a one-year trial and keep all other elements for a total cost of $15,000.  Bolger & Battle agreed that this package was an excellent opportunity for MBS.


This proposal was presented to the Marketing Committee and the committee agreed to recommend acceptance by the Commission.  Mr. Gwizdala made a motion to approve the 2009-2010 season Saginaw Spirit partnership for $15,000.  Mr. Krygier seconded the motion.  Discussion took place regarding being uniform with marketing between the three communities that own the airport.  Mr. Nagel stated that a package was approved for the Great Lake Loons in Midland earlier this year and several events are being researched in Bay County.


Mr. Lynch stated that he has seen some of the promotional pieces at the ballgames and feels they are very well done.  He also stated that there have been questions of how to measure the investment in marketing and the evidence of its success.  Mr. Lynch stated that it may be too early to tell but the chart of seat availability shows that the percentage of seats filled is actually higher than last year.  Hopefully this is evidence that some of the marketing is paying off.  Mr. Nagel stated that the airport has no control over the number of seats the carrier places at MBS but one of the reasons the Marketing Committee was started was to market the seats.  Mr. Nagel stated that he has had good comments on the Loons marketing.  There being no further discussion, the motion passed unanimously. 


PHASE IV TERMINAL BIDS (PROJECT #4109):  Mr. Nagel stated that bids were accepted on July 22, 2009 for the Phase IV terminal project which included the connector taxiway and supporting airfield improvements.  As directed by Commission action, the bid information was submitted to the FAA for the purpose of completing the grant application.


Formal award of the bid is required at this time.  It is the recommendation of RS&H to award the bid to the low bidder, LA Construction for the base bid and three bid alternates.  The RS&H letter of recommendation as well as the supporting documentation was included in the packet.  Work is scheduled to start in the spring of 2009.  Mr. Gwizdala made a motion to approve the bid of LA Construction for Phase IV terminal project in the amount of $1,322,858.85 and authorize the Chairman, or in his absence the Vice-Chairman, to sign the related contract.  Mr. Krygier seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


RS&H CONSTRUCTION ADMINISTRATION (PROJECT #4109):  Mr. Nagel stated that the RS&H Construction Administration amendment for Phase IV of the terminal project was included in the packet.  As directed by earlier Commission action, the amount of this agreement was submitted to the FAA for inclusion in the grant application for Project #4109.


Formal award of this amendment is now required.  This agreement covers the RS&H cost to administer and supervise this portion of work.  Since bids came back competitively, all three bid alternates will be completed.  Therefore, the RS&H Construction Administration contract will be for $146,000 as outlined in the agreement.


Mr. Gwizdala made a motion to approve RS&H Amendment #5 for Construction Administration Service for Project #4109 and authorize the Chairman, or in his absence the Vice-Chairman, to sign the related contract.  Mr. Krygier seconded and the Board passed the motion unanimously.


GREAT LAKES BAY REGIONAL ALLIANCE LEASE:  Mr. Nagel stated that the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance was formed after the success of Vision Tri-County.  Vision Tri-County included the three local chambers of commerce and the three local economic development groups.  They have been very supportive of MBS and in particular, the new terminal project.



The Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance has now hired an executive director and a part-time assistant.  They were looking for office space which would be convenient to all three communities.  They approached Mr. Nagel about any available space in the current terminal building.  A vacant room upstairs is available which could be leased.  Prior to the lease, they have agreed to replace the carpet and base, as well as paint.  A one-year lease with two one-year options was discussed.


Based on the rate that is currently charged to the TSA for space on the second level, and taking into account the financial commitment the Alliance will put into improving the space, a lease rate of $13.99 per square foot which equates to $5,596 per year, or $466.33 per month was agreed to.


This office will serve as the hub for the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance and house two staff members.  However, most of their activity will be out in the communities.  This arrangement also allows MBS to be linked, in a positive nature, to the ongoing efforts to market the area as a region.


Mr. Gwizdala made a motion to approve a one-year lease with two one-year options with the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance for second level office space, authorize the Chairman, or in his absence the Vice-Chairman, to execute the lease, and direct the attorney to draft the lease.  Mr. Lynch seconded the motion.  Discussion took place regarding office space availability in the future once the new terminal is built.  Mr. Nagel stated that the new terminal was not designed to have office space and the administration building is currently full but in three years there may be an opening.  Chairman Biltz asked if the one year options were mutual options.  Mr. Nagel stated that either party can opt out of the agreement. 


Mr. McKeag asked if there has been any research done in regards to the current passenger terminal.  Mr. Nagel stated that he is working with RS&H to evaluate the various options. 


There being no further discussion the motion passed unanimously. 


TERMINAL INTERIORS UPDATE:  Chairman Biltz stated that the Operations Committee met regarding the terminal interior.  Mr. Earley has replaced Dr. Distler on that committee. 


Mr. Gwizdala on behalf of the committee stated that when the interior package was presented to the full Commission last month, it was 85-90% complete.  Martin Wander came back and met with the Operations Committee to present the refinements; the majority of the design was unchanged.  The committee requested Mr. Wander to come to the meeting to present the refinements to the full Commission.  Mr. Gwizdala stated that the committee recommends the refined interiors package and is looking for concurrence from the Commission.  Mr. Gwizdala then asked Mr. Wander to present his information.


Discussion took place after the presentation.  Based on the comments last month, RS&H presented local maps in two locations.  Mr. McKeag suggested a world map and a local map versus two local maps.  The suggestion will be researched.  Mr. Gwizdala made a motion to accept the interior plan as the design package for the new terminal with Mr. Krygier seconding.  The motion passed unanimously.      





Job Performance Evaluation:  Mr. Nagel stated that his evaluation was scheduled for this meeting however a couple of the forms were not returned to Mr. Earley in time.  Since Mr. Earley was not able to attend today’s meeting, the Personnel Committee decided to move the evaluation to the September meeting.


Terminal Taxiway Discussion:  Last month discussion took place regarding taxiway access to the new terminal ramp.  RS&H and staff have done research and presented the findings to the Operations Committee last week.  Important points to consider is a single taxiway access is not a safety issue, which was verified with FAA and other airports; the taxiway access will be designed and built to FAA standards; and single taxiway connectors are found at airports throughout the United States and in particular northern climates such as Fargo, ND, Minot, ND, and Sioux Falls, SD.  Mr. Riesinger made calls to those airports and in general the airports did not have any day-to-day operational issues.  Two of the airports are larger than MBS in regards to operations and enplanements.  Two of the airports showed the second taxiway on their Airport Layout Plan which is a planning document for future projects.  That would be a prudent step in this matter. 


The FAA had information that four taxiway excursions took place during a two month period of all the operations nationwide.  This data was collected during winter months.  RS&H equates that to about a 4 10,000th of a percent chance.  The FAA also stated that future airport/airfield projects to support the new terminal, including additional taxiway connectors, can be programmed as part of the overall ten-year development plan as funds become available.  It is very typical to phase-in supporting airfield improvements after a major project, whether air carrier, GA, or freight.


As the Commission knows, staff is always evaluating operation needs and places those on the 10-year plan on a priority basis which is required by the FAA.  Mr. Nagel thanked RS&H and Mr. Riesinger for their research.        


Discussion took place as to what types of aircraft the taxiway will be able to handle.  Mr. Nagel stated that the taxiway and the ramp area were designed for the MD80 which is the newer version of the DC9, similar to the Airbus A319 and A320.  Larger aircraft would be able to operate on occasion.  Mr. Lynch commented that he appreciated the effort made to answer the question regarding one taxiway for the new terminal.  He felt it was prudent to focus on cold weather airports. The evidence suggests that the airport is going in the right direction.               


Mr. McKeag asked about the length of the taxiway.  Mr. Riesinger stated that the taxiway is about 700 feet since it is only a connector taxiway from Taxiway Charlie to the ramp.  This would be the initial taxiway.  In the future, the airport will potentially add a partial parallel taxiway that would be another route to the ramp.


NEW BUSINESS:  Ground Breaking:  Mr. Nagel stated that he had been working with the Marketing Committee regarding the ground breaking ceremony.  Reminders were sent out to the Commissioners to save the date.  About a week and half ago, invitations were sent out by Bolger & Battle and email reminders were sent out today.  The ceremony is scheduled for 4 p.m.  Approximately 400 invitations were sent out.  Parking will be in the long term parking lot with shuttle busses taking attendees to the site.  Parking is limited at the site.  The driving factor for the date was the availability of the Congressional representatives.  Congressman Camp and Congressman Kildee have both positively confirmed that they will be here which is important since they were very instrumental in assisting the airport with Federal aviation dollars. The airport is happy that they have taken an interest in the project and are taking the time to come.  Mr. Nagel stated that he doesn’t think that either of the Senators is able to attend but to have both Congressmen is truly unique.  Mr. Biltz stated that he would like to see most of the Commissioners attend to show support for the project.


Aerial Map:  Mr. McKeag asked about replacing the aerial map of the airport to show the new terminal.  Mr. Nagel stated that it would be replaced eventually after the new terminal is built.  Mr. Wander suggested that RS&H could get a line drawing of the new terminal made to scale of the current aerial.  It would be made out of plastic that could be placed over the current map.  Mr. Wander will talk with Mark Wilcer regarding this issue.          


ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS:  Next regular meeting is scheduled for September 17, 2009.


ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, Mr. Krygier made a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Gwizdala seconded and the Board unanimously passed the motion.  The meeting adjourned at 1:42 p.m.



                                                                                                                                                            Eugene F. Gwizdala, Vice-Chairman