July 21, 2011




The meeting was held in the Airport Commission Board Room, 8600 Garfield Road, Freeland, Michigan 48623.  Chairman Darnell Earley called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.  Roll was called by Debbie Meisel.




Present                        Absent & Excused          Staff                            Guests                                

Tom Adams                Greg Branch                    Jeff Nagel                   Mark Wilcer, RS&H

George J. Biltz            Ernie Krygier                   Andre R. Borrello       Steve Westerbeke, RS&H   

Bregitte Braddock                                               Ryan Riesinger            Bob Peckham, Peckham Engineering

Kim Coonan                                                         Debbie Meisel            

Darnell Earley                                                                                          Other

Tom Ryder                                                                                              Angela Osmond, TSA

Paula Whittington                                                                                   Adam Watkins, Student




MINUTES:  Mr. Coonan made a motion to approve the minutes of the Regular Commission Meeting held on June 16, 2011.  Mr. Biltz seconded the motion.  The motion was unanimously approved by the Board.


JUNE 2011 WARRANTS AND CASH & INVESTMENT SUMMARIES:  Mr. Biltz made a motion to approve the Warrant Registers for the June Payroll Account Check Numbers 86255-86338; the June Operations and Maintenance Check Numbers 41361 - 41439; and the June Cash and Investment Summaries.  Mr. Adams seconded the motion and the Board unanimously approved it.


PUBLIC COMMENT:  Mr. Borrello introduced Adam Watkins.  He attends the University of Michigan and is job shadowing at the law firm.


RESOLUTION OF APPRECIATION FOR ROBERT G. PECKHAM:  Mr. Nagel stated that Bob Peckham has been involved in the development of MBS International Airport for the past 56 years.  Peckham Engineering is still the general consultant for MBS.  Bob has decided to sell the firm and the deal will transpire on August 1, 2011.


Mr. Nagel stated that MBS will be going though the selection process as required by the FAA for a new general consultant engineering firm.  The Operations Committee wants to be involved in the process.  Mr. Nagel has had discussions with Mr. Peckham in regards to the transition. 


In recognition of Bob’s service to MBS, the attached Resolution of Appreciation was drafted for the commission’s consideration.  Mr. Nagel read the resolution. 

MBS International Airport Commission

                                              Resolution of Appreciation


The MBS International Airport Commission

recognizes with great appreciation the dedicated service of




who has served the airport and the owner communities as a general consultant and engineer since February of 1955.  During his fifty-six years of service to MBS, Bob has shared his knowledge and expertise with airport tenants, staff and commissioners.


Bob first served MBS on an airport lighting project and over the years he has been responsible for the design and consulting on projects and equipment valued at more than $55,000,000.  It is recognized that no one individual has had a greater impact on MBS Airport than Bob Peckham. 


Known as an independent spirit and for his fierce advocacy for airports, Bob has been a positive influence on numerous aviation professionals throughout the State of Michigan.  Bob’s dedication, professionalism and knowledge will be missed.  The best wishes of the airport staff and Airport Commission go with Bob as he transitions into retirement.


This Resolution of Appreciation was unanimously adopted at a regular meeting of the MBS Airport Commission on July 21, 2011 and shall be retained in the permanent minutes of the commission.




                 Bay County                                 City of Midland                                    City of Saginaw

               Ernie Krygier Jr.                             Tom Adams                                              Bregitte Braddock

               Kim Coonan                                     George J. Biltz                                         Darnell Earley

               Tom Ryder                                       Paula Whittington                                  Greg Branch


Jeff Nagel, Airport Manager

Andre Borrello, Airport Attorney


Mr. Biltz stated that he has worked with Mr. Peckham for over six years.  He gave a brief history of some of the things Bob has seen during the 56 years he has been at MBS.  No one has had a greater impact at MBS and many of the other airports in Michigan.  Bob Peckham is truly an aeronautical pioneer.  Mr. Biltz on behalf of the current commissioners and past commissioners saluted Bob Peckham for his service with the resolution.  Mr. Biltz made a motion to approve the attached Resolution of Appreciation for Robert G. Peckham.  Mr. Ryder seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


Mr. Nagel presented Bob Peckham with the framed resolution.  Mr. Peckham addressed the Board.  He stated that the MBS Commission has done an outstanding job in the 55 years he has been associated with the board.  The commission makes great decisions, does it on time and gets the job done.  He stated that the board has a great staff that supports that type of action.  He also stated that this commission compared to other commissions in the state, has an airport that is not in the red and it is not supported by local tax or subsidy.  The communities are very fortunate to have a commission and a staff that promotes that.  He thanked the commission for the opportunity of being part of the team.  Mr. Peckham stated that as long as he is around, the airport can contact him if he can be of assistance.  Those present gave Mr. Peckham a round of applause.


AGRICULTURAL LEASES:  Mr. Nagel stated that MBS has several leases to allow restricted farming operations on airport property.  Four of those leases were recently extended for a period of three years with a three percent increase in revenue each year.  Two additional leases are set to expire at the end of 2011, Bob Hensler and Lyle, Mary Kay and Paul Knoerr.  The leases state that a new agreement must be reached prior to August 1, 2011 or the lease carries over at the same terms and conditions.


Mr. Hensler and the Knoerr’s have agreed to the same increase as the previously approved lease extension:  three years with a three percent increase per year.  Both parties have farmed MBS property for some time now and are familiar with the rules and restrictions placed on these operations.  Mr. Adams made a motion to approve a three-year extension for the agricultural lease for Bob Hensler and the Knoerr’s with a rate increase of three percent per year and authorize the Airport Manager to sign the related documents.  Mr. Biltz seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


AIRFIELD CRACK SEALING:  Mr. Nagel stated that airfield pavement crack sealing is important to preserve the life of the pavements by preventing water damage and damage due to the freeze/thaw cycle.  Since the State suspended their 50/50 local/State funding program for this work, funding can only come from local funds.  Over the past several years, staff has been very aggressive in the crack seal program.


The following bids were received to perform the required work this year:  Scodeller, $.38; American Seal Coating, $.50; and Asphalt Concrete Services, $.50.  Prices are per linear foot.


Scodeller has worked at MBS in the past and is qualified to perform this work.  Staff has estimated there is about $12,500 worth of work to be completed.  The 2011 budget has $15,000 allocated for this item.  Mr. Biltz made a motion to approve the quote of Scodeller of $.38 per linear foot to perform crack seal maintenance, allow an expense of $12,500 and authorize the Airport Manager to sign the contract after attorney review.  Ms. Braddock seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


AIRFIELD PAINT MARKING:  Mr. Nagel stated that maintaining the airfield paint marking is required to comply with FAA regulations.  Over the years a variety of funding methods have been used to accomplish this work.  The State suspended their 50/50 local/State funding program for airports the size of MBS several years ago, therefore the airfield either needs to be painted using an AIP grant or local money.  Staff has reviewed the condition of the paint and has decided to use local funds to touch up areas of paint that are needed. 


Staff contacted the two companies who have painted MBS in the past, Kenmark and PK Contracting to receive bids.  Kenmark submitted the following bid per square foot; black, $.24; white, $.23; and yellow, $.23.  PK was unresponsive to our request. 


Although PK did not respond to the request for a bid, PK did submit a bid to participate in the State program for smaller airports.  Those prices were all higher than Kenmark ($.26, $.28, $.28).


Based on the information received, it is recommended that Kenmark be retained to complete the necessary painting this year.  There is $20,000 in the 2011 budget to complete this work.  Staff has measured the areas on the airfield that require painting and the estimate is approximately $22,286.07.  Since the full amount of crack sealing funds is not being used, it is recommended that some of those dollars be used for painting.  Mr. Adams made a motion to approve the bid of Kenmark to conduct airfield paint marking, allow the expense of $22,500 and authorize the Airport Manager to sign the contract after review by the attorney.  Mr. Ryder seconded the motion.  Mr. Biltz asked what size airport is allowed funding.  Mr. Nagel stated that State funding may be allowed for GA airports but not for any commercial airports.  There being no further discussion, the motion passed unanimously.




Airport Name:  Mr. Nagel stated that last month he gave an update from the Marketing Committee in regards to changing the name of the airport.  The commission suggested a more formal response.  Mr. Nagel spoke with the Marketing Committee and a memo was prepared.  Mr. Biltz on behalf of the Marketing Committee stated that the memo speaks for itself and their position.  Mr. Coonan made a motion to receive and file the memo.  Mr. Biltz seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


AIP:  Mr. Nagel stated that the latest short term extension is due to expire July 22.  Congress is working on another extension but it includes some language in the House version that the Senate may not agree with.  Discussions have taken place in regards to any impact on the project should the FAA shut-down.  Staff is not anticipating any impact since there is a large local share committed to this phase of the project; especially if it is a short term shut-down. 


Discretionary Grants:  As approved last month, Mr. Nagel submitted the paperwork for two AIP discretionary grants.  Mr. Wilcer and Mr. Nagel went to Washington D.C. a couple of weeks ago and met with the FAA Programming Officer and representatives of elected officials.  There could be a record turn back of money at the end of the fiscal year which is the end of September.  The airport would be in an excellent position to take advantage of that money.


NEW BUSINESS:  Mr. Nagel suggested that the board take a tour of the new terminal project after the August meeting.  He stated that the ticket counters are laid out and the office spaces are being developed.  He will send a reminder out in the packets.


ADMINISTRATIVE MATTERS:  Next regular meeting is scheduled for August 18, 2011.


ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business, Mr. Biltz made a motion to adjourn.  Mr. Coonan seconded and the Board unanimously passed the motion.  The meeting adjourned at 1:18 p.m.



                                                                                                                                                            Ernie Krygier, Secretary