The regular monthly meeting of the Midland Parks and Recreation Commission has been scheduled for Tuesday, December 6th. The meeting will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will be held in the Council Chambers of City Hall at 333 W. Ellsworth St. The agenda for the meeting is as follows:


              I.      Call to Order.

           II.      Roll Call.

         III.      Minutes of November 1, 2005.

        IV.      Call to Audience.

           V.      Playground Equipment Plan.

        VI.      Program and Project Update.

      VII.      Division Update (Parks)

   VIII.      Old Business.

a) Response to Issues raised for staff action/study at the meeting of November 1,


b) Fee Schedule.

VIII. New Business.

IX. Adjourn.


Respectfully submitted,




Marty McGuire




December 2, 2005





TO: Parks and Recreation Commission


FROM: Marty McGuire, Director of Public Services


SUBJECT: December 6, 2005 Meeting Notes


Please accept this correspondence as background information for the Parks and Recreation Commission meeting of December 6, 2005.


Playground Equipment Plan


On June 2, 2005 staff presented an inventory of playground equipment in the park system. The inventory indicated the condition of the equipment so we could properly plan replacement. Three of the projects identified, Central Park, Chippewassee Park and Briarwood Park were completed in the summer of 2005.


With the institution of the park shelter fees also in 2005, the City Council authorized an increase in our playground equipment budget from $15,000.00 to $35,000.00. Continuing to operate from the 2004 inventory, staff has proposed the following program for playground equipment in the spring of 2006:


Stratford Woods Install set similar to Central.

Plymouth Park Install small swing set on west side.

Greenfield Park (between Dartmouth Ct. and Greenfield Ct.) replace climber and swing set with set similar to Central.

Burlington Park Replace large swing set.

Chatham Park Replace swing/slide combo.

Longacres Park Replace horizontal ladder/climber combo.

Parkwood Replace large swing.

New St. Charles Softball Field install set similar to Central.


This proposal will leave approximately $5000 to address other issues which may present themselves.




Program and Project Update


Staff will present an update of current projects and programs including Plymouth Pool and the Zoning of the Civic Arena property.


Division Update


In accord with the Commission desire, staff will update the commission on the Parks Division of the department.


Old Business


Staff will report on the issue raised at the meeting of November 1, 2005.






Marty McGuire