7:00 PM



MEMBERS PRESENT:           Donovan, Lengerman, Peck, Rothhaar, Robert, Zimmer-Janeczko, Dauer, Berthiaume




The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairperson Bruce Peck.




Motion by Donovan, seconded by Zimmer-Janeczko to receive the minutes of the Meeting of November 2, 2004 as mailed.  Motion carried 8 – 0.


Call to Audience


Chairperson Peck issued a call to the audience for items not on the meeting agenda but pertinent to Commission business.  There was no response.


Consideration of Parks Rule Change


McGuire proposed that in light of the Commission’s recommendation to change the Ordinance to require a fee for picnic reservations.  The Park Rules should be changed for consistency.  He suggested that Section 11-B-3 which now reads “Any person desiring to reserve a particular space in a park for an event other than a City sponsored event, must contact the Parks and Recreation Department beginning the first Monday in March of the current year to obtain a permit,” be changed by substituting the word ‘picnic’ for particular and adding ‘or shelter’ after space in the first line and adding ‘in accord with the fee schedule in Section 21-73 of the Code of Ordinances’ to the end of the item.


Motion by Lengerman, seconded by Rothhaar to recommend to City Council that Section 11-B-3 of the Park Rules and Regulations be changed as proposed.  Motion carried 8 – 0.


Consideration of Youth Seat on Commission


McGuire informed the Commission that in accord with the City Council’s July 19, 2004 Attendance Policy, the seat on the Commission held by Jillian Lincoln is now vacant as

she has missed over 25% of the meetings scheduled for the 2004-05 Commission year due to her course load at Michigan State University.  He indicated that the City Council wishes to move ahead with a replacement and they have asked that the Commission consider the value of having a youth member on the Commission.  He indicated that previous correspondence to the Commission had dealt with the length of the term but that subsequent staff research had shown that the City Charter requires that all terms are three year terms.


The Commission discussed the issue including the following comments:


There is value in having a youth perspective, but it may be unrealistic to expect them to serve three years.


It would be difficult for Council to judge a youth candidate against an adult so a dedicated seat is preferable.


It was suggested that a youth member should be in High School at the time of appointment.


Motion by Lengerman, seconded by Rothhaar that the Commission recommend to City Council that steps be taken to institute a youth position on the Commission to be specifically filled by a student who is in high school at the time of the appointment.  Motion carried 8 – 0.


Plymouth Pool


McGuire reminded the Commission of the sequence of events surrounding the outdoor pools and indicated the City’s budget cycle was beginning (see attached letter).


Motion by Berthiaume, seconded by Donovan that the Commission recommends to City Council that they allocate $500,000 in 2005-06 budget to fund the entire pool and pool building project.  Motion carried 8 – 0.


Program Update


McGuire indicated that the Civic Arena Project is on going and that the footings have been poured.  The project is on schedule at this point.


He also updated the Commission on progress on the 2004 items identified in the recently adopted Parks and Recreation Master Plan as follows:


1)      Work with Community groups to explore non-motorized linkage options – work is ongoing with the Chippewa Nature Center to complete the Chippewa Trail linking the Nature Center and various recreational facilities to the Tridge and downtown area.

2)      Improvements to the pool and shower facility at Plymouth Park.  That discussion was started here this evening and the process will continue to City Council.

3)      Assess existing playground equipment.  The original assessment has taken place and we are currently working to develop partnerships to leverage our investment. The priorities at this time are identified as Central Park, Stratford Woods Park, Chippewassee Park and Briarwood Park.  Once partnerships have been resolved, equipment will be ordered for Spring installation.  Contact has been made with the Community Center as requested by the Commission and there is interest.  We will have a better idea of the level of participation after the first of the year.

4)      Determine the feasibility of designating certain areas as a Dog Park.  We have met with a core group of interested citizens on this issue and we have also visited Dog Parks in other cities.  These meetings will continue and then we will bring a proposal to the Commission.

5)      Investigate potential and location for BMX Track.  This item has been completed.


Rothhaar expressed concern over apparent deterioration of Barstow Woods in general and encouraged staff to consider whether continued use as a dog park was in the Park’s best interest or if another site should be developed as a Dog Park.


Old Business


Lengerman indicated that the new drainage installed at the Central Park Tennis Courts is very effective.


New Business


Peck spoke of the joint meeting between the Commission and the City Council scheduled for January 10, 2005.


Meeting adjourned at 7:47 pm.