MEMBERS PRESENT:   Juardo, Allen, Lengerman, Peck, Martin, Kasprzyk


MEMBERS ABSENT:     Berthiaume, Dauer, Rothhaar


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Secretary, Marty McGuire.




The minutes of the June 7, 2005 were approved by a vote of 6 – 0.


Election of Chair


McGuire called for nominations for the position of chair.


Lengerman nominated Chuck Martin, the nomination was seconded by Laura Kasprzyk.


Kasprzyk nominated Bruce Peck, the nomination was seconded by Juardo.


Martin was elected chair by a vote of 4 – 2.


Martin assumed the chair.


Martin called for nominations for vice-chair.


Juardo nominated Rothhaar, it was seconded by Lengerman.


There being no further nominations, Rothhaar was elected unanimously.


Adoption of Calendar


            August 2, 2005                          May 2, 2006

            September 6, 2005                     June 6, 2006

            October 4, 2005                         *July 5, 2006*

            November 1, 2005                      August 1, 2006

            December 6, 2005                      September 5, 2006

            January 3, 2006                         October 3, 2006

            February 7, 2006                        November 7, 2006

            March 7, 2006                           December 5, 2006

            April 4, 2006


Motion by Lengerman, seconded by Kasprzyk to approve calendar.  Motion carried 6 – 0.


Martin issued a call to the Audience.  Fay Wood spoke about the Dow Retirees Picnic at Gerstacker Center where heat was an issue.  Martin pointed out that the City was not involved in the operation of the Gerstacker Center.


Dog Park


At the June 7, 2005 meeting of the Parks and Recreation Commission, conceptual approval was given to a dog park in Chippewassee Park.  Subsequent to that meeting, staff met with supporters of such a park and developed a plan.  The proposed park would be approximately 9 acres and include both wooded and open area, a separate area for small dogs, a water source and agility stations for dog.  There would also be a gravel parking area associated with the facility.  Total cost is estimated to be approximately $45,000.00.


It was also reported that a donor, who wishes to be anonymous at this point, has offered to donate $40,000.00 over four years to support such a park.  There are funds available in the Park Major Project account so that the park would be built now and the funds repaid over the four years.


McGuire distributed the attached letters which have been received on the topic.


Michelle Terwilliger currently uses Barstow and spoke in favor of the proposal.


Juardo asked if there were complaints from Barstow neighbors.  McGuire reported that there had been issues regarding control of dogs and clean-up.


Lengerman discussed the Master Plan.  She noted that the Master Plan had identified other issues as priorities.  She expressed concern that the cost estimate in the Master Plan was $20,000.00 and that the actual project cost was now reported as $45,000.00.  She suggested that Barstow would be an adequate place for this use with minimal additional cost.  She further indicated that she was concerned with ongoing maintenance costs.


Allen indicated that having a dog park such as this was a unique opportunity for the City and that the donation offer made it even more appealing.


Juardo indicated that the donation made this a doable project.


Martin expressed concern that the location is in a floodplain.  He also indicated that Saginaw had a dog park of approximately ½ acre.


Motion by Allen, seconded by Juardo that the Commission recommend to the City Council that the generous gift of $40,000.00 over 4 years offered by an anonymous donor be accepted and that the dog park be constructed in Chippewassee Park.  Motion carried

4 – 2.


Report on Picnic Reservation


McGuire reported that picnic reservations excluding City Forest in 2004 were 378 through the entire summer while 2005 figures through June 30 are at 254.  It should be noted that approximately 50 2004 rentals were daytime reservations which were not made this year.  The use continues, but because there is little competition for daytime use, reservations are not being made.  In addition, 30 of this year’s 254 reservations were made for the daytime in May and June resulting in no charge.  While it is anticipated that there will be more rentals in 2005, it is unlikely the numbers will reach the 2004 totals.  Current revenues are approximately $10,000.00.


Lengerman spoke of Stratford restroom being in poor condition.  Structurally not in good shape.  She indicated that Porta-Jons at the Sprayground are overflowed.


Lengerman suggested that a posting of numbers be placed in restrooms to allow for reporting of problems.


Project Update


McGuire reported that the Playground Equipment approved for Chippewassee Park has been installed and is being used.  The equipment approved for Central Park is scheduled to be shipped on July 11, 2005 and will be installed the week of July 18.


The Civic Arena Project continues to be within budget and generally on schedule.  The recent change order which added a Unisex restroom to the facility may cause a minor delay but we still anticipate use by the end of August.


The City’s July 4th celebration was held last night and featured a cooperative effort among the Chemical City Band, the Midland Symphony and the City.  Crowd’s gathered in Chippewassee Park, Emerson Park, near the Farmer’s Market, along Currie Parkway and at the St. Charles Softball Complex.


Lengerman asked about the disposition of the Midland Civic Arena.  McGuire reported that staff was currently formulating a plan for the City Council.


Old Business




New Business


Lengerman spoke of Central Park historical information.


Juardo discussed security or surveillance at the new Civic Arena.


The meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.






Marty McGuire