MEMBERS PRESENT:            Peck, Allen, Dauer, Rothhaar, Martin, Jurado, Lengerman, Kasprzyk, Berthiaume


MEMBERS ABSENT:              None


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Chuck Martin.




The minutes of the meeting of August 2, 2005 were received by acclamation.


Women’s Professional Fastpitch Softball


McGuire presented a proposal for a Women’s Professional Fastpitch Softball Team to be located in Midland.  The proposal includes an $8000.00 lease payment to the City, the right to sell fence advertising and the right to charge admission.


The Commission discussed concerns over how the franchise would interact with local programs and tournaments, and the inclusion of alcohol in the program.  They also discussed the potential positive economic impact on the community.


Dauer moved, Lengerman seconded that the staff be authorized to pursue negotiations for a woman’s professional softball team in Midland.  Motion carried 9 – 0.


Master Plan Update


McGuire presented a report which updated the status of items identified in the capital plan of the Parks and Recreation Master Plan (see attached).


The Commission commended the progress and asked staff to continue to emphasize non-motorized linkages and to continue to review need for bike racks as transportation options may change with gas prices.  The Commission also identified short-term projects including the Stratford Parking lot and grills near the sprayground.



Report on Cemetery


Consistent with Commission request, McGuire started a series of reports on the various divisions of the Park and Recreation Department with a report on the Cemetery.


He discussed the history of the Cemetery, the funding and subsidy as well as the perpetual care fund which is being accumulated to fund maintenance of the cemetery when all lots are sold.  He reported that given current sales trends, lots will be for sale for approximately 13 years.


Project Update


McGuire reported that the new Civic Arena had opened for skating on September 6, 2005 and that office and concession construction was ongoing.  He reported that a dedication for the new facility is planned for October 2, 2005.  He also noted that favorable bids had been received for the renovation of Plymouth Pool and the project will begin soon with completion to be in time for the 2006 swimming season.


The final project of which he spoke was the Dog Park.  Construction is currently underway with opening slated for late September.


Code of Sportsmanship


In an attempt to generate respect for the new Arena facility, staff has proposed a Code of Sportsmanship to be signed by anyone acquiring a key for a team room.


The Commission supported the concept of encouraging appropriate conduct from the onset.


Rothhaar moved, Kasprzyk seconded to endorse the Code of Sportsmanship for the new Civic Arena.  Motion carried 9 – 0.


Old Business


McGuire reported that the exposed metal on the slide at Maryland Park had been addressed and that signs indicating department phone numbers had been placed in restrooms and porta-jons.


New Business




Meeting adjourned at 8:10 p.m.





Marty McGuire