MEMBERS PRESENT:           Lengerman, Dauer, Martin, Peck, Allen, Jurado, Rothhaar, Kasprzyk, Berthiaume


MEMBERS ABSENT:             None


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Chuck Martin.




Motion by Peck, seconded by Rothhaar to receive the minutes of the meeting of November 1, 2005.  Motion carried.


Call to Audience


Chairperson Martin issued a call to the audience for items not on tonight’s agenda.  There was no response.


Playground Equipment Plan


McGuire presented a plan for equipment replacement and enhancement as follows:


Install a playground set similar to the one recently installed at Central Park in each of the following:

-         Stratford Woods

-         Greenfield Park (between Dartmouth Ct. and Greenfield Ct.)

-         New St. Charles Softball fields


Install a small swing set on west side of Plymouth Park


Replace large swing set in Burlington Park (between Burlington Dr. and Plymouth St.).


Replace swing/slide combo in Chatham Park (on Chatham off E. Meadowbrook).


Replace horizontal ladder/climber in Longacres Park (bounded by East St. Andrews, Boston and Dartmouth Dr.).



Replace large swing set in Parkwood Park (located on Colorado off Swede Ave.).


Lengerman expressed concerns over the set at Central – and suggested input from the community.  She indicated the bouncy toys do not work properly and other elements were not exciting  Dauer questioned putting similar equipment in several parks.  The Commission also discussed the subjectivity in evaluating equipment.  Motion by Peck, seconded by Allen to endorse the report of staff.  Motion carried 7 – 2.


Program and Project Update


McGuire advised that the property on which the Civic Arena is located has been rezoned to regional commercial.


McGuire updated the Commission on a plan to replace the Plymouth Park Pool Building rather than rehab it.


The Commission expressed support for the plan.


Division Update (Parks)


In keeping with the Commission’s desire to receive informational presentations on the various divisions of the Parks and Recreation Department, McGuire made a presentation on the Parks Division.


Old Business


            a)  McGuire responded to issues raised at the meeting of November 1, 2005.


-         Lighting near Fast Ice Dr. – Contact has been made with Consumers and lighting will be installed.

-         A reward system to deter vandalism.

This would be a budget item for 2006-07 and will be considered.

-         Bags to be placed in Parks to encourage litter pick-up.

-         Litter pick up is currently handled in conjunction with mowing.  Keeping all parks stocked will be cumbersome and costly.

-         Pipeline designation at Plymouth Park.  Contact has been made with Miss Dig and identification has not yet been received.

-         Slide at Chippewassee has been elevated by Risk Management professionals and once again approved.


The Commission questioned the ice conditions at the new arena after news


McGuire explained steps which had been taken including discussion with

Michigan experts and that progress has been made.


Lengerman asked about the Collins St. Civic Arena.  McGuire explained the

request for proposals being sought by City Council.


b)         McGuire reviewed the fee review process schedule.


                        January 9 – Joint meeting

                        January 23 – Send out

                        February 7 – Regular Meeting

                        March 6 – 1st Reading

                        March 20 – 2nd Reading


            Adopt-A-Park info was requested for the next meeting.


New Business


Signs direct to park – some are not as user friendly.  Walkways could be improved.  Commission agreed that block parks are for neighborhood use and improving accesses is not always viewed as positive.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Marty McGuire