MEMBERS PRESENT:           Lengerman, Dauer, Martin, Jurado, Allen, Peck, Rothhaar, Kasprzyk, Berthiaume




The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Chuck Martin.




Motion by Allen, seconded by Rothhaar to receive the minutes of the meeting of December 6, 2005.  Motion carried unanimously.


Call to Audience


Chairperson Martin issued a call to the audience for items not on the agenda.  There was no response.


Discussion of Proposed Cemetery Plat


McGuire presented information which shows that at current sales rates, enough burial lots are available in the Midland Cemetery to sustain sales for approximately 10 years.  Cremation burial spaces which have been on the rise in recent years, however, would sustain slightly over one year in sales.  The staff has therefore proposed a new section, Forestview, be created behind Arbor Glen to accommodate 311 spaces for the burial of cremains.  This would provide for sales for just over 10 years.


McGuire pointed out that this plat would balance the number of spaces for burials and burials of cremains to sustain the cemetery for approximately 10 years.


Motion by Lengerman, seconded by Rothhaar to approve the plat of the Forestview Section of the Midland Cemetery.  Motion carried 9 – 0.

Project and Program Update


McGuire updated the Commission as follows:


City Forest Winter Sports Area began operation on December 15th.  The cold temperatures early in December allowed the staff to make snow which carried us through much of the thaw.  Only the sled hill is operating at this time, though the toboggan run has only been down for two days.


Plymouth Pool


Three Rivers Corporation has been working with the Department of Environmental Quality to finalize permits for the project and are currently planning to begin the saw cutting of the pool itself this week.  The project remains on schedule for completion in May 2006.


Rothhaar requested a plan for all seasons for the City Forest emphasizing a compatibility plan for the multiple uses of the facility.  Martin asked that this report be placed on the March agenda.


Division Update


In keeping with the Commission’s desire to learn about the various facets of the department, McGuire presented the attached update on the Golf Course.


The Commission briefly discussed golf course issues including the driving range, the attracting of tournaments, the length of greens and course availability for non-league players.


Allen spoke of discussion McGuire led on tourism and asked that McGuire present that in February.


Old Business


            1)         McGuire reviewed the process for consideration of recreation fees:


January 9 – Joint Meeting with City Council at 6:00 p.m. at City Hall Conference B.


January 23 – Staff to send  Fee Recommendations to Commission and Media.


February 7 – Commission Meeting to include Public Hearing on Fee recommendation.


March 6 – 1st Reading before City Council.


March 20 – 2nd Reading before City Council.


2)         McGuire responded to a question raised at the December meeting regarding Adopt A Park.  He reported that 31 parks currently have adoption agreements.  The agreements are for one year and include 4 clean-up sessions per year.  The groups are contacted in the Spring to see if they wish to continue their participation.  Brett Ireland, Assistant Director administers this program.


New Business


- Lengerman presented photos of children sledding on the hills near the Civic Arena.  She gathered notes of previous discussions regarding the Arena and indicated that the Arena takes up 1/3 of the Park.

- There was concern about the Dog Park having elements in the small area and lighting.  Staff will review and report back.


Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.






Marty McGuire


Note:  Information for Special Meeting with City Council is enclosed.