7:00 P.M.



MEMBERS PRESENT:           Martin, Lengerman, Dauer, Rothhaar, Peck, Jurado, Berthiaume

MEMBERS ABSENT:             Allen, Kasprzyk


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Chuck Martin.




Motion by Dauer, seconded by Jurado to receive the minutes of the meeting of January 3, 2006.  Motion carried 7 – 0.


Call to Audience


Chairperson Martin issued a call to the audience for items not on the agenda.  There was no response.


Public Hearing on Fees


McGuire outlined the process used to develop recreation fee recommendations.  He explained that the Civic Arena fees were being deferred until April or May when more data would be available.


McGuire outlined the staff recommendation regarding golf fees.


Martin opened the public hearing.


John Jossi asked if revenue was up in 2005, if expenses were up or down and if rounds of play were up or down.


McGuire responded that revenue was up, expenses were down and rounds were up.


Paul Handt expressed displeasure that passes were up disproportionately over daily play.  He indicated that much of the percentage disparity is that pass holders play in inclement weather.  He does not understand why 40% of the play producing 20% for the revenue is bad.


Jurado asked Handt what he would consider to be fair.  He indicated the percentage should be closer.  Lengerman asked about the comparison of other courses.  Lengerman spoke of raising rates by more than $.50 per nine.


Motion by Berthiaume, seconded by Rothhaar to recommend Section 21-17 as presented.  Motion carried.


McGuire outlined staff recommendations regarding swimming fees.


Martin opened the public hearing.  There were no comments, Rothhaar asked about lap swimming and commented that the rates are positive.


Jurado asked about the concept of keeping the youth rate low.  She suggested that it be increased by $.25.


Motion by Lengerman, seconded by Dauer to recommend Section 21-72 as presented.  Motion carried 7 – 1.


McGuire outlined staff recommendation on general recreation fees.


Martin opened the public hearing.  There was no comment.


Motion by Rothhaar, seconded by Jurado to recommend Section 21-73 as presented.  Motion carried.


Golf Pro Contract


McGuire outlined the substantive differences in the Golf Pro Contract which are:


            An increase in guaranteed compensation.

A decrease in cart percentage which using 2005 figures would net the City +$25,000.

A one year term.

The City gains control of the lesson program.


McGuire pointed out that the final document wording is still being worked out by the attorneys.  He told the Commission that they could approve the concepts outlined and authorize McGuire and the City Attorney to finalize the wording to go before City Council or they could delay action until the March meeting at which they would likely have the document.


The Commission deferred consideration to the March meeting.


Report on Economic Impact of Recreation


McGuire made a presentation he had earlier delivered to the Midland Area Chamber of Commerce regarding the Economic Impact of Recreation.


Project Update


McGuire reported that the Plymouth Pool project was moving along.  The deepening for competitive events has taken place.  The shallow end is now being completed and then work will begin on the building.


Old Business


Lengerman expressed concern over the potential loss of property in Central Park.


Jurado asked about the status of the Michigan Ice Women’s Professional Softball Team.  McGuire reported that talks were still underway.


New Business


Jurado asked about seating at the NHL rinks in the Civic Arena.


Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.






Marty McGuire