7:00 p.m.



MEMBERS PRESENT:           Lengerman, Peck, Jurado, Martin, Dauer, Allen, Berthiaume, Rothhaar


MEMBERS ABSENT:             Kasprzyk


The meeting was called to order by Chairperson Chuck Martin at 7:00 p.m.




Motion by Rothhaar, seconded by Jurado to receive the minutes of the meeting of February 7, 2006.  Motion carried.


Call to Audience


Chairperson Martin issued a call to the audience for items not on the agenda.  There was no response.


Golf Pro Contract


McGuire presented the proposed contract with Golf Professional Scott Downey and outlined the major changes


Motion by Allen, seconded by Dauer to recommend to City Council that they approve the contract as presented.  Motion carried.


Michigan Ice


The Michigan Ice Women’s Softball Team requested use of Currie Stadium for four weekends in June and July of 2006 as well as the right to charge admission, the right to sell and display advertising and the right to sell merchandise and game programs.


In exchange for the rights the Ice would pay the City $.25 per ticket sold.


Motion by Allen, seconded by Lengerman to recommend that City Council accept the proposal as submitted by the Michigan Ice.  Motion carried 8-0. 


City Forest Report


McGuire presented a report detailing historical use of the City Forest and a recommendation to continue informal management of the park.


Rothhaar praised the reforestation efforts and suggested that parking continue to be monitored so that safe access is insured.


Project Update


McGuire informed the Commission that the Plymouth Pool Project was on schedule.  The pool portion of the project is essentially complete with the exception of the surfacing and the building has been demolished and replacement begun.


McGuire also reported that Midland has been selected as one of four sites nationally to host an open tryout for the Olympic Softball Selection process.  The tryout will be held June 3, 2006 at Currie Stadium.


Old Business


Lengerman addressed the issue of the Collins Street Civic Arena and specifically the permafrost issue.   She expressed concern that no data exists about the exact amount of permafrost at the site and she presented information which defined permafrost as ground which remains frozen for two years and an intervening summer.


She pointed out that she had addressed City Council regarding the fact that nearly 1/3 of Central Park would be lost to public use if the facility were used for a non-park purpose.  She noted that one proposal was for assisted living units and that there are already 974 assisted living beds in Midland.


She suggested that the Commission go on record as opposing the sale of Central Park.


Other members of the Commission spoke to the issues surrounding a sale of the property.


Motion by Lengerman, seconded by Dauer that the Commission recommend to City Council that the arena building be demolished.


Motion by Dauer, seconded by Lengerman to amend the motion by deleting the words “and that the Arena building be demolished.”  Motion to amend passed 5 – 3.


The Commission then considered the amended motion that the Commission recommend to City Council that the Civic Arena site be retained as park property.


Rothhaar moved, Jurado seconded that the motion be tabled.  Motion failed 4 – 4.


The amended motion passed 5 – 3.


New Business


Jurado asked about damage to the park system by the ice storm.  McGuire noted that several parks had experienced downed trees and now that street tree issues have principally been taken care of, crews would be working on park tree issues.


Meeting adjourned at 7:55 p.m.






Marty McGuire