7:00 P.M.


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Chuck Martin.


MEMBERS PRESENT: Allen, Peck, Jurado, Rothaar, Martin, Lengerman, Kasprzyk, Dauer, Berthiaume






Motion by Rothhaar, seconded by Dauer to receive the minutes of the meeting of March 7, 2006. Motion carried 9 0.


Call to Audience


Chairperson Martin issued a call to the audience for items not included on the agenda. Dave Sierawski addressed the Commission about bringing the relatively new sport of Pickleball to Midland. He described the game as a blend of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. He said the game is played principally in Arizona and Florida and is popular among senior populations. He suggested an indoor site so that the game can be played year round.


McGuire noted that typically indoor sports are managed by the Community Center and outdoor sports are managed by Parks and Recreation. He indicated that he would initiate discussions with the Community Center and would report back to the Commission. The Commission encouraged Sierawski to work with the news media to promote the idea and also encouraged an exhibition to demonstrate the game.


Request for Little League Use of Plymouth Park


McGuire explained the request of the Northeast Little League to use the former softball field #17 site to develop two Little League Fields in addition to the two already at Plymouth. Steve Servinski representing Northeast Little League addressed the issue of a single site for four fields being beneficial to both league play and tournament play. He indicated that if they were allowed to proceed with plan development they would hope to have fields ready for play in spring of 2007.


There was Commission discussion regarding the developments to the pool and the possibility of increase park use.


Motion by Dauer, seconded by Peck to authorize staff to work with Northeast Little League officials to develop a site plan for the use of Plymouth Field #17. Motion carried 9-0.


Interface with Department of Public Service


McGuire, as part of an ongoing series of updates, discussed the Department of Public Service as it relates to the Parks and Recreation function.


Program and Project Update


McGuire updated the Commission on various programs and projects including the following:


-         The gazebo approved at the meeting of November 1, has been installed in the Tridge area.

-         The Plymouth Pool renovation project is on schedule.

-         220 adult softball teams have registered for summer play.


Old Business


Questions were asked about the summer playground program and the picnic reservations.


New Business


Questions were raised about the accessibility of the Dog Park during wet periods.


Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.






Marty McGuire