7:00 PM




MEMBERS PRESENT:           Berthiaume, Martin, Dauer, Kelley, Allen, Rothhaar, Jurado, Peck, Kasprzyk


MEMBERS ABSENT:             None


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Chairperson Chuck Martin.


Martin welcomed new member David Kelley who was appointed to fill the un-expired term of Dottie Lengerman who passed away in April.




Motion  by Rothhaar, seconded by Jurado to receive the minutes of the meeting of May 2, 2006.  Motion carried 9-0.


Call to Audience


Martin issued a call to the audience for items not on tonight’s agenda.  There was no response.


Public Hearing on Plymouth Park


McGuire presented background information on the issue (please see attached).


-         Dave Gandy, 4616 Andre – asked why the need for two new fields.  Jurado answered that there was a desire to have all fields on one site.  He expressed concern over tournaments, loud speakers, and lights.  He expressed maintenance concerns of the park as it is today.  He asserted the park cannot facilitate all amenities and making Plymouth a Little League complex is not a good idea.


-         Jim McGee, President of Northeast Little League spoke in favor of the plan.  He outlined the Little League program as April to July.  Peck asked about

tournaments.  McGee explained that there are typically two games at a time during tournaments.  He indicated that there was no expectation of lights.  He spoke of an eight team tournament generating 50-80 cars.


-         Wendy Winters, Bristol Ct. asked the Little League rep to discuss amplification, concerned about noise of Little League games.  Concerned about trees not being cleaned up or replaced after ice storm.


-         Cheryl Collins, 4318 Andre – Concerned about parking lot.  Taking out the street is spectacular.  Concerned about two more Little League fields and noise.  Biggest concern is location of parking lot which will bring increased issues at night.  She proposed extending the south pool lot.  Concerned about hours of use which could be late.  Proposed a buffer of trees be replaced.


-         Earl Ebach, 4610 Andre – Spoke of his involvement in park development with the Jaycees.  The Jaycees promoted the park and worked with the designers.  It was designed as a family park.  Little League diamond was first element of park. Plymouth Park should be a family park not a Little League complex.


-         Greg Potter lives near the proposed parking lot and has concerns with the parking lot.  Suggested parking lot on easterly side if the road is closed.


-         Steve Taglauer, 3413 Greenbrier – Safety Coordinator of Northeast Little League, he spoke in favor of closing the road.  He emphasized that there were no lights on the field and games are typically done by eight o’clock.  He indicated that there is no press box proposed for the new fields.  Peck asked about moving the parking lot to the easterly side, Taglauer supported it.  Dauer asked why two additional fields rather than one.  Taglauer indicated that the league size mandates four fields.  Kasprzyk asked if Ashman would be used at all as a secondary site and Taglauer indicated there was no use proposed and that the maximum use of Ashman field is 2 diamonds.


-         Peter Anders, 4416 Andre – is concerned about parking lot.  He proposed that only one field be added.  He suggested spreading traffic along road on easterly side and questioned the elevation of proposed fields,


-         J.W. Fisher, 920 W. Sugnet – He does support the use of Plymouth Park for the Little League field.  He thought that there was a compromise available to balance need of neighbors with the rest of the community.


-         Jeff List, 4602 Andre – He questioned drainage and diseased trees in the park.


-         Todd Rivard, 4512 Hampshire – He is a coach in the league and spoke of improving the league.  Jurado asked if the program was coed and Rivard indicated there were some females at the younger levels.  Kelley asked about three fields rather than four.  Rivard indicated it could work but the fourth field is necessary for the program.  Kasprzyk asked if Ashman could be closed with the addition of only one field and Rivard indicated it could not be.


-         Jan List, 4602 Andre – asked if additional bathrooms would be added with the additional fields.


-         Peter Anders pointed out that Northeast School fields are already there and can be used.


Commission thanked all participants for their thoughtful comments and civility.


Motion by Dauer, seconded by Berthiaume to table the Plymouth Park issue until the meeting of June 27, 2006.  Motion carried.


Central Park Plan


Rob Eggers of Spicer Group presented the preliminary plans for Central Park which were put together after two public meetings, one for the entire community, and one for the specific neighborhood.  The plans included updating and improving current amenities such as the play equipment, the pathway, and the Bandshell as well as adding a sprayground.  The same basic amenities were present in both the plan with the Villas at Central Park and the plan without the development.  The plan without the development showed more green space but did not add other park amenities.


Eggers went over the park classification system which includes Regional/Metropolitan, Community, District and Block Parks.  He indicated that there was a current designation of Regional/Metropolitan for Central Park which reflected the inclusion of the ice arena.  He indicated that his observation of the Park and of the data collected from the neighbors indicates that the park is functioning more as a district park.


There was discussion among the Commissioners that the Park designation may fall into either the Community or the District categories.  There was no final conclusion as the Commission opted to allow the future use to determine the classification


The Commission then discussed whether there should be additional amenities in the plan which has no building.


While some Commissioners found the plan of leaving the additional space as green, others believed that some amenities should be added to reflect the park value of the added space.  There was also question of adding a restroom facility into the plan and adding shade trees to compensate for some trees currently in the park which may be susceptible to disease.




The Commission concluded that additional parking should be added to the plan, that the current ball diamond designated as a “Greenfield,” should be maintained, that the additional green space be constructed so that it can be developed in the future if that is deemed appropriate and that a restroom be considered.


Mary Currie asked that the proposed plan be made available on the website for public information.


Dan Verish spoke in favor of adding green space to the park by not releasing any of park property.


The Commission took no formal action on the item at this time wanting to review the final plans on June 27.


Plymouth Park Fence


McGuire introduced a letter from Mark Phillips requesting a fence around the Fun Zone.


Motion by Dauer, seconded by Berthiaume to table the item until the Plymouth Park plan is developed.  Motion failed 4 – 5.


The Commission discussed the request, the current status of the fence around the small children’s area and the need for such a fence.  There was discussion of use patterns and the possibility that the need would be lessened if the westerly road in Plymouth was eliminated.


Earl Ebach, a neighbor whose home looks onto the Fun Zone indicated that he did not see the need for such a fence.


Motion by Peck, seconded by Kasprzyk that the Fun Zone remain as is.  Motion carried

9 – 0.


Civic Arena Fees


McGuire presented the attached report and recommended that Civic Arena Fees for the 06-07 skating year be set at the 05-06 rates and that the time frame for the non-prime rate be changed from 8:00 am2:00 pm to 6:00 am2:00 pm.


Motion by Allen, seconded by Peck to recommend to City Council that the Civic Arena fees be continued as proposed by staff.  Motion carried.

Old Business


McGuire updated the Commission on the installation of Playground Equipment, indicating that multi use structures had been installed at the St. Charles Ball Fields, Stratford Woods and installation is underway at Greenfield Park.  He also indicated that equipment was being replaced at Burlington, Chatham, Longacres, Parkwood and Plymouth parks and that a schedule for additional replacement was currently being developed.


New Business




Meeting adjourned at 9:40 pm.






Marty McGuire