MEMBERS PRESENT:            Martin, Dauer, Kelley, Allen, Jurado, Berthiaume, Rothhaar, Kasprzyk arrived at 6:55 p.m.


MEMBERS ABSENT:              Peck




Motion by Rothhaar, seconded by Dauer to receive the minutes of the meeting of June 6, 2006.  Motion carried 8 – 0.


Call to Audience


Chairperson Martin issued a call to the audience for items not on the meeting agenda. There was no response.


Presentation of Plymouth Park Plan


McGuire presented the Plymouth Park plan and highlighted the changes from the prior plan including:


            1)         moving the parking.

            2)         moving the frisbee field and the beach volleyball court.

3)         altering the pathway to accommodate the changes in location.


He also confirmed there was no intention to light the field and that there was no provision on the new fields for a press box or loudspeaker.

 He noted that this did not preclude special games utilizing a portable PA as do the picnic shelters today.


He further indicated, as a follow up to the earlier meeting that the Northeast School Baseball fields have dimensions for bases and pitching which

are different then Little League and that the Ashman site does not have the capacity for four fields.


There was public comment as follows:


Dave Gandy, 4616 Andre – Began with several questions:  How much is the proposed cost? (250,000)  Are trails to be paved? (yes)

What is Ultimate Frisbee?

(Martin explained game as being similar to football.)  He expressed concern over number of cars which can be generated.  He complimented

the Little League on the maintenance of the fields.  He expressed concern on the Park maintenance.  He requested a revision in the closing hours

to 10:00 pm and he suggested a gate.  He stressed that the park was intended to be a family park not a Little League Park.


Cheryl Collins – appreciates the move of the parking lot.  Had concern with the road location and proposed a gate and signage. Asked for

assurance that there would be no lights or loudspeakers.


Mary Terzino, 4402 Andre – Appreciated the new plan and the fact that changes had been made.  She expressed concern about the road and

also expressed concern about maintenance of park.


Wendy Winters spoke of the park being originally a neighborhood park and not being a “City” park.


Peter Anders asserted that this is not a good park for this intense of use.  He indicated that there is too much pressure on the park.  He expressed

concern for the maintenance of the park.  He proposed exercise stations on the trail.  He proposed a caf้ be added to the pool.  He also proposed

that the Northeast School Baseball field be utilized.


Denise Moyer expressed concern over maintenance of the park and specifically the sticks on the ground.


Moyer also expressed concern about the trail being too close to the homes.


Stu Bender commented that the park was functioning well and should not be turned into a Little League Park.


Lynn Roseland of James Dr. expressed concern over the amount of use the improvements will generate and the effect it will have on neighborhood use.


Commission Chair Martin asked representatives of Northeast Little League if the fields would be open for public use.  David Rapanos, representing the league, answered that the fields would be open to the public when they are not scheduled for league activities.  Rapanos also emphasized that the league would monitor

the fields and that speakers would not be used at the proposed fields.


Martin asked Rapanos about going to three fields rather than four and Rapanos indicated that anything less than four would still result in league activities being

held at more than one site.


Chris Dominowski spoke of the inadequacy of the Ashman Field and the need for a central location.


Peter Anders expressed concern over bringing new maintenance concerns related to litter by adding the fields.


Denise Moyer questioned whether the Frisbee Field could still be used for soccer (yes) and expressed concern over the maintenance of the Fun Zone.


Mary Terzino expressed concern over planning for the peak and was concerned that the number of youngsters involved in Little League may diminish

over time.


The Commission discussed the issue at length covering topics ranging from the addition of a gate, to drainage concerns if asphalt were added to the park,

to parking issues.  In addition they revisited several points made by the speakers.


Motion by Rothhaar, seconded by Jurado to recommend to City Council in concept, the change detailed on the distributed drawing with the following



            1)         Add a gate on the south end of the park.

2)         Extend the green space on the former westerly road, to the maintenance building.

3)         Move the trail close to the existing road.  Motion carried 5 – 1.  Kasprzyk and Dauer abstained.


Central Park


Rob Eggers of Spicer Group presented two concept plans for Central Park, one with the Villas at Central Park and the other without a building

on the site (see drawings attached to agenda information).  Eggers outlined the changes made to the plans which consisted primarily of relocating

 features.  The Commission discussed the plans and expressed concern over the proximity of parking to the amenities.


Motion by Berthiaume, seconded Dauer to recommend that City Council accept Central Park Plans A and B in concept.  Motion carried 9 – 0.


Old Business


McGuire presented the attached list of parks which have been adopted under the Adopt-A-Park program.


New Business


Martin recognized the service of Laura Kasprzyk who is attending her final meeting after two years of service.


Adjourned at 7:35 p.m.






Marty McGuire