7:00 PM




MEMBERS PRESENT: Altimore, Kelley, Berthiaume, Jurado, Martin, Allen, Dauer, Rothhaar, Peck





The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by Secretary Marty McGuire.


Election of Officers


McGuire called for nominations for the position of chair. Dauer nominated Martin.


Rothhaar nominated Peck.


Peck was elected chair by the Commission.


Peck assumed the chair.


Peck called for nominations for the position of vice-chair.


Dauer nominated Martin.


Berthiaume nominated Rothhaar.


Rothhaar was elected vice-chair.




Allen moved, Rothhaar seconded to receive the minutes of the meeting of June 27, 2006. Motion carried.




Meeting Dates for 2007


McGuire noted that the Commission has normally met on the first Tuesday of the month. He presented the 2007 dates following that precedent:


January 2 July 3

February 6 August 7

March 6 September 4

April 3 October 2

May 1 November 6

June 5 December 4


The Commission discussed the calendar.


Motion by Allen, seconded by Martin to set regular meeting dates on the 1st Tuesday of each month except July. Motion carried.


Consideration of Changes to the Plymouth Park Plan


McGuire noted that the Commission, at their meeting of June 27, 2006 had recommended a plan for Plymouth Park to City Council. The recommended plan had changes from the drawing presented at that meeting. McGuire presented a drawing which reflected the changes as understood by staff. He explained that if the drawing accurately reflected the changes, no further action was necessary and the plan would go to City Council. If the reflected changes are not correct and there is consensus as to what was intended, the changes can be reflected in the drawing and again no formal action is required. If further changes are desired, a member who voted on the prevailing side may make a motion for reconsideration and with a majority vote, reopen the discussion.


Martin moved, Jurado seconded to reconsider. Motion fails 4 4.


There was consensus that the plan presented met what was discussed at the meeting of June 27th.


Motion to reconsider by Rothhaar, seconded by Altimore. Motion carried 7 2.


Commission spoke about the proposed gate and spoke of a conversation with the police department in which the Police said they did not favor a gate.


Commission discussed the need for opening and closing and asked that the adequacy of the restrooms be considered by staff.



Allen moved, Berthiaume seconded that the plan be accepted as proposed. Motion carried 7 2.



Report on Michigan Ice


McGuire reported that he had preliminary discussions with the owner of the Ice and that they had been pleased with their first season. He indicated that discussions were underway regarding the 2007 season.


Proposal to Change Name of St. Charles Softball Complex


McGuire presented a brief history of the Midland Redcoats and their impact on softball and the Community. He presented a proposal to formally name the St. Charles Softball Complex, the Redcoat Softball Complex and also presented a resolution of support from the Midland Softball Association.


Dauer moved, Martin seconded to recommend to City Council that the name of St. Charles Softball Complex be changed to Redcoat Softball Complex. Motion carried

9 0.


Old Business


Commission asked for an update on the golf course and McGuire responded that revenues were up slightly for 06 over 05. There was question about the Golf Committee and McGuire reported that only five people had expressed interest and therefore the Committee is not currently functioning.


There were general questions about the pool and the softball concession at the St. Charles Complex.


New Business




Meeting adjourned at 7:50 pm






Marty McGuire