7:00 PM




MEMBERS PRESENT:           Peck, Dauer, Allen, Martin, Jurado, Kelley, Altimore, Berthiaume




The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Bruce Peck.




Motion by Altimore, seconded by Martin to receive the minutes of the meeting of September 5, 2006.  Motion carried 7 – 0.


Picnic Reservation Date


McGuire explained that Section 11-B-3 of the Park Rules requires that “any person desiring to reserve a picnic space or shelter in a park for an event must contact the Parks and Recreation Department beginning the first Monday in March of the current year to obtain a permit in accord with the fee schedule in Section 21-73 of the City of Midland Code of Ordinances.  He indicated that staff has received an increasing number of requests for an earlier reservation date to accommodate events which require advance planning.  He suggested that the Commission discuss recommending a change and should a change be desired, he suggested the second Monday in January.


The Commission discussed the issue and asked about marketing the date.  There was concern about people getting the information on the date change prior to January 2007.  Despite several marketing options, some members of the Commission favored delaying the change to 2008 to allow those who participate in 2007 to be specifically notified.


Motion by Dauer, seconded by Jurado to recommend to City Council that the language of Section 11-B-3 of the Park Rules be changed from “the first Monday in March” to “the second Monday in January” effective in 2007.  Motion failed 4- 4.  Motion by Allen, seconded by Berthiaume to recommend to City Council that the language of Section 11-B-3 of the Park Rules be changed from “the first Monday in March” to “the second Monday in January” effective in 2008.  Motion carried 8 -0.

Picnic Reservation Fees


McGuire explained that while most fees are considered in February, the picnic reservation fee has traditionally been handled earlier due to the timing of implementation.  He pointed out that the original goal of the program was to raise $20,000.00 and the first two years of the program had generated $14,000.00 each.  Staff proposed three options for consideration.


A)        Maintain shelter rates at the current levels and encourage City Council to continue the current appropriation to playground equipment.

B)        Increase each rate by $5.00 which will bring total revenue to approximately $16,000.00.

C)        Increase each rate by $10.00 which would generate a total near the $20,000.00 originally targeted.


The Commission discussed the issue and discussed the cost and the effects that fee increases have on use.  There was concern that a significant increase would negatively impact use and not provide an actual increase in revenues.  There was also discussion that a more significant increase might cause a delay in future increases.


Motion by Martin, seconded by Berthiaume to recommend to City Council that the shelter fees be raised by $5.00.  Motion carried 5 – 3.


Central Park Ballot Proposal


McGuire explained the Central Park Ballot proposal and cautioned staff and the Commission to be balanced in their discussion of the issue and to, as much as possible, separate their personal views from their role as Commissioners in discussing the topic.


Project Update


-         Stratford Woods Parking Lot project is set to begin on October 11, 2006.

-         MDOT is moving forward on the trail connecting the Pere Marquette to the Grand Curve and going in front of the Dow Diamond Baseball Stadium.

-         We are finalizing steps to offer wireless service at the Midland Civic Arena. Wireless will be available in the lobby area for the public and in the Olympic Arena for scoring and media purposes.


Old Business








New Business


McGuire informed the Commission that the Zoning Board of Appeals, at their October meeting, will consider a request from King’s Daughters Home to expand their facility.  The facility will be contained within the property owned by the King’s Daughters however current ordinances require a 72’ setback and the plan provides only 51’.  The 21’ deficiency is the basis for the appeal.


McGuire pointed out that the number of beds is not being expanded and new parking is being created.  He indicated that the staff recommendation was to indicate no objection to the variance.


Motion by Kelley, seconded by Allen to inform the Zoning Board of Appeals that the Parks and Recreation Commission has no objection to the request for a setback variance of 21’ from King’s Daughters.  Motion carried 8 – 0.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.






Marty McGuire