7:00 P.M.


Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Bruce Peck.


Members Present:         Peck, Martin, Altimore, Allen, Rothhaar,

Kelley, Berthiaume, Jurado


Members Absent:         Dauer


Others Present: Joy Buchanan, Bill Bartlett




Motion by Rothhaar, second by Altimore to correct the minutes of the meeting of January 9, 2007 to include clarification that the excess in the arena demolition account had been spent on keeping the arena up during the exploration process, and received the minutes as corrected.  Motion carried.


Public Hearing on Fees


McGuire gave the attached presentation on the fee recommendations for 2007.  Motion by Allen, second by Martin to recommend to City Council the amended Ordinance 21-73 (General Recreation Fees) as proposed.  Motion carried.


Bill Bartlett spoke to the Commission and supported the fee increase as necessary to continue the success of the facility.  Motion by Berthiaume, second by Rothhaar to recommend to City Council the amended Ordinance 21-70 (Civic Arena Fees) as proposed.  Motion carried.


Motion by Martin, second by Rothhaar to recommend to City Council the amended Ordinance 21-71 (Golf Course Fees) as proposed.  Motion carried.


Cemetery Rules


McGuire presented the attached recommendations regarding Cemetery rules.

Motion by Jurado, seconded by Berthiaume to recommend to City Council the changes to the Cemetery rules as proposed.  Motion carried.


Project Update


McGuire noted that the process was underway to request a liquor license for the Currie Golf Course.  He also indicated that the contract with the Golf Professional had not been renewed and that the process to hire a manager is underway.


He also reported that demolition of the Civic Arena had begun with the pool portion of the project significantly complete.


He also noted that a grant had been received from the endowment fund held at the Midland Area Community Foundation to re-stain the Fun Zone and that bids have been received to install a fishing dock at Stratford Wood similar to that at the Tridge.


Old Business


Commission asked about Central Park and McGuire reported that funding was being sought to pursue the previously adopted plan.


New Business


McGuire reported that the Michigan Ice has paid the commitment for last season and will be coming to the Commission in March with a proposal for 2007.


There was discussion regarding the creation of a Committee for advice on the Cemetery.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,




Marty McGuire