Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Vice Chairperson John Rothhaar.


Members Present:         Berthiaume, Dauer, Kelley, Martin, Rothhaar,

Jurado, Allen, Altimore


Members Absent:         Peck


Others Present: Members of the Media, Mark Sadek




Motion by Altimore, second by Martin to receive the minutes of the meeting of February 6, 2007.  Motion Carried.


Call to Audience


Mark Sadek advanced concerns about the upkeep of the Cemetery.  He showed photos representing unkempt areas and he expressed concern about the roadway network.


He encouraged the Commission to visit the Cemetery and he urged that maintenance standards applied at other public areas be applied also to the Cemetery.  He also expressed concern over staffing levels at the Cemetery.


Michigan Ice


McGuire reported on the request from the Michigan Ice, Women’s Professional Softball Team to:

  • Reserve twelve dates at Currie Stadium for which they would pay $200.00 each.
  • Allow the team to charge $5.00 per person admission to the Stadium area for their events.
  • Allow the display of fireworks in connection with two dates provided appropriate permits are secured.
  • Allow the sale of alcohol provided the proper permits are secured.


The Commission discussed the proposal at some length and expressed concern over the financial viability of the group given the late payment of 2006 fees.  There was discussion of requiring an upfront payment with some Commissioners seeing it as insurance and others viewing it as an unfair penalty.


Motion by Martin, second by Kelley to recommend to City Council that the requests of Michigan Ice be granted with the provision that $1,000 of the $2,400 be paid prior to the beginning of the season.  Motion carried 5 – 3 with Dauer, Altimore, Martin, Rothhaar, Jurado and Kelley, Berthiaume and Allen dissenting.


Plymouth Park Update


McGuire reported that discussions were nearly complete with Northeast Little League regarding the siting of their field in Plymouth Park.  He also indicated that discussions were underway with outside funding sources and that a phasing plan would be developed when funding has been secured.


Project Update/Old Business


 McGuire updated the Commission on ongoing projects including:

  1. The Collins Street Civic Arena demolition is on schedule and progressing as planned.  A question was asked regarding permafrost and it was reported that the floor portion had not yet been removed but that the contractor had speculated that being two years removed from ice making it was unlikely to find permafrost.
  2. Picnic reservations began on Monday, March 5th and there were 82 reservations on the first day.
  3. The contract with the Golf Pro was not renewed and a process was undertaken to hire an employee to serve in that role.  Commissioner Altimore participated in the process and Richard Gilstad was hired and has begun work.
  4. The fees recommended by the Commission were approved by City Council.


A question was raised about drainage work at the golf course and it was reported that extensive work had been done on West #17.


New Business


McGuire reported that the changes in the golf Course Operation resulted in a need to again amend the fee ordinance to include power cart fees.  He recommended that the fee be set at not to exceed $9.00/person for 9 holes and not to exceed $15.00/person for 18 holes to allow for flexibility in marketing.

Motion by Kelley, second by Dauer to recommend to City Council that the Golf Fee Ordinance be amended to include not to exceed rates for power carts as recommended by staff.  Motion carried.


The Commission requested a report on the proposed non-motorized trail around the City for a future meeting.


Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,




Marty McGuire