7:00 P.M.


Meeting called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Chairperson Bruce Peck.


Members Present:    Allen, Rothhaar, Berthiaume, Martin, Peck, Jurado,

Altimore, Dauer


Members Absent:     David Kelly – excused



Minutes approved: 


Motion by Altimore seconded by Dauer to approve minutes of May 1, 2007 with the following correction –


Berthiaume requested under Old Business that the item regarding the disposition of an electrical panel at the Collins Street location be corrected to reflect multiple panels present at the location.



Call To Audience: 


No response



Update on Formation of Golf Committee:


Altimore responded as a member of the committee.  He did not attend the first meeting held on May 16 but met afterwards with the committee members.  Members came up with a list of 13 items of concern.  Altimore has talked with Dave Rossman, Golf Maintenance Supervisor, and Richard Gilstad, Manager of Golf Operations, and it appears that most of the items have been addressed at this time. 


Altimore added that the course is in excellent shape for this early in the season and that some of the concerns brought up by the committee are items that will take care of themselves as the season progresses.


Murphy added that the committee consists of three staff representatives and eight members at this time.  The committee has scheduled five meeting dates through August.  Another golfer has expressed interest and Murphy will forward his contact information on to the committee.  


Update on Concessions at Clubhouse:


Murphy explained that staff interviewed several outside vendors earlier this year to run the concession on a contract basis, but were unsuccessful in securing a contract.  In order to offer concessions, a seasonal employee has been hired by the city to run the concession area.  Hours of operation are 11:00 am – 7:00 pm with a limited lunch menu and a selection of bottled beverages.


Altimore commented that if the golf course had a resort liquor license in place, competitive vendors would be interested in contracting their services to run the concession.


Peck asked status of resort liquor license.  Murphy responded that staff has submitted the initial application and is working with the Liquor Control Commission to gather necessary documentation to move to the next stage in the application process.  The Liquor Control Commission is unable to give us a timeline of events in terms of when a decision will be made.


Rothhaar commented that running the concession with city staff is a good interim solution to remind golfers that we have concession services in place.


Update on Civic Arena Sign:


Murphy showed the Commission a diagram of the new sign.  Features will include an illuminated header that is controlled by an electronic sensor, and a double sided LED board that can be programmed to display messages and limited graphics.


Jurado asked if the Planning Commission had made a decision on scrolling messages on LED signs and whether this would impact the new sign.  Murphy responded that staff would consult with the Planning Department prior to deciding on the operation of the sign’s message board.


Old Business:


Peck asked Commission about the July meeting as there was some recollection that discussion was held at an earlier meeting this year to not have a July meeting.  Allen moved, Dauer seconded that the Commission not meet in July and return to their usual meeting schedule in August.


Rothhaar asked for staff to prepare a report on the non-motorized trail that is being constructed to loop through the city.  There has been discussion on this in the past as it relates to the Parks Master Plan and he would like to see an update on the pathway.


New Business:

Rothhaar commented on the new wayfinding signs in that they are consistent with the Parks Master Plan by helping direct people to recreational facilities and park areas.


Altimore commented that the new Leisure Time issue is very well done and represents everything that the Parks and Recreation Commission stands for.  He has received many positive comments on the brochure.


Motion to adjourn: 


Meeting adjourned at 7:21 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Karen Murphy

Assistant Director of Public Services