7:00 P.M.



Meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairman John Rothhaar.


Members Present:        Rothhaar, Altimore, Berthiaume, Kelley, Jurado, Allen,

Dauer, Plotzke


Members Absent:        Martin


Rothaar welcomed newly appointed commissioner Mark Plotzke.




Berthiaume moved, Jurado seconded to receive minutes of the meeting of September 4, 2007.  Motion carried 8-0.


Call to Audience:




City’s Master Plan:  Non-Motorized Transportation section


  • Murphy provided Commission with copy of the Non-Motorized Transportation section of the City’s Master Plan to serve as reference material relating to the trail system throughout the city.
  • City Council has recommended that the Planning Department assemble a volunteer group to review this section of the Master Plan in greater detail.  Murphy indicated that if any commissioner was interested in participating in this volunteer group, she would forward their name to the Planning Department for consideration.  Consensus was that the Commission should have a representative involved with this group as the process develops.
  • Commission had questions relating to the steps involved in moving forward with the proposed trail system outlined in the Midland City Pathway Loop Map included in the Master Plan.  Murphy indicated that the map was a conceptual plan for the trail, and future development would depend on the availability of funding sources.


Golf Course Update


  • Murphy presented Commission with an update on the financial position of the golf course as of June 30, the end of the City’s fiscal year.  The golf course ended the fiscal year with a deficit of $18,000.
  • Murphy updated the Commission on the work being done by staff to make improvements to the golf operation for next season.  The areas being studied include:  Fee structure; potential impact of a liquor license; needed improvements in concessions, pro shop offerings and overall course marketing; capital improvements to course drainage and restroom facilities; and focus on improved customer service.
  • Altimore commended the efforts of the golf committee and the response of the staff involved with the committee. 
  • Commission questioned the golf course’s financial operations conforming to the City’s fiscal year when the golf season runs from April – November.  Rothhaar asked staff to report back as to whether such a change would be feasible or not. 
  • Commission requested a report on revenues collected this golf season (April – November) to be presented at the December meeting.  Commission feels this report would be a useful tool as they consider revisions to the fee structure this winter.


Project Update


  • Plymouth Park project:
    • Murphy reported that the Plymouth Park project is progressing on schedule.  The northerly Plymouth Park Drive paving project is complete.  The project involved reclaiming gravel from the westerly section of park roadway that was closed off this spring.  The Parks Department is now working to restore the park roadway area to green space.  The Ultimate Frisbee field will be laid out and the beach volley ball court is scheduled to be relocated yet this fall.  Picnic tables & grills will be purchased this winter and put in place for use in the spring.
    • Jurado commented on vehicles parking after hours at the dead end of the roadway at the south end of the park near the maintenance building.  She asked if temporary barricades could be put in place until the proposed gate is complete.
    • Dauer asked if there has been any mention of the City hosting a community event to celebrate the renovations to the park.


  • Murphy reported that the cart storage and maintenance facility at Currie Golf Course has received the necessary flood plain permit from the MDEQ.  The house on the site has been removed, and Three Rivers Construction is firming up final building design plans. 


Old Business:


  • Rothhaar announced that the January meeting has been set for Wednesday, January 9, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.  Murphy added that a date needed to be chosen prior to this evening’s meeting in order to make the deadline for publication in the 2008 City Calendar.


  • Berthiaume asked for an update on the transformers scheduled for removal at the old Civic Arena site.  Murphy stated that Consumers Energy has been contacted numerous times and staff has been told the transformers will be removed by the end of November. 


New Business:


  • Berthiaume commented on the new issue of Leisure Time.  She feels it is a well done publication and wished to thank staff for their efforts in producing such a nice piece.


Paula Jurado motioned, Frank Altimore seconded to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried 8 – 0.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:02 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Karen Murphy