7:00 P.M.



MEMBERS PRESENT:         Rothhaar, Altimore, Allen, Dauer, Jurado, Martin, Kelley, Berthiaume


MEMBERS ABSENT:           Plotzke


Meeting called to order at 7:02 p.m. by Chairman John Rothhaar


Minutes of March 4, 2008


Altimore moved, Martin seconded to receive minutes of the meeting of March 4, 2008. Motion passed 7-0.


Introduction of Recreation Manager


Parks and Recreation Director Brett Ireland introduced Marcie Post to the Commission. Ireland gave a brief description of Marcie’s background after which the Commission had the opportunity to ask her questions.


Introduction of Golf Course Manager


Ireland introduced Paul Milholland to the Commission and gave a brief history of his background.


Paul then gave the Commission a description of the changes that have taken place at the golf course, including the new points of sale, changes to the Par 3 signs and driving range as well as the new food service.


Jurado asked how flooding affected course opening. Paul indicated we lost a couple of days but quickly got the course opened back up.


Dauer asked about any comments on fee changes. Paul said most of the comments have been positive since the players are noticing improvements.


Altimore commented on the improvements to the course and the food service. He was very impressed with the direction the course is taking.


Midland Redcoats Donation


Post made a presentation to the Commission to accept a $40,000 donation from the Redcoats. The donation is earmarked to provide some paving, field tiling and dugout fencing at the Redcoat Complex.



Midland Softball Association Donation


Post also presented to the Commission for consideration a donation from the Midland Softball Association (MSA) for a new PA system at Emerson Park, landscaping at the Redcoats Complex and a Memorial Pavilion at the Redcoats complex.


Midland Girls Softball League Batting Cage Donation


Post presented a donation of two batting cages for Optimist Park from the Midland Girls Softball League for the sum of $13,445.




Ø  Rothhaar asked if the cages were fully enclosed. Post said yes, they are.

Ø  Rothhaar then asked if these donations would add any maintenance costs. Post answered that they should lower maintenance costs.

Ø  Jurado asked if these fields served mainly the younger girls teams.


Motion by Allen, seconded by Dauer to accept the donations. Motion passed 8 – 0.


Old Business


Jurado asked for an update on Plymouth Park. Ireland stated that new tables and grills had been purchased and were in the process of being put together. Work is continuing on the Ultimate Frisbee field as well as the volley ball court.


Dauer asked for an update of the Central Park Plan. Ireland stated that play equipment had been replaced, but as the plan itself is a concept plan and was adopted as such, money had not been budgeted for all the improvements. The idea is that as funds become available, individual improvements would be made.


New Business


Rothhaar requested an update on the new Master Plan schedule for the next meeting.


Jurado pointed out the dog park fence has a tree laying on it and the large dog area gate needed some repair.


Motion by Dauer, seconded by Altimore to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed 8 – 0.


Adjourned: Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.