7:00 P.M.



Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson John Rothhaar


MEMBERS PRESENT:†††††††† Rothhaar, Altimore, Allen, Berthiaume, Kelley


MEMBERS ABSENT:†††††††††† Dauer, Jurado, Martin, Plotzke


OTHERS PRESENT:†††††††††††† Paul, Keenan, Ryan Clarey, Delainey Doughty


Minutes of Meeting of June 3


Berthiaume motioned, Altimore Seconded to receive minutes of the meeting of June 3, 2008.Motion passed 5-0.


Olympic Game


Marcie Post reported on the Olympic game that was held at Currie Stadium on June 21st. Although the Lady Explores did not win the game it was still a great day.Post stated that there was great weather, and approximately 5,000 in attendance. Rain held off until after autographs had already been in progress.


Currie Golf Course


Paul Milholland reported that the golf course had a very good season.There were 85 people in the Midland Open this year, next year they could possibly have over a 100 players. Paul also stated that the leagues were going well. Leagues would like to extend the length of their season.Paul reported on the state of financials for the golf course and highlighted money spent for range balls, signs for the par 3, and mats.Paul is excited for the direction they are headed.Rothaar asked Paul questions.Sid and Frank said that the course looks great pro-shop is stocked well and courses are looking good. Revenue in May was down to weather but all in all revenue looks good but expenses are up also due to new upgrades such as new signs, chemicals and maintenance to the courses. We are in the 2nd year of the 5 year plan and moving in the right direction. Rothaar asked about the Currie Cafť, the food vendor discontinued operations due to loosing money and her other business was taking a lot of time so this project for her was not cost effective. Some of that could be due to bad weather in the month of July. Paul stated we are doing ok since golf course has taken over. Sid asked Paul why water coolers arenít allowed, and Paul explained.Rothaar asked about the liquor license and Paul said it had been filed.Keenan then spoke on the subject, they have not heard back from liquor committee yet. Is not likely they will hear before season end.




Old Business


Lois asked about the transformers at the site of the old Civic Arena.Post reported that the transformers were sold for $2,000 and will be taken away the following week.


New Business


Rothaar stated that we need to elect Chair and Vice-Chair. Altimore asked to propose table agenda item, no election without full vote. Rothaar officially said to add to next meeting or the following one.


Post stated it was a great season at the pool and had a great success with the event that was held with the Rock and Circle of Health at the pool. June was cool but, July was spectacular.


Paula asked Marcie to share a comment from a concerned parent from the Civic Arena. Concern was cleanliness of facility and that it was starting to look like the old arena.Response from Marcie was that there is no custodial position in the summer; people float and do what jobs are needed. The Arnold Center is also working in the building. Rest of staff will start up in September with season in full gear.Jim Morgan retired June 16 and Marcie is looking to get the position filled around Labor Day. Rothaar stated to take care of anything that needs to be so the rink does not go downhill because that would be a shame.


Dave Kelly was nominated to Non-Motorized Transportation Committee of the cycling community. Non-Motorized Transportation Committee. Find ways to improve non-motorized transportation such as trails and such addition to bicycles like elderly carts etc.


Rothaar stated to make an agenda item to review master plan.What did and didnít get done.




Motioned by†† Allen, seconded Altimore to adjourn the meeting.Motion passed 5-0.


Adjourned: Meeting adjourned at 7:46 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,




Marcie Post

Recreation Manager