7:00 P.M.



Meeting called to order by Chairman John Rothhaar at 7:00 p.m.


MEMBERS PRESENT:         Rothhaar, Altimore, Allen, Jurado, Martin, Kelley, Berthiaume


MEMBERS ABSENT:           None



Minutes of Meeting of September 2, 2008


Motion by Allen, second by Jurado to approve minutes of September 2, 2008 meeting.  Motion passed 7-0.


Call to audience


No response


Update on Civic Arena Mezzanine upgrade


Recreation Manager Marcie Post informed the Commission that this work has been completed in time for the regional figure skating event which is scheduled to begin Thursday, October 9, 2008.  Over four hundred skaters are anticipated from seven States.


Status of Parks Master Plan


Ireland informed the Commission that proposals were received from eight different companies for this project.  Staff has narrowed the field down to three proposals.  There was discussion of Commission involvement in reviewing these proposals to make the final selection.  Ireland indicated there appears to be a need to hold a special meeting on this item.


Haunted Forest update


Post informed the Commission of changes in this event compared to previous years. This year the event will run over two weekends with proceeds from the first weekend being retained by the city, and proceeds from the second weekend being donated to the Special Olympics as in the past.








Old Business


1)      Ireland informed the Commission that the extra barricades at Plymouth Park near the Fun Zone have been removed.


2)      Commissioner Kelley updated the Commission on the progress of the non-motorized transportation committee he sets on.  He explained the purpose of the committee and that they are in the early stages of the project.  He will keep the Commission updated as things progress.


New Business


1)      Ireland updated the Commission on the status of the Civic Arena Manager position.  He told the Commission that six candidates were interviewed by a panel consisting of John Rothhaar, Marcie Post, Bill Bartlett and Brett Ireland.  The list of candidates was narrowed to the top three.  Ireland and Post contacted references of the top three and have made their recommendation to the City Manager.


2)      Commissioner Martin wanted to recognize Stephanie Szostak for her part in the presentation of the Gold Leaf award to the EITF by the Arboriculture Society of Michigan.



Motion by Altimore, seconded by Jurado to adjourn.  Motion passed.  Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.