7:00 P.M.



Meeting called to order by Chairman John Rothhaar at 7:00 p.m.


MEMBERS PRESENT:†††††††† Rothhaar, Altimore, Allen, Jurado, Martin, Kelley, Berthiaume


MEMBERS ABSENT:†††††††††† None


Minutes of Meeting of November 4, 2008


Motion by Jurado, second by Martin to approve minutes of November 4, 2008 meeting.Motion passed 7-0.


4)Call to audience


No response


5)Introduction of Recreation Coordinator


Post introduced the newest member of the Parks and Recreation staff, Recreation Coordinator Scott Montalbano.Post explained that Montalbano will be working a portion of the year at the Civic Arena and the other portion with Recreation programs.Montalbano said a few words about himself.


6)Old Business


Discussion of Master Plan Proposals


Chairman Rothhaar began the discussion by asking fellow Board members their thoughts on the proposals made at the November meeting by Spicer, Rowe and Wilcox.Member Berthiaume thought all three were good but she was leaning toward Spicer.She also added that she did not feel a community survey for $1200.00 was necessary at this time.Member Martin stated that all proposals were close.Added that we accomplished 90% of what was set in the last plan and is leaning toward Spicer.Stated that we should not change and if we did not do the internet-based community survey we would be losing out on community ideas.Chairman Rothhaar stated that the department might get newer, fresher ideas from new company and there is a value in new ideas.Member Jurado stated she was also leaning towards Spice because she liked the way they used new technology.Member Kelley liked the continuity by going with Spicer and this continuity could be more efficient.Member Altimore also liked Spicer and was impressed with their plan.Member Allen stated he was intrigued by a new company coming in other than Spicer.


A motion was made by Martin and second by Berthiaume to retain the services of Spicer for the 2009 Parks and Recreation Master Plan.


After additional discussion, Chairperson Rothhaar stated he would have picked Rowe.Member Allen stated the other two companies were quite capable.Both Chairperson Rothhaar and Member Allen agreed with the motion.Motion passed 7-0.†††


7) New Business


2010 ISC World Championships Sponsored by Midland Explorers


Kyle Beane and David Lach presented a PowerPoint presentation on potentially hosting the 2010 International Softball Conference (ISC) in Midland in August 2010.Mr. Beane stated that the tournament is a menís fast pitch softball tournament which brings in players from all over the world.He explained that other tournaments have brought in 40-50 thousand people over the course of the week in which the tournament takes place.He stated that he would like to host three tournaments during the week at Redcoats and Emerson Park and he estimates that approximately 20,000 individuals would be in attendance.After further discussion a motion was made by Kelley and second by Altimore for Parks and Recreation to support the efforts to bring the 2010 ISC World Championships to Midland.


Following the motion Member Allen stated he would like to see additional profits to go back to the City for field improvements.††††


Citizens Academy


Recreation Manager Post explained that the Citizens Academy will be accepting application until Friday, December 19, and the nine-week academy will take place on Wednesday evenings from January 14-March 11.Post stated that any members who were interested could contact her for more details or to sign up.Member Martin asked for an explanation on the Academy which was offered by Member Allen.


Member Suggestions


1.January Meeting


Chairperson Rothhaar asked about the format of the January meeting which typically consists of the Commission meeting with City Council one-hour before the second meeting in January.Post said she would speak with Brett Ireland and get back to the Commission.


2.Future Agenda Items



Chairperson Rothhaar suggested that members take time to see what agenda items they would like to see on future agendas such as updates from department heads.Additionally Chairperson Rothhaar said he would like to see a golf course report.


3.Updated Organization Chart


Member Martin stated that he would like to see an updated organizational structure of the department which Post said could be provided quickly.


4.Currie Golf Course Promotion


Member Altimore said he would like to see Currie Golf Course Club House promoted more.He stated that he believed many individuals would rent the Club House if they knew it was available at such a low rate.




Member Berthiaume said she would like to be prepared when items such as the 2010 ISC Presentation were being made to the board.Post explained that the presentation was on the agenda, however a final agenda was not available until the Monday prior to the meeting and the agendas were emailed to Board Members on Monday.


Motion by Altimore, seconded by Jurado to adjourn. Motion passed.Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.