7:00 P.M.


Revision 2


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Rothhaar, Altimore, Allen, Jurado, Martin, Berthiaume, Kelley (arrived later)




Meeting called to order by Chairman John Rothhaar at 7:00 p.m.


Past Meeting Minutes Approval

Motioned by Jurado, seconded by Altimore to approve the minutes from the February 3, 2009 meeting. Motion passed 6-0.


Call to Audience



Current Items/Updates


Master Plan Update:


Rob Eggars and Alan Bean from Spicer Group presented an update on the Master Plan process. Spicer has met with staff to update community information and to begin planning for community input.


Mr. Eggars introduced the Commission to the project website that has been designed to help educate the public on the City’s Parks and gather public input using an on-line survey as well as a section to share input. The website will launch within the next couple of weeks and City staff will promote the website to the public via various media outlets. The website address  is: MidlandMiRecPlan.wordpress.com.


Mr. Eggars distributed a copy of the on-line survey to the Commission and asked members to share any questions or concerns with Karen Murphy. Survey will be made available on-line at the end of March or early April 2009.


The Community open-house is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, April 23rd from

4:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m. in Council Chambers.


Follow-up from Joint Meeting:


Jack Duso gave an update on the Golf Course and Arena fee processes as follows:


Golf Course – Staff is not recommending any changes to greens fees for this season. A change is recommended for the Driving Range Pass fee. This pass was first introduced in 2008. Staff has evaluated the value of this pass and is recommending an increase based on the golf market. Last year’s fees were as follows along with the proposed 2009 fees:


2008 Driving Range Fees       Proposed 2009 Fees

      Single Pass                                                   $200                               $250

      Course Season Pass (Single)               $50                              $125

      Course Season Pass (Couple)              $75                              $200


In order to get the fee in place by April 1 for the opening of the golf course, Mr. Duso recommended that the fee be taken to the March 9th and 23rd Council meetings for approval. Public input is welcome at either of these Council meetings.


Altimore motioned to accept the recommendation to propose this fee increase to City Council at their March 9th meeting. Martin seconded the proposal, Motion passed 7-0.


Mr. Duso also discussed the new liquor license at Currie Golf Course. The license prohibits patrons from bringing alcohol onto the premises. As such, City park rules need to be changed to reflect the regulations of the State Liquor License and Mr. Duso shared a proposed revision to the existing rules. In addition to language addressing the Currie Golf Course, the proposed revision adds Thrune Park, Pine River and River Bend as parks where alcohol is prohibited.  Altimore motioned to accept the proposed revision to the park rules and recommended the change be taken to City Council for approval.  Jurado seconded the proposal, Motion passed 6-1.


Civic Arena – Intent that any changes to ice rental fees would be shared with ice users, along with our business model up front in order to get their buy-in for rate increases; so they can adjust their programs accordingly and well in advance of the rate change.


The only recommended change to the Arena fee ordinance at this time is to add an exception to the ordinance to allow Arena Manager, with approval of the City Manager, to reduce ice rates on a discretionary basis for the purpose of marketing additional ice rentals.


Allen motioned and Jurado seconded to allow this revision be recommended to City Council for approval.


Recreation Fee Process:


On February 23, 2009, the Commission held a joint meeting with City Council to discuss the philosophy to be used in determining recreation fee revisions.  The basic philosophy agreed upon at the meeting is that adult recreation fees should be set to recover the direct costs for such programs, while youth recreation fees should be set to recover the programming costs only. 


Karen Murphy shared staff recommendations for fee changes as follows:

In the area of competitive sports, no fee changes are recommended at this time.  Staff will be evaluating each program this season and will meet with users groups to discuss the need for any changes going forward. 


In the area of general recreation, fees are set to cover the cost of replacement and maintenance of equipment and facilities along with delivery expenses for use of certain equipment.  Staff is recommending the following increases:



2008 Fee

Proposed Fee

Toboggan rental

$4.00 per hour

$6.00 per hour

Picnic table delivery/use

$25.00 for up to 10 tables

$30.00 for up to 10 tables

Additional picnic tables

$3.00 per table

$4.00 per table

City stage rental

Non-profit group inside city limits $50.00

Non-profit inside city limits $75.00


For profit group inside city limits $200.00

For profit inside city limits $225.00


Non-profit group outside city limits $100.00

Non-profit group outside city limits $125.00


For profit group outside city limits $400.00

For profit group outside city limits $425.00

Staff is also recommending the implementation of new fees under the scope of general recreation as follows.  The fees related to private tournaments would be effective for the 2010 season:



$20.00 per section

Stage risers

$25.00 per use

Portable grill

$10.00 per rental

Ball field rental for private tournaments

$10.00 per hour per field

Ball field maintenance for private tournaments

$15.00 per grooming

    Overtime cost for maintenance

$75.00 per hour

    Double time cost for maintenance

$100.00 per hour

Field drying agent for private tournaments

$12.00 per bag


In the area of swimming, the current fees at Plymouth Pool are designed to cover approximately half of the operating costs.  Staff is not recommending any changes to admission, passes or swim lessons.  Staff is recommending a new fee be set for Aquasize classes at $20.00 per session and $4.00 per daily drop in.  This will allow for advanced registration and will help with scheduling lifeguards to instruct the classes.


The next step in the fee process is for the Commission to hold a public hearing to gather input on the recommended fee changes.  After some discussion, the Commission decided to hold this public hearing at the next regularly scheduled Commission meeting.


After the public hearing, the Commission will make their recommendation on fee changes to be presented by staff to the City Council for consideration and approval.  The fee changes will be effective upon approval of the revised fee ordinances by Council.


Horticulture Update:


Stephanie Szostak, City Horticulturist, shared a presentation on the various responsibilities she has throughout the City.  Szostak gave an overview of the landscaping and plantings in the downtown district, the annual Midland Blooms project, plantings at the Farmers Market/Tridge Area, and the recent Entranceway Projects.


Martin inquired about some landscaping for the Civic Arena sign.


Old Business



New Business



Motioned by Allen and seconded by Martin to cancel the Parks and Recreation Commission meeting scheduled for April 7, 2009 as the meeting falls during Midland Public School’s spring break and there will not be the necessary quorum of commissioners present to conduct business. Motion passed 7-0. 


Motioned by Jurado, seconded by Altimore to adjourn.  Motion passed 7-0.  Meeting adjourned at 8:47 p.m.



Respectfully Submitted,



Karen Murphy