7:00 P.M.




MEMBERS PRESENT:  Altimore, Allen, Berthiaume, Kelley, Carlson, Jurado, Martin, Steidemann




Meeting was called to order by Chairperson Frank Altimore at 7:00 p.m.


Past Meeting Minutes Approval

Motioned by Martin, seconded by Steidemann to approve the minutes from the October 6, 2009 meeting. Motion passed 7-0.


Call to Audience



Project Reports:


Master Plan Update:  Murphy informed the Commission that due to an administrative oversight, the Notice of Public Hearing required by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to be published 30 days prior to holding the hearing was not published within the designated time frame.  The notice has since appeared in the Midland Daily News and the public hearing will be held at the December Parks and Recreation Commission meeting.



Recreation Fees:  Murphy reviewed the proposed recreation fees for the 2010 season.  Murphy explained that staff met with the major user groups, including the Midland Softball Association, the men’s Rugby Club, and the Midland Dolphins, to discuss the need for fee increases.  Staff worked with each user group to arrive at an increased fee that was acceptable.  The proposed fee increases include the following:




2009 Fee

2010 Proposed Fee

Adult Softball – Player fee



Adult Softball Co-ed – Player fee



Teams in individual tournaments



Rugby fee



City Forest Chalet rental

$30.00 for first 2 hours, $20 per each add’l hour

$25.00 per hour with minimum 2 hour rental

Stage Risers


Eliminate risers

Speaker System deposit



Swim Fees:



Adult daily pass



Youth & Senior daily pass



Adult unlimited season pass



Youth unlimited season pass



Family unlimited pass – 2 members



*Each additional member



*Maximum per family



Adult Limited pass (15 admissions)



Youth Limited pass (15 admissions)



Competitive Swim Pool Rental



Midland Dolphins Season Contract





The Midland Dolphins contract is a new approach this year that will ensure the City a fixed amount of revenue and allow the Dolphins to budget appropriately for their pool use. 


A special event clause is being propose this year to allow rates to be implemented with the City Manager’s approval throughout the year for special events according to the recreation fee philosophy.


A public hearing will be held at the December 1 meeting for the Commission to receive input from the public on the proposed fees prior to making a recommendation on the fees to the City Council.



Division Update

Jack Duso provided an update on Currie Golf Course.  2009 season challenges included economic conditions, snow mold damage to the greens, colder than normal July weather, and an abundance of rain in October.  Duso provided an expense and revenue comparison for the 2007-2009 golf seasons, and gave an in depth review of the 2009 financial status of the golf course through the end of September.  Final financial figures for the 2009 season are pending.



Old Business




New Business

Murphy presented a proposal from the Fraternal Northwest Little League (FNWLL) for the construction of batting cages and a storage shed at the Sturgeon Little League Complex.  The batting cages were identified as a needed addition through a survey conducted by FNWLL of the players and families who utilize the fields.  The FNWLL will fund the project and oversee the construction with staff oversight.  Once complete, the FNWLL will formally donate the batting cages and shed to the City.


Murphy shared that staff has held preliminary discussions with the Midland Community Tennis Center.  The Tennis Center has expressed interest in using a portion of the grant money they received from their Best Tennis Town in America designation to renovate the tennis courts at Central Park.  Preliminary discussions include restoring two adult courts and creating four to six youth courts within the existing footprint. 



Motioned by Jurado, seconded by Kelley to adjourn.  Motion passed 8-0.  Meeting adjourned at 8:14 p.m.





Respectfully Submitted,


Karen Murphy

Public Services Director