7:00 P.M.



Meeting called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Chairperson Frank Altimore


MEMBERS PRESENT:         Altimore, Bovid, Kelley, Martin, Steidemann



MEMBERS ABSENT:           Jurado, Carlson, Berthiaume


OTHERS PRESENT:             None



Minutes of March 2, 2010


Martin motioned, Steidemann seconded to receive minutes of the meeting of March 2, 2010. Motion passed 5-0.



Call to Audience




Commission Member Update

Murphy announced that Sid Allen has resigned from the Parks and Recreation Commission.  In addition, David Kelley, Kristen Bovid, and Patty Carlson were reappointed by City Council to three year terms on the Commission.


Altimore recognized Sid Allen’s contributions to the Commission and expressed appreciation for his years of service.



Project Reports


Thrune Park update:  Murphy presented the design for the Thrune Park renovation.  The design was developed by a PM Blough landscape architect under the guidance of the Strosacker Foundation and the Thrune family.  Park staff was also involved in the design to represent the city’s interest in terms of maintenance needs.


Central Park development:  Murphy reviewed the Central Park development plan that was set forth in June 2006.  The recommendations included in the original plan were as follows:


Proposed Feature

Current Progress/Status

Renovate the band shell

City is reviewing band shell for options

Update the playground equipment

New equipment was installed

Construct a spray ground

Midland Community Center constructed a spray ground and City does not plan to offer the same feature at the park

Plant additional shade trees

Some trees have been planted, with plans to continue planting.  This year’s Arbor Day tree planting event will take place in the park.

Install improved walking trail around perimeter of park

Existing pathway has been graveled, no further plans at this time

Maintain open green space throughout park

City plans to maintain open space

Additional benches, tables, grills

City could provide additional benches, tables and grills if this is a priority

Washroom/changing room

No plans at this time beyond provision of porta-jon

Renovate tennis courts

City is partnering with the Midland Community Tennis Center to renovate the courts this summer

Enhance area for sled hill

No plans at this time

Install outdoor ice rink

No plans at this time

Remove old civic arena parking lot

Current plan is to keep the parking area as is


Staff asked the Commission to provide a prioritized recommendation on how to proceed with implementation of the plan, keeping in mind that availability of resources will ultimately determine when certain improvements can be made.  The Commission took public comment on the status of Central Park.  Several neighbors, including a representative from the Midland Community Center, spoke on behalf of certain park improvements.  Altimore asked the neighbors in attendance if they could organize their recommendations and the Commission would revisit the topic at a future meeting.


Division Update


Murphy gave a spring update on the following Parks projects:

  • Maintenance is underway at the Rail Trail, including infrared crack sealing to provide a smoother asphalt surface.   The signage along the trail is being redone as well.
  • Three new play structures will be installed this spring at Chippewasee, Emerson and Stratford Woods parks.  Murphy shared the design for these structures with the Commission.
  • Staff is working on updating the playground inventory.  A reoccurring theme is outdated play equipment in neighborhood parks.  Staff will provide the Commission with a recommended plan to address neighborhood park play equipment at future meeting.


Old Business






New Business






Motioned by Martin, seconded Kelley to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed 5– 0.


Adjourned: Meeting adjourned at 8:03p.m.




Respectfully submitted,



Karen Murphy

Public Services Director