7:00 P.M.





1)      Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Frank Altimore


2)      Roll Call:

a.       MEMBERS PRESENT:  Altimore, Berthiaume, Bovid, Carlson, Jurado, Kelley, Martin, Rice

b.      MEMBERS ABSENT:  Steidemann

c.       OTHERS PRESENT: Chris Dominowski, Northeast Little League; Kyle Beane, Midland Explorers Booster Club; Jack Duso, Assistant City Manager; Paul Milholland, Director of Golf Operations; Jerome Blahnik, Greens Superintendent


3)      Minutes of February 1, 2011 and March 1, 2011:   Jurado motioned, Bovid seconded to receive minutes of the meetings of February 1, 2011 and March 1, 2011. Motion passed 8-0.


4)      Call to Audience:    None      


5)      Northeast Little League Request:   Chris Dominowski from the Northeast Little League (NELL) addressed the Commission with a request to construct and donate to the City a building at the south end of Plymouth Park.  The building will contain men’s and women’s restrooms, a storage area and a concession stand.  The current concession stand would likely not pass Health Department inspection this year.  The Little League is hosting a state tournament this summer and this is a much needed improvement.  In conjunction with the new building, NELL will work with the City to demolish the existing parks restroom facility.  The Commission recommends leaving the existing restroom building in place through the end of the season to provide additional facilities for the tournament.


Jurado motioned to recommend to City Council that the donation of a concession/restroom facility be accepted and Martin seconded the motion.  Motion passed 8-0.


6)      ISC Men’s Fastpitch Tournament Request:  Kyle Beane, president of the Midland Explorers Booster Club addressed the Commission with a request to host the 2012 ISC Men’s World Fastpitch tournament at Emerson Park and the Redcoats Complex.


Jurado motioned to recommend to City Council to approve the request and pledge the support of the Parks & Recreation staff to assist with the tournament.   Carlson seconded the motion and the motion passed 8-0.


7)      Division Report:  Golf Course

Assistant city manager Jack Duso gave a presentation on the recommendations of golf industry consultant Golf Convergence, Inc. for the upcoming golf season at Currie.  Duso reviewed course improvements made over the past season as well as future improvements planned that are related to both aesthetics and quality of play.  Duso also reviewed the short-term strategic options outline by Golf Convergence, including options to improve playability of the east course, relocating the east parking lot, modifying the layout of the main club house and upgrading the golf course software package.  Duso outlined accounting changes made to better capture the revenue and expenses associated with each facet of the operation, as well as the rate recommendations.  Golf Convergence’s complete report can be viewed on-line on the city’s website.


8)      Project Report:   Plymouth Pool Project

Murphy reported that bids were awarded by City Council on March 21 for the Plymouth Pool project.  JE Johnson of Midland, MI was awarded the boiler contract, Advanced Pool Services of Milford, MI was awarded the marcite resurfacing contract, and Tancor Corp of Midland, MI was awarded the pool deck contract.  Due to the nature of the pool deck project, staff believes there will be additional underground work that will need to be done related to electrical and plumbing infrastructure and this will be done under the contract.  The perimeter fence is anchored in the existing concrete of the pool deck and will likely need to be replaced as well.  Work will commence as the weather allows with completion of all projects prior to the start of the 2011 swimming season.


9)      Old Business :

a.       Band Shell Update:  Murphy reported that MacMillan Associates completed their review of the band shell, and reported that while the original walls can be restored the roof needs to be reconstructed from new materials.  The estimated project cost is $190,000 which includes design services, construction of a new roof, restoration of the existing walls, new electrical and lighting fixtures, and a construction contingency. The project cost does not currently include money for a long-term maintenance fund.  Murphy is working with the Alden and Vada Dow Family Foundation on a funding strategy for the project.


10)  New Business: 

a.       Sidewalk Requests: The City received two requests for new sidewalk related to park property during the annual call for projects.  One request was for a sidewalk to be constructed along an existing trail that connects Bristol Ct. to Wheeler Rd.  The other request was for a paved walking path through Plymouth Park where the old section of park roadway was abandoned on the west side of the park.  City Council did not support either request as it was presented at this time.


b.      Commission Vacancies:  Three commissioners’ terms will expire on June 30.  Commissioner Rice has been reappointed at his request by the City Council to another three year term.  Commissioners Martin and Berthiaume have opted to leave the Commission at the conclusion of their term.  Murphy acknowledged the valuable insight both Martin and Berthiaume have offered as commissioners over the years.  The City is currently advertising the vacant positions along with other boards and commission vacancies.  Interested city residents can visit the city’s website for more information.


c.       Murphy announced two new members have joined the Beautification Advisory Committee.  Nancy Wells and Gina Pederson are both past winners of beautification awards and are looking forward to serving on the committee.



11)  Adjourn:  Motioned by Jurado, seconded by Berthiaume to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed 8– 0.  Meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,




Karen Murphy

Director of Public Services