7:00 P.M.





1)      Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Frank Altimore



2)      Roll Call:

a.       MEMBERS PRESENT:  Altimore, Bovid, Carlson, Carney, Jurado, Kelley, Metevia, Rice, Steidemann

b.      MEMBERS ABSENT:  None

c.       OTHERS PRESENT: Enas Yousaf, 6113 Summerset Drive; Susan Duso, Cancer Services; Mark Smit, Fraternal Northwest Little League



3)      Minutes of September 6, 2011:   Jurado motioned, Steidemann seconded to receive minutes of the meeting of September 6, 2011. Motion passed 9-0.



4)      Call to Audience:    


Enas Yousef, 6113 Summerset Drive, gave a presentation to the Commission on her desire to make all City parks tobacco-free to eliminate second hand smoke and pollution from cigarette butts.  Yousef asked the Commission to pass a policy to implement tobacco-free playgrounds and parks.  The Commission raised questions around enforcement of such a policy and which parks would be included in the policy, and suggested signage may provide the same result without a formal policy or ordinance.  Yousef suggested that it would be a self-policing policy with enforcement coming from patrons and peer pressure without City staff needing to enforce it.  Yousef then suggested signage at all parks with play equipment.  Susan Duso, director of Cancer Services, spoke in support of an ordinance and expressed that getting to that stage would be a process similar to what was undertaken for the smoke free County ordinance.  Mark Smit, 413 Lingle Lane, commented that Fraternal Northwest Little League received guidance from the City at the start of their season to put signage up prohibiting smoking during league play.  The signs have empowered people to ask others not to smoke during games.  Altimore suggested the topic be tabled until Murphy can provide additional information on the City’s opinion of Yousef’s proposal.



5)      Fraternal Northwest Little League volunteer project update:  Mark Smit, treasurer for the Fraternal Northwest Little League, provided a report on the volunteer project that occurred on September 17-18 at the Sturgeon Complex.  Over 170 volunteers helped over a two day period.  All the projects were completed, including installation of field drainage and a paved pathway to access all fields.  In addition, winterization of the fields was completed.



6)      Review of recreation fee philosophy:  Murphy reviewed the recreation fee process that the Commission adopted at their September meeting.  The action before Commission this evening was to review the recreation fee philosophy and recommend any changes so that staff can move forward with developing a fee proposal.  Murphy discussed the current fee philosophy for the general recreation programs.  The philosophy has remained relatively unchanged in recent years and has served the parks and recreation department well as long as the fees reflect the philosophy. 


Jurado motioned to accept the fee philosophy as it currently stands, seconded by Metevia.  Motion passed 9-0.



7)      Beautification Advisory Committee update:  Post reviewed the Appreciation of Beautification Award program, including the responsibilities of each committee member in the process.  This year 68 nominations were received with 17 awards given and 13 honorable mention recognitions as well.  Two parks projects were among the winners – the Plymouth Park restroom/concession building donated by the Northeast Little League and the Stratford Woods Park landscaping renovation donated by the Kiwassee Kiwanis Club.



8)      Project Reports:

a.       Band shell update:  Murphy reported that City Council has accepted the generous donation for the band shell renovation, and the $191,000 needed for renovation has been raised at this time so construction can begin.  City Council awarded a purchase order to Gerace Construction and Murphy is working with Gerace on a schedule for the project, which will occur this fall.  The fundraising committee is still working to raise the remaining funds needed to cover the campaign expenses and complete the maintenance fund.  The committee is also working on plans for a rededication/grand opening event to occur in May 2012.


b.      Accessible canoe and kayak launch:  Murphy reported that City Council has accepted the generous donation of an accessible canoe and kayak launch and associated trailhead plaza to be constructed at the Farmers Market.  The commission previously recommended the project be accepted in concept at their June meeting. This is one of three launches that will be built by the Access to Recreation committee, with the other two launches located at Sanford Lake Park and the Chippewa Cabin at the Nature Center.  Construction at the Farmers Market site is pending issue of a permit by the DEQ.  Murphy shared the most recent drawings of the launch, including the proposed layout for the trailhead plaza.  


c.       Grove Park accessible play structure:  Murphy reported that bids were received last week for the purchase of an accessible play structure to be installed by the in-house parks crew at Grove Park.  Staff met with the Disability Network of Mid-Michigan for assistance in selecting play elements.  The structure will be ramp-accessible and will also offer ground level play features that will be accessible from the existing asphalt pathway.  The play structure will be installed this November.





9)      Old Business :  None



10)  New Business: 

·         Kelley asked for an update from the non-motorized transportation committee. 

·         Murphy recognized a generous donation from the Kiwassee Kiwanis Club for installation of a new sign for Kiwassee Lake and thanked the club for their involvement and commitment to Stratford Woods Park.

·         Post gave an update on fall programs.  Fall co-ed softball is wrapping up and Post started an adult kickball league on Sunday nights at Emerson this year.  Next week is the Mackinaw Island trip for seniors, which is a cooperative program with Saginaw County and 48 people are registered for the trip, nearly twice as many as last year.

·         Post promoted a Halloween event for middle school students that is being held on October 15 at the Midland Civic Arena.  The event is a partnership between the ROCK, Midland Parks and Recreation, Midland Civic Arena, Midland Area Partnership for Drug Free Youth, Midland Community Center, North Midland Family Center and West Midland Family Center.

·         Jurado asked what was happening to the hill at the entrance to Plymouth Park.  Murphy explained that the hill had some erosion damage that needed to be repaired.  In addition to repairing it, the parks department was able to get soil donated from local contractors to enhance the hill as it is used in the winter by neighborhood children for sledding.



11)  Adjourn:  Motioned by Jurado, seconded by Metevia to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed 9– 0.  Meeting adjourned at 8:04 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,




Karen Murphy

Director of Public Services