7:00 P.M.





1)      Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson Frank Altimore


2)      Roll Call:

a.       MEMBERS PRESENT: Altimore, Bovid, Carlson, Carney, Jurado, Kelley, Metevia, Rice, Steidemann

b.      MEMBERS ABSENT: None



3)      Minutes of December 6, 2011: Steidemann motioned, Metevia seconded to receive minutes of the meeting of December 6, 2011. Motion passed 9-0.


4)      Call to Audience: None



5)      Administrative policy on pavilion and picnic area reservations: Murphy reviewed a policy to allow pavilion reservations to be made prior to the second Monday in January for the purpose of planning community events. Such reservations would be at the discretion of the Director of Public Services and only for non-peak times. Reservations for peak times (June August) must be made through the regular reservation process.



6)      Review cemetery rules and regulations: Murphy shared with the Commission some minor rule changes as recommended by staff. The changes involve proper placement of plants, acceptable landscaping options around markers, and clarification of lot size for inurnment sections. The Commission motioned to recommend that City Council accept the rule changes as proposed by staff. Metevia motioned to accept the changes, Jurado seconded. Motion passed 9 - 0.



7)      Introduction of neighborhood park playground review: Murphy gave an overview of the neighborhood parks that contain playground equipment. There are 16 parks that contain non-compliant equipment and 14 parks with compliant equipment that lacks adequate fall protection zones. Murphy provided options to the Commission with regard to addressing the non-compliant equipment and the inadequate fall zones. The Commission directed staff to develop a plan to evaluate park usage to determine where equipment should be replaced. This plan needs to include a public input component. Murphy agreed to bring a plan to the March meeting for consideration.





8)      Project Reports:


a.       Bandshell update: Murphy reported that Gerace Construction provided the City with a revised completion date of April 2012 for the bandshell structure, with site restoration to be complete by May. A rededication event will be planned in May with details to follow.


b.      Grove Park play structure: The main play structure at Grove Park is complete and the fall protection zone is in place. There are 3 additional play features that will be installed this spring and will be accessible from the asphalt pathway. A small retention wall will need to be constructed as well near the gazebo.


c.       Canoe and kayak launch: The canoe and kayak launch was completed in December. The launch mechanism was installed, tested and then removed for the winter. The operating season for the launch will be May 1 October 15 to correspond with the accessible launch operated by the Chippewa Nature Center at the Chippewa cabin site.



9)      Old Business : None



10)  New Business:


Murphy informed the Commission that the Beautification Advisory Committee is seeking applications to fill two vacant seats. Interested persons should contact the Parks & Recreation office or send an e-mail to recreation@midland-mi.org for more information.



11)  Adjourn: Motioned by Jurado, seconded by Carlson to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed 9 0. Meeting adjourned at 7:53 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,




Karen Murphy

Director of Public Services