7:00 P.M.





1)      Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Chairperson Frank Altimore


2)      Roll Call:

a.       MEMBERS PRESENT:  Altimore, Carlson, Carney, Metevia, Rankin, Rice, Steidemann

b.      MEMBERS ABSENT:  Bovid, Kelley

c.       OTHERS PRESENT: Marcie Post, Recreation Manager


3)      Minutes of  March 5, 2013:   Metevia motioned, Steidemann seconded to receive minutes of the meeting of March 5, 2013. Motion passed 7-0.


4)      Call to Audience:    None      


5)      Fundraiser request from Midland Explorers Booster Club:  Post presented a request from the Midland Explorers Booster Club to host a beer tent at an upcoming softball tournament to be held at Emerson Park.  The beer tent will be run as a fundraising event for the Booster Club.  Metevia motioned to recommend to City Council to approve this request.  Metevia seconded the motion.  Motion passed 7 - 0.


6)      Midland Softball Association pavilion donation for Redcoats Complex:  Post presented a generous donation from the Midland Softball Association for construction of a picnic pavilion to be located at the Redcoats Complex.  The MSA will manage the construction of the pavilion and will donate the pavilion upon completion.  The estimated value of the donation is $30,000.  Steidemann motioned to recommend that City Council accept this generous donation.  Carney seconded the motion.  Motion passed 7 - 0.


7)      City Forest trailhead signage donation:  Murphy shared information on an anonymous donation received by the Parks Department for design and installation of a new comprehensive trailhead sign for the City Forest.  The donation of $5,000 has allowed the City to hire a designer to produce a graphics package that includes comprehensive trailhead sign and coordinating trail marker signage to be placed throughout the trail network.  The trailhead sign will be produced and installed as part of this project.  The additional trail marker signs will be produced as additional funds are available.  Murphy asked that the Parks Commission accept this generous donation on behalf of the City.  Steidemann motioned to accept this generous donation.  Metevia seconded the motion.  Motion passed 7 - 0.






8)      Flood clean up and damage to parks:  Murphy reported on the cleanup efforts and the damage sustained in the parks as a result of the flooding that occurred in April.  Damage sustained includes washout of the main bridge at City Forest, damage to dog park fencing from flood waters earlier this year that froze in place as well as additional damage from trees falling during the recent flood, washing away of fall protection material from Emerson and Chippewassee playgrounds, and damage to the infield of diamond 4 at Redcoats.  Regular cleanup efforts were required at Farmers Market, Currie Stadium, Emerson bathhouse, and Redcoats facility as well.  


9)      Ball diamond fence removals at Currie Bennett and Ashman fields:  Murphy shared a staff recommendation to remove a portion of the ball diamond fence that runs along the sides of the field located at Currie Bennett due to age and poor condition.  The fencing at the two Ashman ball diamonds is also scheduled for complete removal this summer due to age and poor condition.  The Ashman field fencing will remain in place until the spring/summer baseball season concludes as these fields are used on a drop in basis by some area youth leagues.  The City no longer schedules league play at Currie Bennett or Ashman fields, and field maintenance funds are instead used to maintain the active fields at Emerson, Redcoats and Optimist fields.


10)  Division Report: 


a.       Beautification Advisory Committee:  Post gave an update on the Beautification Advisory Committee, including a review of the committee structure along with the two main projects the committee works on each year.  In addition, Post shared two proposed changes to the guidelines for the Appreciation of Beautification Awards.  The changes would reduce the number of years an award winner would have to wait before being eligible for a subsequent award.  The landscape/structural site improvement awards will change from 7 to 5 years, and the Bette R. Tollar Civic Commitment award will change from 10 to 7 years.  Metevia motioned to accept the revised guidelines.  Carlson seconded the motion.  Motion passed  -   . 


b.      City Forest:  Post provided a review of City Forest operations, including an end of the season winter report, and information on year round use that occurs at the City Forest.


c.       Post also shared an update on summer recreation offerings, including a list of upcoming events.


11)  Project Report:  



a.       Neighborhood park playgrounds:  Murphy reported that the contractor has begun replacing the play equipment in the twelve neighborhood parks covered by the grant from the Midland Area Community Foundation’s Dorothy L. Ludington Children’s Fund.  Letters were mailed this week to park neighbors updating them on the project.  Parks are being done one at a time, with removal of equipment followed shortly thereafter with installation of new equipment.


Murphy reported that the City Parks staff is ready to install equipment at the parks covered by the Community Development Block Grant program.  Fall protection has already been added at Maryland and Virginia parks, with benches and trash receptacles to be added shortly.  Theis Park had warranty issues with the play structure decks so these are going to be replaced as an addition to the original project.


b.      Emerson pavilion:  Murphy reported that the original bid for the Emerson pavilion came in over budget.  The project was rebid for a pavilion a few feet shorter in length and this came in within budget.   The bid has been awarded and the materials are on order.  The City is waiting for the DEQ flood plain permit before the project can begin.


c.       Barstow Woods exotics removal:  Murphy provided an update on the Barstow Woods project.  City forestry crews have removed 105 hazardous trees.  A contractor was hired to mow down the larger invasive exotic shrub material, and a seasonal employee will work this summer to apply herbicide to continue to combat the invasive species.  Evidence of the success is starting to show as native wildflowers are appearing in the understory.  Interpretive signage has been placed on site to explain to park visitors the intent of the project.


12)  Old Business :  None


13)  New Business:  None


14)  Adjourn:  Motioned by Carney, seconded by Carlson to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed 7– 0.  Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,




Karen Murphy

Director of Public Services