7:00 P.M.





1)      Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Chairperson John Metevia


2)      Roll Call:

a.       MEMBERS PRESENT: Altimore, Bovid, Carlson, Carney, Metevia, Steidemann, Varela

b.      MEMBERS ABSENT: Rankin, Rice



3)      Minutes of August 7, 2013: Altimore motioned, Carlson seconded to receive minutes of the meeting of August 7, 2013. Motion passed 7-0.


4)      Call to Audience: None


5)      Adoption of Work Plan for FY 2013/2014: Murphy shared the proposed list of topics for the 2013/14 Work Plan based on suggestions shared by the Commission at their August meeting. The Commission agreed the list contained the areas of interest as discussed at the previous meeting.


Carney motioned, Altimore seconded to accept the Work Plan as presented for FY 2013/14. Motion passed 7-0.


6)      Proposed Schedule for Recreation Fee Review: Murphy reviewed the proposed schedule for reviewing the recreation fees. The schedule is established to allow any changes to the fees to be approved by Council prior to submitting the proposed budget for the following fiscal year. The proposed outline for the recreation fee process is as follows:

         October Commission meeting Commission to review the recreation fee philosophy

         November Commission meeting Staff to propose revised fees for the Commission to consider

         December Commission meeting Hold a public hearing to receive input on proposed fees

         Mid-December Joint Meeting Invite City Council to meet with Commission to discuss the proposed fees


Carney motioned, Altimore seconded to accept the fee schedule as proposed. Motion passed 7-0.








7)      Progress Report on Master Plan Goal Attainment: Murphy reviewed the seven main goals set forth in the 2010-15 Parks and Recreation Master Plan along with the action items associated with each goal. Goals that have been completed or partially completed to date include renovating Thrune Park, the Emerson hockey rink, and the Central Park tennis courts, installing compliant play equipment in neighborhood and community parks, renovating park restrooms, developing new recreation programs, improving technology outreach with social media and on-line registration, improving park signage, redesigning landscaping to reduce maintenance costs, and continuing to focus on a high level of maintenance to keep up on current park assets. Murphy feels staff has done a very good job in following the goals and aligning their work to achieve the goals especially with the limited resources and budget restrictions that have been experienced since the plan was put in place.


8)      Project Reports:

a.       Emerson and Redcoats pavilions: Murphy provided an update on the Emerson and Redcoats pavilions. The contractor has started on the Emerson pavilion. The Redcoats pavilion will start once Emerson is complete. Murphy explained that the delay in starting the project was due to the DEQ permits not arriving as planned. The goal is to complete the pavilions yet this fall.

b.      Barstow Woods exotic control: Murphy also gave an update on the Barstow Woods exotic removal project. The project has progressed to the Saginaw Road side of the park. In removing the buckthorn in that area, a downed fence was removed and staff is in the process of getting quotes to replace the fence. Murphy reminded the Commission that this will be an ongoing project to keep the exotic species from coming back as time goes on.

c.       Currie Stadium concrete maintenance: Murphy reported that the Currie Stadium bids came in over budget, and she is working with the engineering firm to get the scope of work within the budget while still accomplishing what needs to get done. The project is still scheduled to begin in October and wrap up yet this fall.


Steidemann asked if new fence will be put up in places where homeowners have removed fence in the past. Murphy reported that these areas would not be addressed. The fence contractor will only be replacing areas where old fence had been knocked down, and we will not be making sure the entire fence is continuous. There are areas where the fence has been intentionally removed in the past and these areas will remain that way.


9)      Old Business : None


10)  New Business: None


11)  Adjourn: Motioned by Altimore, seconded by Bovid to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed 7 0. Meeting adjourned at 7:34 p.m.



Respectfully submitted,



Karen Murphy

Director of Public Services