7:00 P.M.





1)      Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 7:01 p.m. by Chairperson John Metevia


2)      Roll Call:

·         MEMBERS PRESENT:  Altimore, Carlson, Carney, Metevia, Rankin, Rice, Steidemann, Varela

·         MEMBERS ABSENT:  Bovid

·         OTHERS PRESENT: Marcie Post, Recreation Manager


3)      Minutes of October 1, 2013:   Altimore motioned, Steidemann seconded to receive minutes of the meeting of October 1, 2013. Motion passed 8-0.


4)      Call to Audience:    None      



5)      Division Report:  Post provided a review of the softball program, including the relationship between the City and the Midland Softball Association (MSA), and the responsibilities shared between the two groups.  Post explained that the MSA implemented a fee change this year, moving from a separate team sponsor fee along with a per player fee to one consolidated team fee.  The team managers were responsible this year for collecting the total fee and paying it in two installments to the Parks office.  Post also reviewed statistics for this season with regard to the number of teams and players in each league.  Overall the summer and fall leagues saw a 10% decline in total number of teams.  Statewide, a 5% decrease was seen in the number of teams that registered with the Michigan Amateur Softball Association.  Post suggested that the change in fee format this year may have contributed to the decrease in participation. 



6)      Proposed recreation fee changes for 2014: Murphy reviewed the fee recommendations for 2014 which include the following changes:


·         Change beach volleyball fee structure from a team sponsor fee plus a per player fee and charge one per player fee by league.  Proposed fees are $15/player for the 4 & 6 player recreation league, $22/player for the 4 & 6 player competitive league, and $27/player for the 2 person competitive league.

·         Add a clause that picnic table reservation fees are non-refundable.


Given the decrease in participation experienced in the adult softball leagues this year, staff is not recommending a fee change at this time but rather will re-evaluate next year.  Swimming fees continue to cover over 50% of the pool’s operating expenses, so no change in these fees is warranted at this time.


All other fees continue to meet the goals set forth in the recreation fee philosophy and therefore there are no recommended increases for 2014.


A public hearing will be held at the December 3 meeting for the Commission to receive input from the public on the proposed fees prior to making a recommendation on the fees to the City Council.



7)      Fun Zone renovation project:  Murphy reported that the City is working in partnership with the Midland Area Community Foundation on renovation to the Fun Zone in June 2014.  The Fun Zone was originally constructed as a community build project in 1994.  A steering committee comprised of volunteers spearheaded the effort, including fundraising for the project, assisting with the design of the project, and organizing the volunteer labor for the construction phase.  Leathers Associates was the playground design firm used for the project, and they worked with school aged children and parents for input on the initial design. In September 2011, the City brought Leathers Associates in to evaluate the structure.  Leathers provided a list of recommended maintenance and safety improvements that will extend the life of the Fun Zone by 10-15 years.  Staff has an additional list of improvements based on maintenance history and recommendations over recent years from parents that would further enhance the Fun Zone.  A meeting will be held on Monday, November 18 at 7:00 in the City Council Chambers at City Hall to gather public input on what to include in the renovation, as well as to garner volunteers to help guide the project through to completion including fundraising and organizing the volunteer effort.



8)      Project Report:  

·         Pavilion, Currie Stadium, and City Forest bridge updates: 

                                                              i.      Pavilion:  Murphy reported that the pavilion at Emerson Park has been completed with the exception of the electrical service.  This will be installed by in-house staff and must comply with floodplain requirements.  Staff is working with the building department on the appropriate permits.  The pavilion at Redcoats has the main support posts in place and the slab will be poured as weather permits.  This project is still on track to be completed this fall.

                                                            ii.      Currie Stadium:  Murphy reported the concrete restoration at the stadium is continuing as scheduled.  Gerace is the contractor on the project.  The areas in need of repair have been prepped and are awaiting the patching material.  The seams on the top side of the stadium are being recaulked as well.

                                                          iii.      City Forest bridge:  Murphy reported that the bridge project is in the review phase with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  Once a permit is issued, the project will be sent out for bids.  The permitting process has slowed the project down, but staff is still hopeful the bridge can be installed this winter.


·         Grove Park Chemical Bank Cares day follow up:  Murphy shared that this volunteer project was very successful.  A team of over 25 employees from Chemical Bank partnered with a crew of 8 parks employees to complete the following projects at the park: painted the soccer goals, swing set and basketball hoops, edged the basketball court and the perimeter sidewalks, stained the gazebo and benches, planted 8 trees, trimmed buckthorn on the lot lines adjacent to the neighboring businesses, cleaned up the concrete wall along the Ashman Street parking lot, and added fall protection to the playground area.  Murphy is hopeful that this partnership will continue in future years.

·         Fournie Park building removal:  Murphy shared the staff recommendation that the existing park building located at Fournie Park be demolished.  The building has sat vacant and unused for several years, and would need major repairs in order to make it safe for use, including a complete new roof, new doors, a new electrical service, and a complete interior remodel.  Given the lack of use of the building, Murphy reported that the building will be removed this winter by the public services crew.



9)      Old Business :  None



10)  New Business:  Post announced that Leisure Time will be included in the next ‘At Your Service’ city publication that is mailed to every household in the City.  Post also announced the Appreciation of Beautification Awards ceremony will be held on November 7, with 17 individual winners and a Bette R. Tollar Civic Commitment Award to be given to the Chippewa Nature Center.



11)  Adjourn:  Motioned by Altimore, seconded by Rankin to adjourn the meeting. Motion passed 8– 0.  Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.




Respectfully submitted,




Karen Murphy

Director of Public Services