1.   Roll Call

PRESENT:    Baker, Garner, Geisler, Senesac, Slicker,  Rapanos, Wieland

ABSENT:  Kozakiewicz (previously arranged), Lind

OTHERS PRESENT:   Jon Lynch, Director of Planning and Community Development; Mark Ostgarden, City Planner; Cheri Standfest, Administrative Assistant, and 10 others

2.   Approval of the minutes of the meeting of May 22, 2001

Chairman Wieland noted that statements made by John Baer during the public hearing on Zoning Petition No. 476 did not pertain to Siebert Elementary School and that reference should be deleted from the minutes.  He also noted that minutes from the May 16th workshop were included in the packet.

It was moved by Geisler, seconded by Senesac, to approve the minutes of the meeting of May 22, 2001.  The minutes were approved as amended.


3.   Public hearings

a.                  Preliminary Plat of Hearthstone Estates No. 3 – a residential subdivision of 16 lots on 5.19 acres on the north side of Eastlawn Drive west of Waldo Avenue [see transcript].

b.                  Zoning Petition No. 479 – the request of John Popp to rezone property on the west side of Plumer Street between Austin Street and Bay City Road from Business C to Industrial A [see transcript].

c.                  Site Plan No. 206 – the request of Grainger Associates, on behalf of RPF Oil company, for site plan review and approval of a 3,590 square foot convenience store / gas station / car wash at 4816 Bay City Road (the southwest corner of Bay City Road and Rockwell Drive) [see transcript].


4.   Public Comments



5.      Old Business

a.                              Zoning Petition No. 477 – the request of Jeffrey and Josephine Browne to rezone property at 3103 West Wackerly Street (the south side of West Wackerly Street east of Sturgeon Avenue) from Residential A-1 to Office- Service 2.

Mr. Lynch provided a brief overview of the subject and the public hearing conducted on May 22nd.  He noted that while the petitioner requested Office Service-2 zoning, the Planning Commission appeared interested in an alternative zoning of Residential A-4.  Having discussed the alternative with the petitioner, the petitioner stated that he preferred the OS-2 designation but could live with an RA-4 designation.  The packet update also included an evaluation of the RA-4 zoning designation on this property.

Chairman Wieland asked if there was any new information to be presented to the Planning Commission.

Mr. Browne explained that a doctor or dentist office at this location would not constitute an excessive use.  His back yard is currently adjacent to six condominiums with decks, and they are occupied around the clock.  Conversely, an office is only occupied during business hours and not usually on weekends.  He concluded by stating that he is not opposed to the RA-4 designation but that RA-1 is not appropriate, and a doctor office would be a good neighbor.

Planning Commissioners discussed both the Residential A-4 land uses and the Office- Service 2 land uses.  Member Slicker noted that there is OS-2 zoning across the street and that the requested change is appropriate.  Other Commissioners felt that the RA-4 designation would be more appropriate given that the Land Use Plan supports it and that the permitted land uses would be more in keeping with the character of the neighborhood.

Member Senesac moved that the property subject to Zoning Petition No. 477 be zoned Residential A-4.  After discussing the motion and expressing a desire to first consider the requested OS-2 classification, this motion was withdrawn.

It was moved by Slicker and seconded by Rapanos to recommend that Zoning Petition No. 477 be approved by changing the zoning from Residential A-1 to Office-Service 2.

Vote on the motion:

YEAS:  Slicker

NAYS:  Baker, Garner, Geisler, Rapanos, Senesac, Wieland

ABSENT:  Kozakiewicz, Lind

Noting that the motion failed, it was moved by Senesac and seconded by Baker that the Planning Commission recommend that the property subject to Zoning Petition No. 477 be rezoned from Residential A-1 to Residential A-4.

Vote on the motion:

YEAS:  Baker, Garner, Geisler, Rapanos, Senesac, Slicker, Wieland

NAYS:  None

ABSENT:  Kozakiewicz, Lind

a.                              Zoning Petition No. 478 – the request of Nicolaos Rapanos to rezone property between Bay City Road and Fisher Road west of the US-10 Expressway from Business B-2 and Agricultural to Business C and Industrial A.

After providing a brief review of the request, Mr. Lynch noted that a section of Rockwell Drive, approximately .2 miles long, is currently a gravel surface.  In addition, Fisher Road is paved, but the road surface is in very poor condition.  Upon discussing improvement options with the Engineering Department, it was noted that a property owner petition for improvement via special assessments would provide the quickest means of improving the public roads.  Planning Commissioners discussed the fact that this particular action deals with the property zoning and that street conditions and utilization will be discussed during review of development plans for the site.

Commissioners discussed the zoning request and remarked that it falls within the guidelines of the Land Use Plan.

It was moved by Garner and seconded by Geisler to recommend approval of Zoning Petition No. 478.

Vote on the motion:

YEAS:  Baker, Garner, Geisler, Rapanos, Senesac, Slicker, Wieland

NAYS:  None

ABSENT:  Kozakiewicz, Lind

6.  New Business

  1. Consideration of the Preliminary Plat of Hearthstone Estates No. 3

Chairman Wieland pointed out that the petitioner has requested immediate action on the Preliminary Plat of Hearthstone Estates No. 3.

It was moved by Slicker and seconded by Garner to place the Hearthstone Estates preliminary plat on the agenda for consideration.

Vote on the motion:

YEAS:  Baker, Garner, Geisler, Slicker, Wieland

NAYS:  Senesac

ABSTAIN:  Rapanos

ABSENT:  Kozakiewicz, Lind

The Planning Commission discussed the preliminary plat and commented on the fact that this plat represents the third of three nearly identical components of the proposed subdivision.

It was moved by Geisler and seconded by Senesac to recommend approval of the Preliminary Plat of Hearthstone Estates No. 3.

Vote on the motion:

YEAS:  Baker, Garner, Geisler, Senesac, Slicker, Wieland

NAYS:  None

ABSTAIN:  Rapanos

ABSENT:  Kozakiewicz, Lind

b.                                  Election of Officers

Planning Commissioners discussed the timetable for election of Planning Commission officers in the context of Section 1.1 of the Rules of Procedure.  That provision technically requires election of officers at the current meeting.  Commissioners discussed the value of retaining the process previously used whereby the newly seated Commission elects officers.  To allow for selection of officers in that manner, it was moved by Slicker and seconded by Senesac to suspend Section 1.1 of the Planning Commission Rules of Procedure until August 1, 2001.

Vote on the motion:

YEAS:  Baker, Garner, Geisler, Rapanos, Senesac, Slicker, Wieland

NAYS:  None

ABSENT:  Kozakiewicz, Lind


c.   Request for Proposals

A draft copy of the Request for Proposals (RFP) that will be used to solicit interest in the City’s Zoning and Subdivision Ordinance update project was provided to Commissioners.  This 7-page document was compared to a 2-page document and a 21-page document from other communities.  Commissioners expressed support for the RFP, and Mr. Lynch indicated that detailed questions or comments could be forwarded to him.

Member Senesac requested that the RFP include a request that firms explain what they expect of the community regarding project participation.

7.  Communications

The Michigan Municipal League is conducting a training session on master plans on July 31st in Lansing between 6:00 and 9:00 PM.  Any members interested in attending should contact Jon Lynch so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

8.  Report of the Chairman

On July 25th, from 2:15 PM to 9:00 PM, the Midland County Conservation District will conduct a countywide tour of agricultural farmland management activities.

9.   Report of the Planning Director


ACTION – JUNE 11, 2001

Ř      Accepting Warranty Deed from Lepta Assoc. for 7’ of ROW (Forest Ridge Condos)

Ř      Annexation of property at 1983 Penrod Road

Ř      Cones Court Hearing July 9th

Ř      ZP 476 (Wolverine Bank) July 9th


JUNE 26, 2001

TrinTel Presentation Regarding Tower Regulation – the Commission determined that it should begin the session at 6:00 PM.


Planning Commissioners expressed appreciation for the level of detail being provided in staff reports pertaining to agenda items.  Commissioner Senesac requested that an explanation of “process” be included with public hearing notices.


10.  Adjourn.

Adjournment at approximately 9:00 p.m. was moved by Slicker, seconded by Baker, and unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,


Jon Lynch, AICP

Planning Commission Secretary