1.   Roll Call

PRESENT:  Baker, Dowling, Geisler, Max, Slicker, Svenson, and Wieland

ABSENT:     Kozakiewicz, Senesac, (both previously arranged)

OTHERS PRESENT:  Jon Lynch, Director of Planning & Community Development; Mark Ostgarden, City Planner; Cheri Standfest, Administrative Assistant; and 12 others

2.   Approval of the minutes of the meeting of May 14, 2002

Wieland, seconded by Max, moved approval of the minutes of the meeting of May 14, 2002.  Mr. Baker confirmed that he did not abstain in consideration of Site Plan No. 212 and the minutes were approved with all members voting affirmatively with exception of Commissioner Svenson who abstained.



3.   Public Hearings




4.   Public Comments (not related to agenda items)




5.      Old Business


a.         Zoning Petition No. 492 – initiated by Landmark Auto to zone property at 801 and 807 Ashman Street from Industrial-A to Business-C.  Mr. Lynch provided a brief review of the hearing regarding this subject that took place on May 14th.  Chairman Geisler called for any new information from the public and there was none.

Commissioner Wieland pointed out that this area has been slated for elimination of the industrial land use classification since 1997 because the neighborhood is better suited for commercial activity.  Since there is no longer a rail line in the area its character has changed considerably.  He fully supports the petition, as it will result in less intense land uses.

Other Commissioners compared the existing and proposed uses of the subject area to those permitted in the Industrial-A Zone.  They noted that concerns raised by neighbors over increased traffic would likely be more significant with industrial zoning in place.  Members felt that the petition complies with the master plan and should be approved.



It was moved by Wieland and seconded by Baker to recommend approval of Zoning Petition No. 492 to the City Council.  The vote proceeded as follows:

YEA:  Baker, Dowling, Geisler, Max, Slicker, Svenson, Wieland

NAY:  None

ABSENT:  Kozakiewicz, Senesac


b.        Planned Unit Development No. 14 – initiated by Frederick Dice on behalf of Bennett Construction Company for development of 8 dwellings southwest of Chapel Lane and Jefferson Avenue.  During the review of the public hearing on this petition, Mr. Lynch pointed out that the Commission had received three new letters expressing opposition since the public hearing concluded.

Chairman Geisler invited the public to submit new information regarding this matter.  Mr. Frederick Dice stated that the developer of this project recognizes concerns expressed by area residents.  The project can be amended to include garages and each unit will cost in the neighborhood of  $250,000.  The developer recognizes that this proposal is controversial and has offered to sell the site to surrounding property owners.

There being no additional new information, Chairman Geisler stated that he opposed the plan given the introduction of duplexes into a single family neighborhood.  A project that is more single unit per structure, such as a site condominium, would be more compatible with the area.

Commissioner Max stated that the number of units proposed for the parcel appears excessive and he is definitely opposed to the plan.  Placement of the internal street is an issue as are setbacks from the structures.

Commissioner Svenson indicated that the site could be developed less intensively than proposed.

Commissioner Wieland expressed support for this plan if it were not to be located in an area surrounded by single unit homes.  In this area single-family dwellings with attached garages would be most appropriate.

Other members discussed the fact that the developer offered to sell this site to surrounding property owners and that the proposed plan does not meet the review criteria regarding neighborhood character and compatibility.

It was moved by Baker and seconded by Max to recommend approval of Planned Unit Development No. 14 to the City Council.  The vote proceeded as follows:

YEA:  None

NAY:  Baker, Dowling, Geisler, Max, Slicker, Svenson, Wieland

ABSENT:  Kozakiewicz, Senesac



c.         Site Plan No. 213 – request of the Midland County Historical Society for site plan review and approval of a proposed museum south of West Main Street and east of Cook Road.  Mr. Lynch reviewed the material covered during the public hearing on May 14th.  There was no new information submitted to the Planning Commission.

Planning Commissioners discussed the site plan and felt that the plan was perfect for the site and would be good for the community.

It was moved by Slicker and seconded by Svenson to recommend approval of Site Plan No. 213 to the City Council contingent upon items identified in Staff Report SR 213 being complied with.  The vote proceeded as follows:

YEA:  Baker, Dowling, Geisler, Max, Slicker, Svenson, Wieland

NAY:  None

ABSENT:  Kozakiewicz, Senesac


6.  New Business


Mr. Lynch provided an overview of Community Development Toolbox project information available on the City’s web site.

7.  Communications


8.  Report of the Chairman


9.   Report of the Planning Director

The Director reported on the following matters:

June 4 – Planning Commission will conduct is second Nuts and Bolts session which will focus on signs and transportation.

June 10 – City Council will conduct public hearings on ZP No. 490, ZP No. 491, closure of the Virginia Street / Carolina Street walkway, and installation of sidewalk on Hemlock Street.  The City Council will also act on Site Plan No. 213 and will schedule public hearings on ZP No. 492 and PUD No. 14.

June 11 – A regular meeting of the Planning Commission is scheduled but there are currently no items on the meeting agenda.

June 26 – Planning Commission will conduct its final Nuts and Bolts session, which will focus on contextual design, housing, and neighborhoods.



10.  Adjourn.

Adjournment at approximately 8:55 PM was moved by Wieland seconded by Slicker, and unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,



Jon Lynch, AICP

Planning Commission Secretary