1. Roll Call

PRESENT: Baker, Dowling, Geisler, Kozakiewicz, Max, Senesac, Slicker, and Svenson

ABSENT: Wieland (previously arranged)

OTHERS PRESENT: Jon Lynch, Director of Planning & Community Development; Mark Ostgarden, City Planner; Cheri Standfest, Administrative Assistant; and 11 others.

2. Approval of the minutes of the meeting of November 26, 2002

Max moved to approve the minutes of the meeting of November 26, 2002 with Slicker supporting the motion. The minutes were approved as presented.



3. Public Hearings


Planned Unit Development No. 15 request of Shiloh Land Development for approval of a Planned Unit Development named Carolina Cove Condominiums consisting of 47 residential units to be constructed on 6.74 acres west of Abbott Road and north of Betsey Drive. [see transcript]


4. Public Comments (not related to agenda items)




5.      Old Business


a.        Site Plan No. 221 request of Wolgast Corporation for site plan approval of a 54,825 square foot warehouse addition located at 2520 Schuette Road. Mr. Ostgarden provided a brief review of the public hearing conducted regarding this petition on November 26th. It was noted that the alignment of the proposed driveway with Arrow Cove was examined and staff concluded that the misalignment would not be detrimental, given the nature of the public street and adjacent land uses. It was also noted that there would be no trash collection facility outside the structure and that site lighting needed to be identified.

Commissioner Senesac stated that the site plan was straightforward and that approval was warranted. Commissioner Svenson stated that the misalignment of driveways is an issue, but that in this case it is not a significant enough issue to reject the site plan.


It was moved by Slicker and seconded by Svenson to recommend to City Council approval of Site Plan No. 221 contingent upon:


1)       Site lighting is not cast off-site.

2)       Storm water retention plans are reviewed and approved by the City of Midland Engineering Department.

3)       A revised site plan that illustrates site lighting is submitted for City Council consideration.


The vote proceeded as follows:

YEA: Baker, Dowling, Geisler, Kozakiewicz, Max, Senesac, Slicker, and Svenson

NAY: None

ABSENT: Wieland


b.        Resolution consideration of a resolution expressing support for improvement of streets and pedestrian facilities along Jefferson Avenue. The Planning Commission received a letter from Mr. Jim Siler requesting that Jefferson Avenue be improved for cyclists. Upon discussing the matter, the Planning Commission determined that it would be favorable to view pedestrian and bicycle circulation in the context of the Parks & Recreation Master Plan, the Comprehensive Plan, and future capital improvement plans. A resolution expressing these points was prepared by staff and presented to the Commission.

Adoption of the attached resolution was moved by Svenson and seconded by Slicker as follows:

YEA: Baker, Dowling, Geisler, Kozakiewicz, Max, Senesac, Slicker, and Svenson

NAY: None

ABSENT: Wieland



6. New Business


7. Communications

Mr. Lynch outlined a request made by Mr. John Rapanos to rezone property on the south side of North Saginaw Road. It was noted that property on the north side of the road in the general vicinity is also currently subject to zoning action. The Commission determined that it would consider this matter after a pending joint session with Hope Township.

8. Report of the Chairman

Chairman Geisler requested that parties from the circle area and downtown be invited to a planning session to discuss proposed zoning text for those two commercial centers.

9. Report of the Planning Director

The Director reported on the following matters:




November 25th

Zoning Petition No. 495 Midland Ford (approved)

December 9th


         Site Plan No. 219 Alpine Mobile Home Village (approved)

         Zoning Petition No. 497 N and E of Oakbrook (set hearing)

         Zoning Petition No. 498 W of Perrine, N of Airport (set hearing)

         Zoning Petition No. 499 W of Abbott, N of Betsey (set hearing)


December 16th

         Site Plan No. 198 Whisper Ridge East; 16 unit site condo N of N Saginaw Rd and E of Russell St (originally approved 1-29-2003)

         Site Plan No. 221 Central Warehouse





January 14th

         Planned Unit Development No. 15 Shiloh Homes; Carolina Cove: W of Abbott, N of Betsey (action)

         Site Plan No. 222 (public hearing) -

         Site Plan No. 223 (public hearing)


January 28th

         Site Plan No. 222 (action) Dow Foundation: Natural Forest Visitors Center @ 2303 Eastman Ave.

         Site Plan No. 223 (action) Dick Miller: 6 unit residential development (2 single family & 2 duplex) @ Natalie Street


Toolbox Project


         January 3 Staff comments to McKenna

         January 24 Receive zoning map report

         January 31 Staff meeting with McKenna @ Northville Office

         February 11 Draft zoning ordinance distributed to Planning Commission

         March Subdivision ordinance review / discuss draft zoning ordinance

         April Planning Commission public hearings re drafts


Special Sessions


Staff will be contacting Homer Twp to solicit potential joint meeting dates.



10. Adjourn.

Adjournment at approximately 8:35 PM was moved by Svenson, seconded by Slicker, and unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,



Jon Lynch, AICP

Planning Commission Secretary









Planning Commission Resolution


Whereas, the City of Midland is a community which continues to grow and develop; and


Whereas, a goal stated in the City Master Plan is to provide parks and open space in proximity to residential neighborhoods; and


Whereas, to implement this goal the Master Plan states that the community should be developing and implementing pedestrian and bicycle trail systems in the City; and


Whereas, a goal of the City Parks and Recreation Master Plan is to provide diverse recreational facilities for the community; and


Whereas, there is public interest in the improvements of existing roadways in the growing areas of the community to provide for safe bicycle travel.


Resolved, that in keeping with the goals and policies of the City Master Plan and the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, the City Planning Commission supports improvements which will provide improved circulation for pedestrians and bicycle users; and


Resolved further, that the Planning Commission recommends that the Parks and Recreation Commission be encouraged to begin discussions on how to implement a plan for improved pedestrian and bicycle circulation within the City of Midland; and


Resolved further, that the Planning Commission recommends the City of Midland contact the Midland County Road Commission to begin planning for an integrated pedestrian and bicycle system for the City of Midland and Midland County.







James Geisler

Chairman, Midland Planning Commission


December 10, 2002


Bicycle resolution