1.   Roll Call

PRESENT:  Baker, Dowling, Geisler, Max, Mead, Senesac, Svenson and Wieland

ABSENT:     Kozakiewicz (excused)

OTHERS PRESENT:  Jon Lynch, Assistant City Manager; Mark Ostgarden, City Planner; Cheri Standfest, Administrative Assistant; Sally Sutton, Zoning Board of Appeals and 16 others

2.   Approval of Minutes

Regular Meeting of December 9, 2003

It was moved by Geisler and supported by Dowling to approve the minutes of December 9 with corrections.  On page one the work “obtain” is changed to “abstain” and on page two the word “crease” is changed to “approve”.  The minutes were unanimously approved as corrected.


3.   Public Hearings


a.      Zoning Petition No. 505 - Consideration of a zoning change requested by Family and Children’s Service of Midland to zone property at 1610 Bookness Street from Residential A-4 to Office Service 2. [see transcript]


b.      Site Plan No. 235 - Consideration of site plan approval requested by Arthur J. Fisher to revise an approved site plan (#219) for a residential mobile home park with 137 sites on approximately 35 acres located east of Perrine Road and south of Letts Road. [see transcript]


4.   Public Comments (not related to agenda items)




5.      Old Business



a.      Zoning Petition No. 504 - Consideration of a zoning change requested by Midland Soccer Club to zone approximately 35 acres south of Joseph Drive and north of Diamond Drive, east of Midfield Lane from Limited Commercial, Manufacturing and Research to Community.  Mr. Lynch provided a summary of the request and the public hearing conducted on December 9th.    Mr. Richard Fosgitt of Bartow and King Engineers, speaking on behalf of the Midland Soccer Club, reviewed development plans for the subject site.

Commissioner Geisler stated that this is a nice plan and will provide a good addition to the community.  Commissioners Mead and Wieland also spoke in support of the zoning petition.


Commissioner Max stated that the existing soccer complex is certainly utilized and the proposed expansion is probably already 6 or 7 fields short.


Chairman Senesac also noted that by virtue of its willingness to part with this parcel, Dow has limited need for the property in the future.


It was moved by Svenson and seconded by Wieland to recommend approval of Rezoning Petition No. 504. 


The vote proceeded as follows:


YEA:         Baker, Dowling, Geisler, Max, Mead, Senesac, Svenson, Wieland

NAY:         None

ABSENT:  Kozakiewicz


b.      Site Plan No. 234 - Consideration of site plan approval requested by F/A Pnacek Ltd. to create an 18 lot site condominium on approximately 4.4 acres located north of Joseph Drive and west of Midfield Lane.  Mr. Lynch reviewed the site plan, Site Plan No. 226, and the public hearing of December 9th.  Mr. Jerry Schaefer, speaking on behalf of F/A Pnacek Ltd., indicated that all contingencies specified in the staff report would be accepted and complied with.


Commissioner Svenson stated that this plan is not much different than the previous plan and that the three proposed private streets present a safety hazard.


Commissioner Mead discussed the setback differences between the original site plan and the current plan.


Commissioner Wieland indicated that he would prefer to see a service drive providing access to the interior lots but has concluded that the proposed plan meets the requirements of the Zoning Ordinance.  There are elements of the plan that he does not care for but he will support the plan.


Commissioner Max stated that the design is not grossly different from the initial plan but it does meet the setback requirements.  He feels that there may be problems with residents of the City living along the rear lot line of residents of Larkin Township since township citizens can do things such as burn yard waste and create large compost piles.


Commissioner Mead stated that this is a different plan which meets the criteria of the ordinance and that the Planning Commission needs to be open to the revisions.  Personal feelings should not enter into the evaluation and buyers and the market will dictate the success of the project.


Commissioner Svenson brought up screening along the north property line of the subject site.  Commissioners generally felt that the 40’ long fences at the street terminations was a start toward stopping lights from cars, more screening along the property line would be beneficial.


Commissioner Baker advised the Planning Commission not to wander into areas of new concern as the Commission had previously acted on a site plan for this project and the developers addressed the concerns raised at that time.


Chairman Senesac stated that screening along the north property line is a good idea and that he reluctantly supports the plan.


It was moved by Geisler and seconded by Mead to recommend approval of Site Plan No. 234 with the following contingencies: 


1.       Following construction utility easements and a detention pond location easement shall be provided.

2.       Site lighting will not cast illumination off site.

3.       Storm water retention plans shall be reviewed and approved by the City of Midland Engineering Department.

4.       Sidewalk will be constructed through the private street intersections.

5.       Access capable of supporting a 60,000 lb. vehicle will be provided prior to construction on any of the proposed “lots”.

6.       On street parking will be placed opposite the fire hydrants.

7.       Hammerhead dimensions will be increased to 30’ by 60’.

8.       A six foot tall opaque screen will be installed along the north property line of the subject parcel.


The vote proceeded as follows:


YEA:         Baker, Dowling, Geisler, Mead, Senesac, Wieland

NAY:         Max, Svenson

ABSENT:  Kozakiewicz



c.      City of Midland Zoning Ordinance – Consideration of a new zoning ordinance, including a zoning district map, regulating the development and use of land within the City of Midland.  Mr. Lynch reviewed comments offered to the Planning Commission during the December 9th public hearing.  Mr. John Muste and Mr. Charles Batcke presented additional comments to the Commission.  Chairman Senesac determined that the Commissioners would discuss each outstanding item individually and the discussion proceeded as follows:

(i)                  Recreation Vehicle Parking – Commissioners discussed the relative merit of imposing more significant restrictions on parking and storage of recreational vehicles in residential zones.  The Commission directed staff to revise the draft text by incorporating language from the current zoning ordinance.  In addition, staff is to provide information regarding parking and storage of recreational vehicles within front yard and side street yard setbacks.   

(ii)                Traffic Impact Analysis – After discussing how traffic impact assessments would be utilized and analyzed the Commission determined that this provision should be deleted from the draft ordinance.

At 9:32 PM it was moved by Geisler and seconded by Wieland to extend the meeting until 10:00 PM.  This motion was unanimously approved.

(iii)               Mobile Home Parks – Noting that the Michigan Mobile Home Commission regulates mobile home park design, and that the MMHC can authorize local rules that are more restrictive than State rules, the Commission recommended that Article 16 of the draft ordinance be submitted to MMHC for comment.

(iv)              Fence Regulations – Public comment regarding the value of regulating the “finished” side of fences has been evenly divided.  Planning Commissioners discussed this provision and, by a slim majority, decided to retain the draft language.

(v)                Office Service District – Commissioners reviewed public comments and determined that single family, two family, and multiple family dwellings should be permitted by conditional use permit in the Office Service Zone.

Staff will prepare updated language for consideration by the Commission on January 27th.  An additional public hearing on the draft ordinance will be scheduled for a future date, likely February 24th.

6.  New Business

Request to consider approval of Site Plan No. 235 – Commissioners discussed the petitioner’s request to act on this revised site plan immediately.  Commissioner Mead noted that there were too many issues that need to be addressed for the Planning Commission to deal with it tonight.  Commissioners elected not to take action on the plan that evening.

7.  Communications

Letter from Wade Trim, Inc. regarding efforts by Larkin Charter Township to update its master plan.  This notice to adjoining jurisdictions is required by the Michigan Coordinated Planning Act.


8.  Report of the Chairman

      Chairman Senesac reported that he and Mr. Ostgarden attended a STARPAC meeting in December.  This group is organized for the purpose of advancing bicycle and pedestrian transportation networks throughout the community.


9.   Report of the Planning Director

The Director reported on the following matters:



January 26th

                        PUBLIC HEARINGS

                                                                        Set date for Zoning Petition No. 504 – Midland Soccer Club

                        ACTION ITEMS

                                    Site Plan No. 234 – Courts at Joseph’s Run


January 27th

                        PUBLIC HEARINGS


                        ACTION ITEMS

                                    Zoning Petition No. 505 – 1610 Bookness (RA-4 to OS-2)

                                    Site Plan No. 235 – Alpine Estates (if action not taken 1/13)



10.  Adjourn.

Adjournment at approximately 9:50 PM was moved by Wieland, seconded by Geisler, and unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Jon Lynch, AICP

Planning Commission Secretary