Present:  Baker, Eyre, Kanuch, Kozakiewicz, Mead, Senesac, Wieland, Plotzke & Svenson


Absent:   None


Others Present:  Jon Lynch, Assistant City Manager; Daryl Poprave, City Planner, Cheri Standfest, Community Development Specialist; and 1 other


2.         Approval of Minutes


It was moved by Wieland, seconded by Baker to approve the minutes of the meeting of January 25, 2005.  Motion passed unanimously.


Introduction of Mark Plotzke, who gave a brief background of himself.


3.         Public Hearings - None


4.                                          Public Comments – None


5.                                          Old Business  - None


6.                                          New Business


Zoning of Recently Annexed Property – Preliminary Assessment


The process of applying zoning to newly annexed properties was explained by Mr. Lynch.  Seven properties were annexed to the city in 2004.


Mr. Poprave presented the following Zoning Petitions:


a)                  3705 Letts Road – Zoning Petition #514 – Annexed from Larkin Township in March, 2004.  It is on the south side of Letts Road between Sturgeon and Perrine Roads.  The applicants are Alpine Mobile Homes.  The surrounding zoning for the property includes RD zoning adjacent east and south of the property.  To the north, it is RA-4.  There is some industrial land, some community land and some RA-1.  The future land use map identifies it as medium density residential.  This is consistent with mobile home parks. 


b)                  3721 Letts Road – Zoning Petition #515.   This parcel was annexed separately.  It is just a long narrow parcel, but it is a separate parcel of land.  There is RD zoning, some industrial zoning, some RA-1, and some community.  This land is also identified as medium density residential on the master plan.


c)                  6201 West Wackerly Road – Zoning Petition #516 – Formerly in Homer Township.  It is south of W. Wackerly St. and east of Stark Road.  It is owned by Emery Sova.  It is currently vacant.  There are a couple of gaps on the map.  These properties remain in Homer Township and have not yet been annexed.  This parcel falls within a low density residential area.  The master plan shows Wackerly Road to be a general commercial land use.


d)         4412 Waldo Road – Zoning Petition #517 – This is on the north side of town, next to the Waldo Road interchange.  It is actually a residential lot, a triangular shaped lot, and is adjacent to property in Midland Township, across Waldo Road.  Properties around this parcel are zoned RA-4, with the exception of some holes shown in the map, which are still in Midland Township.  There is some RA-1 to the west and some RA-2 to the south.  The master plan identifies this property as medium density residential.


e)      4705 Isabella Road -  Zoning Petition #518 – Annexed in August, 2004.  This was formerly in Homer Township.  It is located on the south side of Isabella Street, east of Laughton Drive.  Currently this parcel is a vacant parcel.  It is surrounded by other commercially zoned properties.  This property is adjacent to some commercially zoned property and RB on the other side.  There is some OS and some RA-1 across the street.  On the future land use map, we have it identified as general commercial.  To the west we have some RB, or high density residential, consistent with the apartment buildings that are already there.


f)                    31 Cheryl Drive – Zoning Petition #519.  Formerly in Homer Township.  This parcel is located to the south of the parcel in Petition #518.  There is a home on this parcel.  On the zoning map, we have the same types of zoning identified in Petition #518.  We have some general commercial, some office service, some medium density residential, and some low density residential further to the north.


g)      6305 W. Wackerly Road – Zoning Petition #520.  Formerly in Homer Township.  This was annexed in mid-November, 2004.  This is adjacent to 6201 W. Wackerly (Zoning Petition #516).  This property is located south of W. Wackerly Street and east of Stark Road, adjacent to the other parcel.  It is surrounded by RC commercial on W. Wackerly and RA-1 to the south and east.  The master plan shows this area as all low density residential.


Staff would like to get feedback from the Planning Commission regarding the zoning districts to pursue for these properties.  The first two (on Letts Road) are proposed to go to RD.  There is consensus of the Planning Commission to pursue this zoning for these properties.  Both of these petitions are brought by the property owner who owns Alpine Mobile Home Park.  North of Letts Road, there is a single-family home subdivision in the process of being constructed there.  Zoning Petitions #516 & #520 – these parcels are both owned by Emery Sova.  The Planning Commission thinks they should both be zoned the same.  The recommendation for Zoning Petition #517 is RA-4.  This complies with the master plan.  Currently, MDOT does not have any plans to make this into a full interchange at this point.  However, this may change some time in the future.  Mr. Mead and Ms. Svenson feel this is not an ideal location for residential, however, there is a house already existing on this property.  The Commission achieved consensus to move forward with RA-4.  Petition #518 is straight forward.  Regional Commercial is the appropriate zoning for this parcel.   Zoning Petition #519 – Perhaps this should remain RA-1 until we go thru the update of the master plan.  However, that would place RA-1 immediately next to general commercial.  The Commission does have the ability to wait until after the update of the master plan, when this area could be researched more closely.  Staff will bring an aerial photograph to the next meeting to provide an overview of the depth of this building and the surrounding properties.  We will also ask the property owners to come to the next meeting so the Commission can engage in some dialogue with them regarding their desires for this property.


7.                  Communications  - None


8.                                          Report of the Chairman  - None


9.                                          Report of the Planning Director – (See the Director’s Report)


10.       Adjournment – Motion to adjourn by Mr. Wieland, seconded by Ms. Svenson.  Meeting adjourned at 8:14.