1.†† Roll Call

PRESENT:Brown, Eyre, Hanna, Kozakiewicz, Mead, Senesac and Svenson

ABSENT:†††† Gaynor and Jocks

OTHERS PRESENT:Daryl Poprave, City Planner; Debbie Marquardt, Technical Secretary and 3 others.


2.†† Introduction of New Members


Introduced the two new members.Diane Brown and her term expires 2009, and Gayle Hanna and her term expires 2008


Gayle Hanna was raised in Midland.She is interested in the future of this community.Diane Brown has been in Midland for 23 years and raised her family.She is an IT professional and hopes to contribute to future development.Dan Kozakiewicz and Roger Mead were both reappointed.


3.†† Selection of Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson


Terms run from July to June and then elect new officers.The nominating committee consisted of Bill Eyre and Carol Svenson and Bill nominated Dan Kozakiewicz as the Chairman and Carol Svenson as Vice Chair.Mead move to accept the recommendation for chair and vice chair.Brown seconded the motion.All in favor unanimous.Ray passes the gavel to Dan.


4.†† Approval of Minutes

Regular Meeting of June 13, 2006.

It was moved by Senesac and supported by Eyre to approve the minutes of June 13th.The minutes were unanimously approved.


5.†† Public Hearing



6.†† Public Comments (not related to agenda items)


††††† None


7.Old Business


††††† None


8.New Business

††††† Midland Master Plan Ė Brad Strader from LSL lead the discussion.They are one third of the way through the master plan.The Planning Commission approved a draft of the demographic chapter.

††††† Each chapter will have a study section with the Planning Commission and then in January they will unveil the draft before the official public hearing process.

††††† Wetlands are based on different sources.They use resources that are available.They use the flood plain and a little bit of field verification and overview of what the existing conditions are.

††††† The background in natural resource deals with the watersheds and existing land use map and inventoried the woodlands and wetlands.There are 22,500 acres that are classified as natural features in the city.Over 5,000 acres are woodlands.Areas that are state wetlands are 2,000.Lakes and detention ponds and rivers 1,000 acres and just under 4,000 acres are in the floodplain.Much of these are overlapped.

††††† Soils are usually a big factor in cities but in MUGA it determines perks.If you donít have utilities, you may have to go out and remove soil.

††††† The master plan is looking into the future.Based on the parks and recreation plan and keep the plan readable and keep focus on future.

††††† Before next meeting get comments in to Daryl so they can get the draft done.

††††† Strader showed the future land use map, the first cut.They looked at where should residential should go and where commercial should go.They would like to add downtown density to support businesses, take better advantage of the river.The assignment for the Planning Commission is to use the map and drive around and become familiar with what is on the streets.

††††† Roger asked if they should address downtown separately and should they address the circle area separately?

††††† Commercial is logical to maintain a vigorous downtown.Additional commercial will keep dollars in Midland.There is primarily industrial by the west interchange.

††††† Daryl stated that light yellow residential and dark yellow multi family should be more contrast.

††††† Ray stated that one area that they havenít talked about and will have some real changes in the next 25 years is out on Bay City Road.

††††† It looks like there may be an over abundance of senior housing.

††††† Gayle was asking about farm land and if they looked at conserving that.

††††† Sometimes the best land to develop is prime farm land.

††††† The flood plain is in blue and the intent is not to encourage development in the flood plan areas.Put a disclaimer and state what the flood plain is and it is very difficult to develop in that area.A lot of that space in the flood plain is public land

††††† Build out analysis.Take out for wetlands and flood plains and then for roads and how many units and then multiply it by the number of people in the household.The chart below shows the number of housing units.What the population could be.These are work papers but could be included in the plan with some narratives.The projected population is always wrong.

The next meeting they will go over natural features and traffic counts.When school is back in session, they are looking for volunteers for traffic counts.This is good experience for the Planning Commission. They will go through movements from right and left to make sure adding right turn lane or left turn arrows are needed.It will take place two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening.Two people are needed at each intersection to count the two different directions.Daryl will take the list of volunteers.Dow Howell Gilmore will take the names.The Jefferson Avenue corridor, just north of Joseph down to the circle and Wheeler Street from Waldo Avenue all the way back to Saginaw and Eastman Avenue south of Wackerly Street to St. Andrews.There are a total of 11 intersections and three major corridors.†† This will be a mid week count.†† The next meeting will take place the first Thursday of October and then every month after that.



Included in the packet was Article 30 from the Zoning Ordinance.A couple of issues of Planning and Zoning News were passed out along with Michigan Planner.


10.Report of the Chairman


†††† None


11.Report of the Planning Director


Michigan Planning Conference to be held on October 11-14 in Detroit.The city would like to send two to three members so please check your calendar and let Daryl know.

††††† The August 22nd Planning Commission meeting is cancelled.

The September 12th Planning Commission meeting will have three rezoning petitions:ZP #531, ZP #532 and ZP #533.

The Zoning Board of Appeals will meet on August 15th and has three cases.



Adjournment at 8:38 p.m. was unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,




Daryl Poprave

City Planner