JANUARY 8, 2008, 7:00 P.M.,



1.   Roll Call

PRESENT:  Brown, Eyre, Gaynor, Hanna, King, Kozakiewicz, Mead, and Senesac

ABSENT:    Svenson

OTHERS PRESENT: Keith Baker, Planning Director, Daryl Poprave, Deputy Planning Director; Cheri King, Community Development Specialist; and 6 others


2.    Approval of Minutes

Moved by Senesac, seconded by Brown, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of December 11, 2007.  Motion passed unanimously.


3.   Public Hearing


      a.   Site Plan No. 272 from Bartow & King Engineers, Inc., a request for site plan review and approval for a 2,926 square foot beauty salon at 605 East Wackerly Street. 


Mr. Baker showed a map of the 300’ surrounding area that was notified of the hearing.  Staff wanted to assure the Planning Commission that this is currently all one parcel and is still going through the land division process.  He wanted to make sure the Planning Commission was aware that everyone was notified within the 300’ radius.  A location map shows it is north of Wackerly, Nathan Court, Elliott Drive, the current Curves facility, across US-10 is the Midland Soccer Complex.  The entire parcel is a single existing parcel on which currently the fitness center is being built.  Next to the fitness center is where the hair salon will be located.  This entire area has been identified for commercial use by the Master Plan.  There is low and medium density residential to the south.  The area is zoned RC along the north side of Wackerly.  There is RA-1 residential under development and Community zoning to the north as the soccer complex.


The site plan includes the 2926 sq. ft. building and includes an above ground storm water detention area.  It includes 30 parking stalls and a landscaped drive approach.  The staff report shows the use is a permitted use within the RC district.   The site is relatively flat and abuts a federal highway (US-10).  A landscaping plan has been provided.  Landscaping is required along the frontage along Wackerly Street.  Landscaping is also required relative to the number of parking stalls proposed for the development.  Landscaping meets the requirements of Article VI of the zoning ordinance.  The natural vegetation that did exist on this site and the adjoining site has been removed so this is currently a vacant parcel.  There is adjoining commercial development on the west side.  Emergency vehicle access has been reviewed by the Fire Department with a single driveway on Wackerly, with the ability to circulate the property and get out of the site.  Public sidewalk is proposed.  There are no changes proposed to East Wackerly but one curb cut has been proposed.  They have provided a soil erosion and sedimentation plan and it is acceptable to the city.  The exterior lighting plan has been submitted and is acceptable to the city.  Screening is not required along the north, east or west property lines.  A berm is being provided along the property frontage to screen the property from the residential development to the south.  Staff has no concerns relative to health and safety regarding this project.  The property owner has identified a proposed location for a sign on this property.  This will be reviewed by the city’s Building Department.  Parking lot striping has been included on the site plan to show the box style striping.  Staff recommends approval of the site plan as presented.


Gayle Hanna asked Mr. Baker about the possibility of sharing a curb cut with the adjacent property.  Mr. Baker stated each property has to be provided access to their property, however, it was recommended that they try to negotiate a combined access with the adjacent property.  This issue will be discussed at the spring training session of the Planning Commission.  Mr. Mead is in agreement with Ms. Hanna.  Mr. King asked about pedestrian access between the neighboring developments.  Is there a practical way to walk between buildings along this stretch of road?  Mr. Baker stated this would be a question for the petitioner.


Mr. Eyre asked about the location of the dumpster on the site.  Is there any requirement regarding where a dumpster has to be placed on the property?  Mr. Baker stated there is not, but the dumpster must be screened.  Mr. Senesac stated he had the same concern.  


Gary Barto, of Bartow and King Engineers, stated he can address the receptacle issue.  The commercial refuse collection firms will be there prior to 8:00 a.m. so it will not interfere with the times the businesses are open.  Discussion was held regarding making a shared access between this parking lot and the parking lot of the fitness center.  This could be done by agreement between the two property owners.  That would alleviate people having to go out of one driveway and into the next on East Wackerly Street. 


No one spoke either in favor of or in opposition to the proposed changes.


The public hearing was closed.


4.   Public Comments (not related to agenda items)




5.   New Business




6.   Old Business


a.    Conditional Use Permit No. 27, the request of Bartow and King Engineers, Inc. for a drive through window for a restaurant at a fitness park at 601 East Wackerly Street on 1.6 acres in the RC District (amendments to approved Site Plan No. 265 – tabled from December 11, 2007 meeting).


Motion to remove this item from the table by Hanna, seconded by Senesac.  Motion passed 8-0.


Mr. Poprave showed an aerial photo of the site at 601 E. Wackerly.  It is next to another fitness center south of US-10, located in the RC regional commercial district.  To the south is RB Residential, and to the north is Community zoning containing the soccer fields.  All the requirements as previously stated on this site plan have not changed.  The parking design has not changed.  There was just a minor change in order to get the parking back up to the required amount.  Two spaces have been added. 


Mr. Bartow, the petitioner, has no comments.


Mr. Senesac stated he is in support and it seems to meet all the requirements.  Mr. Mead stated he is satisfied with the site plan and it works fine for him.  Ms. Hanna stated she appreciates the time spent to make this a feasible plan.  Mr. Eyre and Ms. Brown agree.


            It was moved by Eyre and seconded by Brown to recommend City Council approval on Conditional Use Permit No. 27.


YEA:    Brown, Eyre, Gaynor, Hanna, King, Kozakiewicz, Mead and Senesac

NAY:   None

ABSENT:   Svenson


The motion was approved 8-0.


b.    2007 Zoning Ordinance No. 1585 – Revisions to several sections of the zoning ordinance. 


It was moved by Hanna and seconded by Brown to recommend City Council approval of the revisions to several sections of the zoning ordinance.


YEA:    Brown, Eyre, Gaynor, Hanna, King, Kozakiewicz, Mead and Senesac

NAY:   None

ABSENT:   Svenson


The motion was approved 8-0.


7.  Communications




8.  Report of the Chairperson  




9.    Report of the Planning Director


CITY COUNCIL                                                                                                                 


December 17th                                    

            ACTION ITEMS        


1.    Conditional Use Permit No. 26, the request of the County of Midland, for a proposed County jail at 101 Rockwell Drive on 30 acres.  Approved

January 7th                              

            ACTION ITEMS        


                        1.   Zoning Petition No. 545, initiated by the MidMichigan Medical                                           Center, for property located at 3200 West Sugnet Road from RA-1                                        Residential to Community.  Approved.




January 22nd    

            PUBLIC HEARINGS 


1.   None


            ACTION ITEMS        


1.    Site Plan No. 272 from Bartow & King Engineers, Inc., a request for site plan review and approval for a 2,926 square foot beauty salon at 605 East Wackerly Street.




December 18, 2007 Meeting


a.    No. 07-15 – Alex Rapanos for an area/dimension variance to exceed the maximum allowable square footage for a wall sign at 1549 Washington Street.  (Approved for up to 64 square feet of additional building signage)







January 22, 2008 is the next regularly scheduled Planning Commission meeting. 


The public can view the recently adopted 2007 Master Plan Update by accessing the City’s website at www.midland-mi.org and going to the Master Plan Update link on the homepage.


It is that time of year again.  Time to discuss scheduling and selecting a date for the 2008 Planning Commission training workshop.    


Williams Township (Saginaw County) is proposing an amendment to their future land use plan that is consistent with the City of Midland’s recently adopted Master Plan. 


Planning Commission packets are available on-line at the City of Midland’s web site.  Meeting agenda items are highlighted and residents can “click” on the link to view all of the supporting documentation.  The city’s web site address is www.midland-mi.org.





10.  Adjourn

Adjournment at 8:09 p.m. was unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,


Keith Baker, AICP

Planning Director