AUGUST 12, 2008, 7:00 P.M.,



1.   Roll Call

PRESENT:  Brown, Eyre, Hanna, King, Mead, Senesac and Svenson

ABSENT:    Gaynor and Kozakiewicz

OTHERS PRESENT: Daryl Poprave, Deputy Planning Director, Cheri King, Community Development Specialist and 7 others.


2.   Approval of Minutes

Moved by Senesac, seconded by Brown, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of July 22, 2008. Motion passed unanimously.


3.   Public Hearing




4.  Public Comments




5.   New Business


      Staff distributed proposed dates for Planning Commission meetings in 2009.  Moved by Hanna, seconded by Brown that the Planning Commission meetings scheduled for next year on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month be adopted.  Motion passed unanimously.  These will be added to the city calendar.


6.    Old Business


  1. Site Plan No. 284 from Three Rivers Corporation on behalf of Senior Services – Midland County Council on Aging for site plan review and approval for a 11,132 square foot building located at 5000 North Saginaw Road.


      Mr. Poprave displayed an aerial photograph of the subject property.  It is located north of N. Saginaw Road and east of Dublin Avenue.  It is adjacent to a couple retail spaces to the east and across the street from the current Senior Center and just south of Colonial Villa senior living center.  The property is zoned Office Service and this use is allowed by right.  The property is currently vacant.  The facility will be owned and operated by Senior Services of Midland County, or Council on Aging.  Existing natural features are being preserved on this site.  One tree that is preserved and that equals one credit.  They are preserving 23 trees, therefore 23 credits.  The building adheres to all the setbacks.  Landscaping meets the screening requirements.  Emergency access is sufficient.  There will be one driveway on Dublin Avenue and no driveways on N. Saginaw Road.  Pedestrian access is via sidewalks that already exist.  Parking does meet the current ordinance.  Storm water is on the far east side of this site via a shallow pond that does not need to be fenced.  The dumpsters and outdoor storage areas will all be screened. 


      Christin Riddle, 3069 Vantage Point Drive, is representing Three Rivers Construction.  She has nothing new to add at this time.


      It was moved by Mead, and seconded by Hanna, to recommend to

      City Council approval of site Plan No. 284 with the following contingencies:


      1.   The stormwater detention system is designed and constructed in accordance with the City of Midland Engineering Department specifications.

      2.   All landscaping shall comply with Article 6 of the Zoning Ordinance.

      3.   All exterior lighting shall comply with Section 3.12 of the Zoning Ordinance.

      4.   All exterior signage shall comply with Article 8 of the Zoning Ordinance.

      5.   All parking spaces shall comply with Section 5.01D of the Zoning Ordinance and be delineated by the “box” style striping.

      6.   The location, access and flow of the proposed fire hydrants, water and sewer mains shall be in accordance with the City of Midland Fire Department, Utility Department and Engineering Department specifications.

      7.   The under canopy clearance shall be increased to 14 feet to accommodate Dial A Ride buses.

      8.   An easement shall be obtained for the small portion of driveway which will be located on the adjacent property located north of this parcel.


            Mr. Eyre stated he feels it meets all of the criteria.  Ms. Hanna stated it not only meets all the criteria and it meets a need in the community.


      Vote on the motion:


      YEAS:       Brown, Eyre, Hanna, King, Mead, Senesac and Svenson

      NAYS:       None

      ABSENT:  Gaynor and Kozakiewicz

      ABSTAIN: None


      The motion was approved 7-0.


      b.   Zoning Petition No. 553 initiated by Nicolaos Rapanos for property located at 102 Fast Ice Drive from Agricultural zoning to Limited Commercial Manufacturing and Research (LCMR).


      Mr. Poprave presented an aerial photograph of the subject property.  It is located east of Fast Ice Drive.  Rockwell Drive is to the east and Bay City   Road is to the north.  It is currently in vacant Agricultural property.  The proposed rezoning is consistent with the city’s Master Plan.  The proposed amendment will be in accordance with the intent and purpose of the Zoning Ordinance.  Staff feels that conditions have changed since the Zoning Ordinance was adopted that justifies the amendment.  This is a new development area.  This amendment will not grant special privileges.  It is a hybrid area that allows both commercial and industrial uses in the same area.  It will not result in unlawful exclusionary zoning or set an inappropriate precedent.  The proposed zoning is consistent with the zoning classification of the surrounding land as well as being consistent with the future land use designation of the surrounding land in the City’s Master Plan.  All of the requirements in the proposed zoning classification can be complied with on the subject parcel.  The proposed zoning is consistent with the trends in land development in the general vicinity of the property in question.


      Alex Irigoyen, 3717 Woodlawn, represents Mr. Rapanos.  This particular business could fall both into RC and LCMR zoning.  Even though it would fit in the industrial zoning classification, this particular business will not be doing any manufacturing on this site. 


      It was moved by Hanna, and seconded by Eyre, to recommend

      to City Council approval of Zoning Petition No. 553 as presented.


      Mr. Senesac stated he feels it meets all the criteria and he will support it.  Mr. Eyre stated he likes the idea that there is no outside storage and he is in support of this plan.  Ms. Brown and Ms. Svenson also stated they support this plan.


      Vote on the motion:


      YEAS:       Brown, Eyre, Hanna, King, Mead, Senesac and Svenson

      NAYS:       None

      ABSENT:  Gaynor and Kozakiewicz


      The motion was approved 7-0.


7.   Communications


     The Michigan Planner was provided in the Planning Commission packets this time.


8.  Report of the Chairperson  


     Ms. Svenson reminded the Commission that the annual Planning Conference is coming up in October.  Please let the Planning Department know if you would like to attend.


9.    Report of the Planning Director




10.  Adjourn

Adjournment at 7:31 p.m. was unanimously approved.

Respectfully submitted,




Daryl Poprave, AICP

Deputy Director of Planning & Community Development