OCTOBER 9, 2012, 7:00 P.M.,



1.   Roll Call

PRESENT:   Hanna, McLaughlin, Mead, Pnacek, Senesac, Stewart, Young and Tanzini

ABSENT:      Heying

OTHERS PRESENT:   Brad Kaye, Director of Planning and Community Development, Cheri King, Community Development Specialist, and 5 others.


2.   Approval of Minutes

Moved by Hanna, seconded by Pnacek, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of September 25, 2012.  Motion passed unanimously. 

3.   Public Hearings



4.   Old Business


      a.   Zoning Text Amendment No. 156 – initiated by the City of Midland, to amend and add Section 8.07 E. to the Zoning Ordinance to add sign regulations for the Downtown Northside Overlay district.


            Brad Kaye presented the proposed changes to the Downtown Northside Overlay (DNO) district sign regulations.  These recognize the unique nature of the area and proposed developments.  They create increased innovation opportunity for signage.  The DNO is a mix of lower key existing development and down to the southeast of the Downtown District.  Staff is recommending two changes in the marquee signage, based upon the public hearing and Planning Commission comments.  These signs will be measured to the same standards as any other sign in the city.  The setback standards itself would regulate some of the marquee signage proposed.  No changes were made to the prohibited signs.  The Planning Commission held a public hearing on September 25, 2012 and will made their recommendation tonight.  Two public comments in support of this petition were received to date.  Any approvals in the public right-of-way will be done by the City Council.  They will have the authority to approve or disapprove of a marquee sign that will project out into the right-of-way. 


            Motion by Senesac, seconded by Young, to recommend to City Council the approval of Zoning Text Amendment No.156 the request of the City of Midland, to amend and add Section 8.07 E to the Zoning Ordinance to add sign regulations for the Downtown Northside Overlay district.



            YEAS:            Hanna, McLaughlin, Mead, Pnacek, Senesac, Stewart, Tanzini and Young

            NAYS:            None

            ABSENT:       Heying


5.   Public Comments




6.   New Business


            Dave Waite, Non-Motorized Transportation Committee, presented where they are today.  They are trying to use the Bike Walk Midland sign.  They had a little competition and the design of the sign was created by a student.  The committee was formed in 2009 and re-chartered in 2012 for another three years.  The Non-Motorized Transportation Plan was adopted in July, 2009.  It is due for an update.  The Complete Streets Policy was adopted in May 2010.  It is ongoing.  The costs to complete the Non-Motorized Transportation Plan Routes and Lanes (excluding the loop trail) was $68,000.  $30,000 came from local foundations and donations, and $64,000 came from the city budget.  They are way below the initial estimates.  All of the green is done on the Bike Route Map.  Most of the yellow routes are done or will be done by May of next year.  The blue route was intended to use Dublin Avenue and then follow US-10. 


            Bike/Walk Status Highlights include:


·         Over 60 articles, Bike/Walk guides, letters to the Editor published

·         13 MCTV programs aired with ongoing weekly programs

·         NMT web site populated and up-to-date

·         Sugnet School Bike Safety training sessions – 200 children

·         Safe Routes to Schools:  local examples of “walking buses” increased biking to school

·         Senior Center information and feedback sessions.


·         Good support from police leadership


·         Bike to Work week

o   2012 participation was high and increasing over 2010

o   Committee members present at three Dow locations to promote Bike/Walk


            2012 Bike to Tennis week a great success

·         70 trips, 30% were kids

·         Mapping of routes validated current plan route design


Bike/Walk Status Highlights



·         Infrastructure:

·               Ashman/Rodd shared lanes complete

o   All bike routes complete                      

o   Swede bike lane complete

o   Sugnet/Eastlawn bike lanes approved

o   95% of bike racks at high/medium importance destinations in place


·         Bike counts (twice per year)

o   2012 shows significant increase over 2010 base

·         League of American Bicyclists “Bicycle Friendly Community” applications

o   2010 Honorable mention

o   2012 waiting for formal declaration (City Council Meeting October 29th)


      Bike/Walk – The Next Three Years


      Focus of NMT Committee moving from Engineering to Education, Encouragement,      

      Enforcement and Evaluation

·         Leverage existing Bike Safety Training classes

·         Use Facebook to reach the younger generation

·         MCTV regular program

·         3 or 4 Encouragement events in 2013

o   Bike to Tennis/Work/MCC

o   City Ride

·         “Bike Safety enforcement week/month”

·         Quarterly assessment of key measures:

o   Safety statistics, Bike/Walk counts (twice/year), Event participation

·         Update the Plan

o   Reassess Loop Trail and consider alternatives that expand the current infrastructure

§  E.g. extend Swede bike lane to Jefferson on Wackerly

§  Dublin bike lane

There is lots of hard work still to do!  They want to focus on community.  If you get leadership enthusiastic, you can make progress.  Motorists today are more aware of the cyclists. 


7.   Communications


      The Planning and Zoning News was distributed to Commissioners in their packets.


8.   Report of the Chairperson




9.  Report of the Planning Director


10. Items for Next Agenda – October 23, 2012


a.    Conditional Use Permit No. 43 – DeShano Construction Company – a 49 unit residential senior apartment building, located at 300 Joseph Drive – public hearing


11. Adjourn 


Motion by Senesac second by Pnacek to adjourn at 7:58.                  . 


Respectfully submitted,




C. Bradley Kaye, AICP

Director of Planning and Community Development