City Hall, 333 W. Ellsworth Street, Midland, Michigan

November 23, 1998 7:30 p.m.


CALL TO ORDER - R. Drummond Black, Mayor


ROLL CALL - R. Drummond Black

John S. Coppage

John W. Tysse

John R. Moolenaar

Marty A. Wazbinski


All resolutions marked with an asterisk are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate consideration of these items unless a Council member or citizen so requests during the discussion stage of the "Motion to adopt the Consent Agenda as indicated". If there is even a single request the item will be removed from the consent agenda without further motion and considered in its listed sequence in regular fashion.


* 1. Approve minutes of November 2 regular City Council meeting. KOVACEVICH


2. Presentation of red ribbons by Mothers Against Drunk Driving (M.A.D.D.). ST. LOUIS

3. Presentation of the Bette R. Tollar Civic Commitment Award. MCGUIRE

4. Presentation of Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for the year ended June 30, 1998 and resolution receiving and filing report for public inspection. FISHER

5. Presentation of City of Midland Investment Policy and resolution approving the Policy. KOVACEVICH

PUBLIC COMMENTS, IF ANY, BEFORE CITY COUNCIL. (Please sign up before meeting with City Clerk)


6. Receiving a status report on SESAC sanitary and storm sewer recommendations approved by the City Council. BUSH

7. Receiving petitions for public improvements and referring to the Engineering Department for consideration of inclusion in the 1999 Construction Program: HAMMOND

* a. Water Main on Huntley Lane from Isabella Street to the end of the street

* b. Water Main on Lambert Road from Tittabawassee River Road to the end of the street

* c. Water Main on Laughton Drive from Isabella Street to the end of the street

* d. Water Main on Welch Drive from Isabella Street to the end of the street

* e. Sanitary Sewer on south side of Isabella Street west of Currie Parkway

* f. Sanitary Sewer on south side of Isabella Street east of Vance Road

* g. Sanitary Sewer on Eastman Avenue north of the Meijer store

* h. Sanitary Sewer in the Mapleton area

* i. Sanitary Sewer on Sturgeon Avenue north of Letts Road

* j. Street Improvement east of Natalie Drive

* k. Street reconstruction on Walnut Street from Bayliss to Michigan

* l. Street reconstruction on North Parkway from Dyckman to Crescent

* m. Street reconstruction on Saginaw Road from Dartmouth to Patrick, Street reconstruction on Jefferson Avenue from the Circle to Sugnet and Railroad crossing improvements

* n. Intersection improvements at Jefferson and Wheeler

* o. Drainage improvements on Nelson Street and in Central Park

* p. Drainage improvements in the Airfield, Glendale and Scott Street area

* q. Drainage improvements in the Swede and Sugnet Road area

* r. Sidewalk maintenance on Moorland Drive east of Perrine Road

* s. Sidewalk maintenance on Jefferson Avenue from Rodd to Nelson

t. Nelson Street pumping station

u. "Phase I of the Sensible Sewer Program"

* 8. Accepting resignation of Jeffrey Sopcak from the Planning Commission. SCHROEDER

* 9. Granting permission to the Midland Redcoats to host softball events in May of 1999 and June of 2000 and pledging City support. MCGUIRE

10. Approving Final Plat of Hearthstone Estates No. 2, a residential subdivision of 13 lots on 5.07 acres on the north side of Eastlawn Drive west of Waldo Avenue. SCHROEDER

11. Considering extension of time to install sidewalks in subdivisions: SCHROEDER

* a. Riverbend Subdivision

* b. Scenic Woods Subdivision

* c. Sterling Park Estates No. 8

* d. Wintergreen Estates No. 11

12. Considering purchases and contracts:

* a. Common areas re-lighting - Washington Woods. SCHROEDER

* b. Electronic On-line Service - Library. ALSIP

* c. Membership Fee & services from White Pine Library Cooperative. ALSIP

* 13. Considering request from Saginaw Valley Orchid Society to place directional signs in public right of way. DUSO

14. Setting public hearings: SCHROEDER

* a. Zoning Petition No. 436 - to zone property on the east side of Waldo Avenue north of Mark Twain Drive and adjacent to the US-10 right of way to Residential A-4 (12/21).

* b. Zoning Text Amendment No. 134A - to amend various sections of the Zoning Ordinance as they pertain to screening (12/21).