City Hall, 333 W. Ellsworth Street, Midland, Michigan

July 13, 1998 7:30 p.m.


CALL TO ORDER - R. Drummond Black, Mayor


ROLL CALL - R. Drummond Black

John S. Coppage

John W. Tysse

John R. Moolenaar

Marty A. Wazbinski


Community Workshop Final Report by Kezziah Watkins. TISDALE


All resolutions marked with an asterisk are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate consideration of these items unless a Council member or citizen so requests during the discussion stage of the "Motion to adopt the Consent Agenda as indicated". If there is even a single request the item will be removed from the consent agenda without further motion and considered in its listed sequence in regular fashion.


* 1. Approve minutes of June 22 regular and June 29 special City Council meetings. KOVACEVICH


2. Request to vacate property on the northeast corner of Washington and East Haley Streets. (Also see material sent in June 8 agenda packet.) SCHROEDER

3. 1998 Sidewalk Improvement Special Assessment District Special Assessment Roll. (Also see material sent in June 22 agenda packet.) DRYZGA

4. Zoning Petition No. 433 - rezone 2.23 acres on the north side of Eastlawn Drive west of Abbott Road from Business A to Residential B. (Also see material sent in June 22 agenda packet.) SCHROEDER

5. Zoning Text Amendment No. 130A to amend the Zoning Ordinance to include Permitted Uses After Special Approval in Article V--Residential A-1, A-2, A-3 and A-4, Article VII--Residential B, Article XIV--Business A, Article XVIII--Business C, Article XXII--Industrial A, and Article XXIII--Industrial B. (Also see material sent in June 22 agenda packet.) SCHROEDER

6. 1998 Frantz Drive Water Main Improvement Project Special Assessment District Hearing of Necessity. (Also see material sent in June 29 agenda packet.) HAMMOND

7. 1998 Sandow Area Water Main Improvement (Clark, Elmer, Glen, Prairie Creek, Sandow and Solomon Streets) Special Assessment District Hearing of Necessity. (Also see material sent in June 29 agenda packet.) HAMMOND

PUBLIC COMMENTS, IF ANY, BEFORE CITY COUNCIL. (Please sign up before meeting with City Clerk)


8. Second reading and adoption of an ordinance amending Chapter 21, Sec. 21-43(b)(6), of the Code of Ordinances to increase fees for inspection of sanitary sewer and storm sewer connections. BUSH

9. Second reading and adoption of an ordinance amending Chapter 2 of Article XIII of the Code of Ordinances to provide a payment in lieu of taxes (P.I.L.O.T.) for: SCHROEDER

a. Grove Street Commons I, a 6-unit residential housing project on the corner of East Indian and State Streets.

b. Grove Street Commons II, a 6-unit residential housing project on the corner of East Indian and State Streets.


10. First reading of an ordinance amending the Code of Ordinances by adding a new Division 4, Police & Fire Retirement System, of Article III, Chapter 2. KYRITSIS


11. Approving Site Plans: SCHROEDER

a. No. 170 - Letavis Soft Cloth Car Wash and Fast Eddie's Oil Change, a commercial building on the north side of N. Saginaw Road east of Eastman Avenue.

b. No. 171 - The Pines Self Storage, a commercial building at 1620 Rockwell Drive.

* 12. Making an appointment to the West Main Street Historic District Commission. SCHROEDER

13. Accepting offer of the Midland Foundation to build a skatepark in Chippewassee Park and donate it to the City for operation. MCGUIRE

* 14. Approving use of Airport Road right of way for a calibrated baseline for electronic distance measuring. HAMMOND

* 15. Accepting and recording a warranty deed from Northwood University for Sugnet Road Extension. HAMMOND

* 16. Designating delegates to the Michigan Municipal League Annual Business Meeting on September 9, 1998. TOMION

* 17. Rejecting bid received for Vacuum/Catch Basin Cleaner; Bid No. 2193. MCGUIRE

18. Considering contracts and purchases:

* a. MidMichigan Med Center Occupational Health Nurse services for 1998-99 fiscal year. KYRITSIS

* b. MDOT Agreement #98-0514 - Barstow Airport Ground Communications Outlet. HAMMOND

* c. 1998 Saginaw and Waldo Road Reconstruction; Contract No. 10. HAMMOND

* d. 1998 Jefferson Avenue Widening; Contract No. 11. HAMMOND

* e. MEDC Contract. HALM

f. Payment for contracted legal services and appraisal of the Midland Cogeneration Venture: HALM

* 1. Braun, Kendrick, Finkbeiner, P.L.C., Westrate and Holmstrom, and Spiegel & McDiarmid

* 2. George E. Sansoucy, P.E.

19. Making traffic control orders permanent: HAMMOND

* a. P-98-02 - prohibits parking on south side of Dartmouth from Saginaw Road to 100' west of Bayliss Street.

* b. P-98-03 - prohibits parking during school hours on south side of Chapel Lane from Nakoma Drive to Wanetah Drive.

* c. P-98-04 - that two parking stalls on Main Street near Jerome Street be designated as 15 minute parking.

* d. R-98-02 - that the speed limit on Jefferson Avenue between the northerly City Limits and Wackerly Street be 35 miles per hour.

* e. S-98-01 - that Iowa Street yield to Colorado Street.

* f. S-98-02 - that Elgin Street shall stop for Noeske Street.

* g. S-98-03 - that Ridgecrest Drive shall stop for Waldo Avenue.

* h. S-98-04 - that Ridgewood Drive shall stop for East Patrick Road.

20. Approving special event requests: DUSO

* a. Amplified sound in Farmers Market Area.

* b. MDA Harley-Davidson Northwoods Ride.

* 21. Receiving and filing the proposed Master Plan for Parks and Recreation and setting a public hearing on the Plan (7/20). MCGUIRE

22. Calling a closed session regarding specific pending litigation and to discuss the purchase of real property. HALM