City Hall, 333 W. Ellsworth Street, Midland, Michigan

March 8, 1999 7:00 p.m.


CALL TO ORDER - R. Drummond Black, Mayor


Cub Scout Pack 3703, Chippewassee Elementary School

ROLL CALL - R. Drummond Black

John S. Coppage

John W. Tysse

John R. Moolenaar

Marty A. Wazbinski


All resolutions marked with an asterisk are considered to be routine and will be enacted by one motion. There will be no separate consideration of these items unless a Council member or citizen so requests during the discussion stage of the "Motion to adopt the Consent Agenda as indicated". If there is even a single request the item will be removed from the consent agenda without further motion and considered in its listed sequence in regular fashion.


* 1. Approve minutes of February 15 special and February 22 regular City Council meetings. KOVACEVICH


2. Absolutely Incredible Kid Day - March 18. TISDALE

3. American Red Cross Month - March. TISDALE


4. Amendment to the 1998-99 Community Development Block Grant budget. (Also see material sent in February 22 agenda packet.) SCHROEDER

PUBLIC COMMENTS, IF ANY, BEFORE CITY COUNCIL. (Please sign up before meeting with City Clerk)


5. Second reading and adoption amending Sections 15-130 and 15-132, Article V, Division 2 of Chapter 15 of the City of Midland Code of Ordinances, to establish the third access channel and to adjust the use of those channels. ALSIP

6. Second reading and adoption amending Section 28-110.2 of the City of Midland Sewer Ordinance, requiring that a storm sewer or permeable yard area be available prior to the issuance of an order to disconnect downspouts, roof drains, yard drains, truck docks or parking lot drains. BUSH

7. First reading of an amendment to Article III, Chapter 21, to reflect changes in fees and formats of the City of Midland Library Fees Ordinance. ALSIP

8. First reading of ordinances amending fees for recreation programs: MCGUIRE

a. Section 21-70 of Division 1 of Article II of Chapter 21 - Civic Arena fees.

b. Section 21-71 of Division 2 of Article II of Chapter 21 - Golf Course fees.

c. Section 21-73 of Division 4 of Article II of Chapter 21 - General Recreation fees.


9. Referring the replacement of windows at 515 W. Main Street without a Certificate of Appropriateness back to the Historic District Commission for further review. OSTGARDEN

10. Directing the City Manager to prepare a report on the 1999 Sidewalk Improvement Program. HAMMOND

* 11. Approving request to add space and to change the DBA of a Class C Liquor License located at 6603 Eastman Avenue from Italian Oven to Bennigan's. DUSO

12. Receiving and filing the City Manager's and Police Department's Reports on the Annual Review of Class C, D and Resort Liquor Licenses. DUSO

* 13. Accepting five new streets into the City of Midland Local Street System as required by the Michigan Department of Transportation for Act 51 funding. HAMMOND

* 14. Naming the City Manager as Transportation Coordinator and stating the City's intentions to apply for Federal and State Financial Assistance for the Dial-A-Ride Bus System. MCGUIRE

15. Giving final approval to the preliminary plat of City Forest Estates, a residential subdivision of 15 lots on 15.99 acres on the east side of Sturgeon Avenue north of US-10. SCHROEDER

16. Considering contracts and purchases:

* a. Two Henry Pratt Ball Valves & Operators - Water Treatment Plant. BUSH

* b. Gang Mower - DPS. MCGUIRE

17. Setting public hearings:

* a. Hearing of necessity for the 1999 Wexford Avenue Improvement Project (3/22). HAMMOND

b. Industrial Facilities Exemption Certificate for Design Craftsmen Inc. within the Expanded Design Craftsmen, Inc. Industrial Development District No. 1 relating to two new facilities (3/22): DRYZGA

* 1. Project is for the purpose of added showroom displays, including office equipment, which displays the various lightweight products for which they are a distributor.

* 2. Project is for a building addition and related equipment which will provide additional required space because of rapid growth and its inherent space problems.

* c. Zoning Petition No. 439 - rezone property north of North Saginaw Road and west of Hedgewood Drive from Business B-2 to Office-Service 2 (4/12). SCHROEDER

* d. Zoning Text Amendment No. 135A, to amend Article XXXI--SIGNS, Section 31.9(d), Permitted Temporary Signs (4/12). SCHROEDER